Monday, June 17, 2019

Lockhart's Top LaFonds Volume 76

I have been away from the laptop for a couple of weeks.  Glad to be home!

The history of PTSD is something that bears more study, from the ancient world to modern weapon technology.  Here is a batch of videos of recent veterans.  I also highly recommend Sam Finlay's Breakfast with the Dirt Cult.

I hope Odin finds some other hobby very soon.

If this were a just world, James would be selling millions of books and dozens of movie rights, instead, he slept on the street, and writes like this, for free.

So many people see a civil war coming, but they envision very different premises and events.  Either way, it's our humanity that is under attack.  I think CWII is already very hot, inside the government, as Juan Stabone here suggests.  An ultra-violent culling period is called for, I agree with James on that.  Will we have to turn to nomadism?

Meanwhile, the globohomo irregulars are still on the ascendant in Baltimore and elsewhere.

Learn about Washington in Pennsylvania. (Thanks, James, for putting my shopping list in this post so I can find it.  Let's keep doing it this way, since I can't remember things you ask for on the phone.)

Ghetto-Greek is the hottest mashup right now.

Listen to the music of Plantation America

The irony of Counter Culture is that it has always been a tool of globohomo.

James made a friend from pale South America.

Boxing commentary: Fat boxers to go along with those pretty fat girls!

Jeremy Bentham's excellent exposition could only be improved by an illustration featuring a gun thot.

Are you following along with Shadow & Claw?  Impressions of Chapter 28, Chapter 29, Chapter 30,

Sample some classic SciFi, courtesy of Tony, Pirates of VenusSleepwalker's World, and Damnation Alley.

Saturday, June 1, 2019

Pretty Fat Girls - Crackpot Podcast 56

Welcome to Episode 56 of the Crackpot Podcast, Pretty Fat Girls!  This episode has highs and lows and laughs.  As I edited it, I recalled that in the Belligerent Confederate States episode, James said he would task me with supervising his seraglio in the post-apocalyptic future where he would be chief warlord of the South.  I scoffed at this offer, but here I am, a year and a half later, providing Sports Illustrated models and presidential candidates for his consideration!

The Crackpot Podcast features James LaFond, a man who could chair any university anthropology department in the anglosphere but who chooses to toil in his genius, almost for free, for YOU!  It also features Lynn Lockhart, whose fate is being curiously worked by unseen forces.



0:03:00  In-real-life meet ups
0:07:36  Pic of Sean, training and legal aspects of weapons
0:11:20  Whereabouts of Stevedore Jackson
0:16:40  John Paul Barber, Pugilists with Pencils, Belligerent Confederate States, Question about DC individuals
0:22:23  Sweden
0:24:27  Baltimore update, opiates
0:33:00  Soph vs the drag kids
0:39:30  James Tiptree Jr., Houston, Houston, Do You Read
0:42:26  Breakfast with the Dirt Cult, Trump
0:46:46  Tulsi Gabbard
0:48:55  Navy report
0:54:40  Why the military has to hate men, hate warriors
0:57:15  Quote from Mr. Lovat, Soldiers and Ghosts, Romans
1:04:47  Why James didn't join the military
1:05:56  Big Ron topics, what you have been waiting for!!!

(c) 2019 Lynn Lockhart

Lockhart's Top LaFonds Volume 75

Hello friends, Here is your summary for the week!

Attention John Paul Barber and other boxing fans: James's prediction for the Malignaggi-Lobov bout.

Are you following along in Shadow & Claw?

I enjoy James's book reviews, and shocked at the pace of his reading.  Here is one for David Star, Space Ranger.

Speaking of book reviews, here is one from a reader of James's recent collaboration with Dr. Jesse James Bowie.

There is a lot of wisdom in this post, everyone should read this and bear this in mind at work, school, with family and friends.  If you are reading this, you must hold at least some dissident views.  Preserve your ability to earn a living and maintain your relationships.  Taking care of one another is more important than convincing loved ones of any particular point of view.

James sure gets a lot done for a dead guy.

Plantation America gets a contribution from the southern continent.

As Sam and James have recently discussed (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) every honorable man knows that the duel is an essential institution

Please join us as James unravels the threads of the unfree laborers, of African, European, mixed and other heritage, and how their stories have been shaped.  This week, we learn about the importance of literacy

When James quit his wage slave gig, he started submitting timecards and word counts to me (slave habits die hard).  If you've noted his output has slowed a bit, here is your explanation

Baltimore's only redeeming quality is that it honed James LaFond as a writer.

Learn first hand what amateur fighting is like in the current year.

(c) 2019 Lynn Lockhart

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Fur Baby

Codicil to the Last Will & Testament to Riley of the Mountain Redoubt

In my dotage, an engine and fan strapped to my back misting herbicide into Spring’s weeds, I stop and give Jet the dog a fresh chicken egg cracked in her bowl. She inhales it all but for a few shell shards, being young and still learning. An experienced country dog would have downed it complete, a dog’s gut being a sort of on board disintegrator ray.

So why a puppy now as I head into times when reality has transitioned? Politicians buying votes with embracement of your favorite deviancy rather than half pints of wine. Up being down and all, why start out a new puppy and the investment of time, effort? Feedback from the heart is all the response one could ask, and despite the effort spent, worth it. She outlives me? Well, bless her heart. It’s always in the past been another thing, me burying another dog broken-hearted. I’d just as soon miss that. The same things folks say about birthing children in broke down times.

