Monday, November 11, 2019

68 Hell Yes Beto Crackpot Podcast & Declining Virulence of Tyranny

Welcome to the Crackpot Podcast where James and I ramble around many topics.  We got started on Beto because I find him and anyone else who threatens proxy violence repulsive.  We continued to many other topics in this extra long podcast.

The Crackpot Podcast features prolific author and man of intrigue, James LaFond, and extremely normal and boring mom who never leaves the house, Lynn Lockhart.

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Short textual interlude

Thank you to Bronze Age Pervert, the voice of sanity in the war against reality, whose recent piece, "America's Delusional Elite is Done," prompted me to complete and publish this, and sorry for making you scroll past this so you can get to the CRACKPOT PODCAST, yes, it's here, just keep scrolling.

BAP criticizes our egregious elite, yet elides the call to name or describe the best form of government.  It isn't his responsibility to do so.  A critique of the leviathan that owns virtually everyone on earth in no way implies the requirement to put forth an alternative, but I will humbly submit mine:

The best form of government is to be ruled by strong, wise and just men.  Strong, yes, mentally of course, but physical strength is non-negotiable.  Every leader has blood on his hands, through all of history and to the present day, every single one.  I want a leader who can kill with his own hands.  One of the most embarrassing moments of the Obama presidency was when a video of his workout was leaked.  This man, who winces as he bounces on bird legs with ten pound dumbbells, this man is calling drone strikes?  It's disgusting.  I applaud BAP's call for beauty, physical culture and vitality and also wish to see young men training in the combat arts:

BAP tells us that the present American regime is tyrannical on par with the late Soviet Union.  This is true, but it's also different.  Orwell and Huxley have been reconciled in the corporatization and crowdsourcing of social control.  I don't need to tell you how many rightish people have been unpersonned, lives ruined by so-called justice, while our attackers are unpunished and celebrated.

The law of declining virulence in epidemiology may or may not be true.  It's the idea that a plague that kills too effectively quickly burns out, but a disease that leaves most infected vectors alive can continue in the host population forever, like the common cold rather than the Spanish flu.  America doesn't need Gulags, it doesn't even need cops very much, though we have huge numbers of them.  Americans are bound in slavery by all encompassing consumerism and the thought models supported by our decentralized politico-corporate elite, the materialist heirs of our founders.

I also want to take this opportunity, as a WOMAN, to express my visceral disgust with men who pretend to wield authority but are incapable of defending their own physical autonomy, never mind that of their close loved ones, and could never, ever, ever hope to command loyal warriors or conquer nations.  These men who appeal to collective force, who place themselves above others on the basis of their intellect or some natural "aristocracy," or even simply their male sex, they are revolting.  Aristocracy must be gained by the battle axe.  A king must earn his crown with his sword.  Do you hear me Moldbug????

Thank you, here is the podcast:



0:01:30  What did James think of the Dr. Dread ep?
0:06:40  Opioid crisis
0:20:07  "We" are going to do this & that
0:38:05  The purpose of democracy
0:40:40  Australian style disarmament
0:51:50  Crackpot meetup plan (NOT REAL)
0:57:30  Who's the fedposter?
1:03:40  Why to be skeptical of people like Richie Spencer
1:11:20  Grocery content
1:40:20  Guest poem
1:41:40  Important characteristics OTHER THAN IQ
2:06:45  Observatory culture vs participatory culture

(c) Lynn Lockhart

Saturday, November 2, 2019

Lockhart's Top LaFonds Volume 95

This is the 500th post on this website!

James has been on the cutting edge of Baltimore bloodshed for decades.

Women's sports would have a place, I believe, in a genteel culture, to display grace and beauty in a modest way, and promote eugenic breeding, but that's not what we have.

The WQ goes way back in the history of the Aryan people.  "Trad" is not really what you think it is.

A big problem with the "white" racial category is that there has never been any solidarity between whites, even co-religionists, neither in Europe nor in North America.

You must watch this video and you must attend the Man Weekend, or sponsor something similar in your own lives.  James did a blow-by-blow commentary for this video for an upcoming podcast.

The mental barrier against perceiving an attack must be one of the greatest cases of mass hypnosis or mass delusion in history.

Fight commentary, street edition.

Fight commentary, Gatti vs. Ward.

The great literature is so much greater when LaFond reads it for you.

Gentler tyranny turns out to be more effective tyranny, as Huxley foresaw.

