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The Sea-Daddy Saga: Working off the African Coast

The Obnoxious African American

You would always have one of these guys that would be over the top and seemed to get off lording it over these [African] people who had nothing. He would have photographs on him so that he could show someone a picture of his car, or house, something they would never have and he treasured so little that he kept the picture in his sweaty coveralls—hideous, directed bigotry, picking on people that were weaker than you.

They had segregated eating areas. He went down to eat with his brothers and found out they were eating things he could not eat and, more to the point, they all wanted to kill him. These [deckhand] riggers are eating with their work knives and the place is filled with guys with daggers by their plates.

Once, we brought in a different tribe to work, and they ate with us, because if they went into the indigenous galley, they would literally kill each other. That was just the way it was. So these guys would have to eat in the white side. I saw very little hatred of black people over there. We didn’t mind them eating with us, but our food didn’t suit them. It was segregated but it wasn’t. It was not from segregationalist feeling, but just because it wasn’t practical.

There was absolutely no theft [by indigenous deckhands] on the barge, not so much as a bar of soap. The captain ruled that village and they saw what happened to the guys in the canoes.

The one African American comes upstairs, a tall, noble-looking and loud person. He couldn’t operate quietly, so he came into our galley and says that they’re are eating shit down there. He was so unpleasant that you couldn’t talk to him. He managed to insult the black men in the kitchen, telling them they should be working on their own, not slaving away for The Man, basically a racial agitator. There is no sense in sending him home, for he would be replaced by another like him. The majority are just making money, but some brought their attitude with them and all the Africans hated the black Americans and found them intolerable—jumped up too much by half. That particular fellow stayed in the wheelhouse, because he wasn’t safe anywhere and he would play solitaire on the computer. If he had to work on his gear, he’d run down and tell his assistant to finish it and run back up, hoping no one would ambush him.

Bioko Island, Equatorial Guinea

The Brits, the first thing they do, any time they find themselves in a tropical environment, is take their britches off. Bioko Island is where the first King Kong movie was made, one of the homes of the Mountain Gorilla. The island itself is a series of volcanic cones. One top of the major volcano was blown off in antiquity and there is a beautiful lake in this crater. The Russians used to use it as a beach area. They will give you a gorilla tour and part of the tour was this recreational place, a nice building, where you could walk through these echoing corridors, like the final scene of a movie where you’re walking through these abandoned halls, haunted by the spirits of these isolated Russians, a psychically powerful place to be, a gorgeous beauty and this decay. The trail of another bunch of white guys that pulled some crap off and went on home and all is left is their spore. There are rotting planes the Russians left at the end of the strip—pretty historic.

The British guy: he was a typical, cocky diver, good shape, strong guy, with his daisy duke shorts and hiking boots—they just do that, put on shorts. He was outraging public decency, acting like he was on the Riviera. You can’t do that—probably never met a religious person in his life so he didn’t understand it.

We were walking around the town in these Daisy Dukes. We turn up a street. The dwellings are better, a nice view, you can see the Ocean. We are passing this particularly large, freshly-painted place with a tall wall, with a large central gate, big enough for a limo to pull through. There was a sub door down in the corner and these four elite looking soldiers come out. They were snappily uniformed, berets, all had identical Rayban sunglasses, pressed uniforms, brass and boots shined, obviously security troops, not field troops, armed with the latest in “rattle” guns, H&Ks, I think.

They are expressionless, not mad, not sad, totally expressionless and they snatched him up and marched him out of there quick. I started to say something and one of them looked at me and I stopped saying. They kept him for two days for outraging the public decency. The company went and paid some money and promised he’d learned his lesson and wouldn’t wear Daisy Dukes no more.

(c) 2017 James LaFond

Forturne Favors the Bold

‘All against All’

Grace & Steel Ep. 88 - Good News, Bad News

The largest change in human history was the birth of nation states circa 5,000 years ago. The balance of history has been an endless, blood-drenched and toil-rooted procession of states erasing tribes, empires subduing states and the various waning and waxing empires employing the mechanisms of the state to erase vestigial tribal identities, and cannibalizing the state itself in order to establish various versions of universalist world order, from the Pax Romana, Islam, Christendom, Mercantilism, Communism and finally global American capitalist hegemony.

At 14 minutes Kevin Michael Grace makes an excellent case for ethnic homogeny equating to prosperity, in the looming shadow of American race replacement, leading to savage retribution.

2Kevins is my favorite political/social commentary show, and in a balanced yet passionate fashion they have let the young men cast adrift in the moral wastes of Modernity know that they are facing life as either the victim of race war or a combatant in the same macro-politically engineered ethical holocaust.

I write often of the need for ethnically identified men to avoid being sucked into the staged aspects of the race war that have been set up to destroy and discredit them. However, if you are under 40 years old, you can bank on facing an open, national scale race purge—not just by mobs—but by paramilitary groups. One day, those squads and platoons of Antifa and BLM goon-clowns will be augmented and superseded by Islamic militias, tens of thousands of federal agency personnel and thousands of mercenaries—the military contractors currently serving overseas.

The point is, the choice to fight will be replaced by a choice to wear a mind collar or defiantly die.

(c) 2017 James LaFond

Wyman Park Dell, Parts 6, 7, 8 & 9

In these videos, James and Mescaline examine the Lee Jackson Monument, since removed from Wyman Park Dell, and discuss the importance of the placement of the statue, the symbolism of various elements of the design and inscriptions, and the consequences of the statue's removal.