Took her to the first session of obedience school today, me with four ounces of peanut butter and banana treats and a clicker in my pocket. I could have raked four ounces of dried cat turds out of the litter box and done as well, treat-wise. Dogs are, despite their attributes, nasty creatures at heart and will eat anything! They are sensory connoisseurs and rival the French at chowing down on the unthinkable. Only a chump allows a dog to “kiss” them.

Obedience school is for training owners to communicate with their dogs, using dog-shrink tricks to get their way. To reward the good and discourage the bad, like raising a child but with better results. To teach them to trust your judgment more than their own. To be low key, but insistent and fair. To be consistent and strict, but kindly with it all. To swallow anger and keep the frustration buried. It takes self control to control others.

And that is why dogs pay off. They reacquaint one with their humanity, and all that entails when dealing with innocents. Plus, you get the great ears and a walking burglar alarm. All said, I’ve forgotten people but never a single dog.

I checked Islam off my list long ago.


(c) 2019 Riley

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Lockhart's Top LaFonds Volume 74

Hello friends, Happy Memorial Day weekend!

The toughest guys are always the sweetest.

Training with James is a special privilege, if you are interested, get in touch!

This is a question many of us would struggle with.

The girl character is good in this chapter.

I want some deerskin shoes, please.

Communication is the key to understanding between men and women (not really).

Boxing talk with Big Ron.

Interesting to learn about Africans in India, but "Haitian victory" ought to mean "something far worse for the victor than a Pyrrhic victory." 

Heinlein is on my reading list.

American hegemony is incubating the human vectors of it's destruction.

The muse for fiction has once again appeared.

(c) 2019 Lynn Lockhart

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Sam vs. The Council of Trent, Part III

From Sam:


James, those were some rotten priests and they should've been horsewhipped. Do you know whatever happened to them?

As for you religious position on things, suffice to say, there's a lot in there that I'm working through in my own research and other things that I'll push back against. (However, given that we're a Heathen and a Christian, I reckon I should've expected that.) In the interest of keeping this conversation from spiraling out into a book of it's own, I will pass along something of note concerning the early Church and violence that I found the other day for the further exploration of this topic.

While apparently some of the Church Fathers like Tertulian and Origen (who from what it sounds like, leaned outside of the norm of Christian thought at the time, and lived in peaceful parts of the empire) were against violence in all cases and have become the basis for many to support the Pacifist narrative of the past hundred years or so, turns out this was far from unanimous. In addition to the aforementioned scripture, contemporary archaeology and research has found soldiers' gravestones and churches in forts from the 2nd Century, which are among the earliest from the era. The author closes with a line I like that seems to speak to my initial query:

There was no golden age of a pacifist church avoiding the worldly entanglements of politics, only to trade its soul to Constantine for earthly power. Instead, as Peter Leithart observes, “the story of the church and war is ambiguity before Constantine, ambiguity after, and ambiguity right to the present.” The pacifists are reaching back for a mythical past that never existed. There has always been disagreement on the issues of war and the legitimacy of the state, and there likely always will be so long as the world breeds overreaching governments and discontented citizens.

Are you doing any better up there, James?

Y'all take care out there,

From James:

The old priest from our parish passed on.

Our family left the church before that.

The younger priest from my friend’s parish, I just thought he was a sissy and assumed he was a queer and he may not have been. In fact, one of my family members who was my age gave me a very hard time verbally for making an off-hand accusation that he was gay. Honestly, I didn’t trust a non-masculine guy that was so interested in the welfare of boys, particularly without evidence that he was into women. Speaking to three friends older than I am who attended Catholic schools in the former catholic town of Baltimore, the abusers were the nuns, not the priests, and additionally the nuns who beat Big Ron’s mother’s left hand until she learned to write right-handed.

I should note that a Catholic priest, a Navy Chaplain from the 1890s, whose name escapes me, was an ardent promoter of boxing in the U.S. Navy and I certainly think that an older celibate man in a mentoring position over young men should be of this robust type. What a way to lead sailors, right? I suspect that the priest character from the old MASH TV series was based on this man. It is my opinion, and only an opinion, for I have known three exceptionally kind celibate Catholic leaders, that the reason why the church has ended up with so many of these man-boy love scandals is because it has lost the crusading spirit and selects against rugged men mentoring church youth.

The idea of a widower taking a vow of celibacy and working with young men, is probably one of the most profound commitments that a religious community could make to the human condition. But the old medieval ideal of making the second son a celibate priest as a career choice led to the wickedness which required the Reformation and eventually turned into the secular landslide that has gotten us to the feedlot of souls where we are.

(c) 2019 James LaFond

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Energy and Support

Words from the Sage of Combat and Acolytes of the Day

So it Goes not pictured

From James: 

So it Goes and company are great young men to work with.  Please thank them for their energy and support.

From So it Goes:

We met behind an old rec center where the basketball nets had been removed to slow down the inevitable encroachment of, shall we say, a more colorful crowd. After introductions, James and Erique worked us through the basics of unarmed, stick, and knife fighting, punctuated by detailed stories of James's encounters with some of the more aggressive denizens of Baltimore. 

James and Erique gave perceptive feedback as they watched our movements. The group came in with a variety of fitness and fighting backgrounds, and we all walked away more capable than we arrived. My favorite segment was one-on-one knife sparring, where my speed helped me out. It was a great time, and everyone involved is looking forward to more sessions, should James's busy nomadic literary schedule allow it.

I'm glad to hear James liked the group. He told us a lot of great stories, and he taught us a lot. Most of the group is not from the Baltimore area, and I think we all learned that things are even worse than we've heard.