Wyman Park Dell 6:  Lee, Jackson, This City Doesn't Deserve You Guys

Wyman Park Dell 7:  Low Intensity, Post-Modern Civil War

Wyman Park Dell 8: Straight as the Needle to the Pole

Wyman Park Dell 9: So Great is My Confidence

(c) 2017 James LaFond, Mescaline Franklin & Lynn Lockhart

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

So His Master May Have Him Again by James LaFond

A History of Runaway White Slaves in Plantation America: Part One

Did you know that the story of black bondage in Early America, as horrible as it was, quite literally paled in comparison to the more than 200 years of white enslavement? The African slave trade in North America did not begin in earnest until 1678 and would not outstrip white slave shipments until 1740. Did you know that when George Washington served as President in Philadelphia there were as few as 100 black slaves in that city, where it was illegal to hold blacks for more than six months, in the Quaker state of Pennsylvania, which held over 200,000 whites in bondage for terms of 7-14 years? It was for this very reason that the founder of his nation chose to free his black slaves and replace them with Germans. Did you know that the first slaves in English speaking America were Welsh-English colonists intentionally marooned on Roanoke Island and then enslaved by Indians? Then welcome to the savage world that American Historians have lied about for nearly 100 years—welcome to the land were people were literally “planted” so that others might own them.

Available in paperback.

The Mind Curtain

Taking Risks, Setting Limits, New Limits and Giving Notice

I do not have a risk-taking personality.

I have forced myself to take risks as a discipline to try and erase the babyhood from my soul.

Many people think my pursuit of fighting arts has been senselessly risky. However, my trade as a grocer has caused nearly all my debilitating injuries, has in fact ruined me. Gunk is collecting in my lungs already from decades of working in coolers and freezers.

Before going on to describe the mechanical damage, I must fess up to the major risk I have been taking since age 31, not sleeping, which has crashed my metabolism and has put and kept weight on me which is exacerbating the structural damage. My doctor told me last week, at a glance, how many hours’ sleep I’d had in the past 24 and correctly guessed it was two. My average sleep is still at four hours, with me going more than 24 hours without sleep three times a week. In the past 72 hours I have slept 8.5. I have no regrets, having lived two lifetimes in less than one, but I wish to be able to continue writing and maintain independence.

I have grossly exceeded normal industry work rates, which are low and I believe half of what a person should do. I am also working with more intelligence and doing my own physical therapy, so will reduce my labor years’ equivalent by two thirds for these two factors.

For instance, this past Wednesday night, in 4 hours I freighted 178 pieces. The men I work with freight 140 pieces in 8 hours which is currently the industry bench mark. Realistically it should be 200 in 8 hours. I expanded my work rate so I could get home and write.

Mechanically my body stress is based on the following:

12 years at 3x the median grocer work rate: 36 years
5 years at 6x the median grocer work rate: 30 years
8 years at 5x the median grocer work rate: 40 years
4 years at 4x the median grocer rate: 16 years
7 years at 2x the median grocer work rate: 14 years

This totals an equivalent of 136 years working at the standard rate of a grocer, most of whom hang in there for 40 years.

My 136 year equivalent gets reduced to 45.3 years, which places me at the end of the trajectory.

Beyond that I know my body well and when I went into work this past Friday night I knew I was done, the curtain is coming down. With a twice blown disc, a bad hip, and the meniscus tearing in both knees from all the squatting, I’ll be lucky to make it to December 31, which is what I promised my boss when he came in. I am not going to work myself crippled and be unable to defend myself. This may yet be the case. I may blow something out before New Years, it’s that bad. And Larry did ask me to put my 2 weeks in on January 1 so he could pay me for the coming years’ vacation.

It’s a hand shake deal, I reduce my annual income from $12,000 to $3,000 beginning next year. I should be able to manage an upward trajectory from there, probably giving boxing lessons at a karate school to buy groceries.

The reasoning is sleep. My doctor insist that sleep deprivation is now taking the major toll and since I refuse to scale back writing to sleep I will scale back money making, sleep 6-8 hours a day and write faster and with fewer errors.

The important thing is that I do the honorable thing. Larry has been good to me, so I let him know hours after I made the impulsive decision, giving us enough time for me to train a replacement, a kid on the crew that would like more hours, hours that I’ve largely been turning down, a kid that can now have one of the rare full-time slots with benefits left in retail food—dairy lead.

I’m seeing this move as good for what everyone needs in their lives right now. Whatever happens, I’m done working in supermarkets after 4.5 months. If the writing fails I’ll live behind a grocery store before I work in one.

It’s time to move on to the final, productive act of my part.

Thanks, Larry.
James, September 10, 2017

(c) 2017 James LaFond

James LaFond HQ: Parts 7, 8 & 9

Come see the cerebral side of the Crackpot's home: his extensive library and personal research notes.

Part 7, The Library:

Part 8, The Research I:

Part 9, The Research II:

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James LaFond YouTube Roundup

Hello readers, viewers and listeners,

Perhaps you have noticed that each time you visit YouTube, or search YouTube for your favorite videos, things appear in a rather scrambled order.  In order to address this problem, and to satisfy my compulsive organizational urges, I have created following summary of all the material on my channel, as well as James' interviews with other parties.  Series and those podcasts that appear in multiple parts will link to playlists.

I will update this post as more content is added.

Crackpot Podcast Episodes:
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Episode 5 (playlist)
Episode 4 (playlist)
Episode 3 (playlist)
Episode 2 Episode 1 (playlist)

Other Lynn Lockhart Channel:
Wyman Park Dell Civil War Monument (playlist)
James LaFond HQ tour (playlist)
Training videos

Interview with Kevin Michael Grace of 2Kevins.
Interview with the Roaming Viking.
Roaming Viking excerpt: Origins of Boxing.
Interview with The Rebel Yell.

See also, training and fight videos at the Modern Agonistics link at

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