This is good advice for story tellers and editors.

Fate is nothing more than a cosmic comedian.

The bit about unpaid fact checkers and editors is 100% true, believe me.

Items (5) and (4) are emphatically NOT true of the West Coast, the others are probably mixed.

Thanks to American Dagda for this nice sketch of the history of the Scots-Irish.  James hints darkly that small differences matter much to close neighbors.

When it's not just a stroll in the park.

The Fedpoasters are out in force right now.  Be wise and wary.

The American Dagda and The Violence Guy go back and forth on Barbarism vs. Civilization.

Monday, October 28, 2019

67 Ishmael Returns Crackpot Podcast

Hello Crackpot Listeners!  Bob, sometimes known as Ishmael, is one of our best friends.  We taped this while James was staying in Bob's beautiful and comfortable home, in the magical land of Utah, where all the men are strong, all the women are beautiful and all the children are well loved.  Bob tells us about the buffalo hunt of a lifetime, and we talk a lot about hunting and wildlife.  Thank you so much for joining us, Bob!

The Crackpot Podcast features the world's most underrated author, James LaFond, and a middle aged woman named Lynn Lockhart.

Bob's father is the subject of Son of a Lesser God.




0:03:00  Blitzkrieg hypothesis
0:04:20  How to hunt buffalo in Utah
0:16:45  Guiding, camping, brown bears
0:31:40  Legal implications of grizzly defense, timberwolves
0:41:30  Mass extinctions, Roman influence
0:58:10  Brain surgery or war clubs?
1:05:20  Cattle vs Buffalo
1:11:40  Docking sheep, domestication
1:18:30  Size of hunter-gatherers
1:25:00  Bob's fights
1:30:50  Back to the hunt

(c) 2019 Lynn Lockhart

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Lockhart's Top LaFonds Volume 94

Happy day to you, here are your weekend links!

This is the savage content people want from James LaFond. 

There is a very good letter from Carbon Mike in this mailbag.  Carbon Mike taped with us recently, so you can look forward to an extended discussion!

Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson is wonderful, but I also highly, highly recommend Danny, Champion of the World, by Roald Dahl.

James tells you the ups and downs of fake improvised weapons.

James is back in Baltimore and back to our future.

Let's get to know our first president a little better by reading his journal.

I love Howard's slave-girl-to-barbarian-queen story arcs.

Maybe Mescaline should practice taking selfies to get that smirk right!

Likely young men should be as wary of their drinking partners as any woman.

I refuse to concede "white" as weak.  Pale skin may not be strictly white, but it is beautiful, on men and women, it speaks of a special origin.  I do agree that it fails to inspire enough solidarity for any political or cultural movement.

The thing about race, and any differences really, is that small differences are hugely important to close neighbors.  Think Lilliput vs Blefuscu.  My grandpa had blue eyes and his skin was darkened from welding. 

Latin American governments do use a much more detailed assessment of color, Mr. Bentham.  They have real white supremacy. 

(c) 2019 Lynn Lockhart

Friday, October 18, 2019

066 Buried News - Crackpot Podcast

Hello and welcome to a short episode of the Crackpot Podcast, this one is on current events only, and it's about events which you may not have noticed, as they are not favored for wide coverage, see the links below for original stories and listen to hear our takes.

The Crackpot Podcast features prolific author and fell warrior James LaFond, and woman of the right, whether you like it or not, Lynn Lockhart.

Portland MAGA hat-tack

Birthday shooting





(c) 2019 Lynn Lockhart

Lockhart's Top LaFonds Volume 93

Hello friends, here are your weekend links!

The only crime stat worth knowing is the murder rate.

In-group vs. out-group violence is always worth talking about.

Often, what looks like discipline to others doesn't feel like it to oneself. 

This project has evolved so much, and it just keeps getting better.  Watch as a masterpiece takes shape.

James is a type of slave - he will read books for you and give you summaries and impressions of each chapter - for free!

Meet a friend of the Crackpot's!

Attention, rural Americans, you are not safe!

(c) 2019 Lynn Lockhart

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

‘In the Grip of an Earthquake’

The Haunter of the Pits, Chapter 5, Robert E. Howard’s Hour of the Dragon, reading from pages 113-119 of the DelRey edition

Greek Exam 3 - Art History 4130 with Zaho at University of Central Florida - StudyBlue

Gianni’s illustration evokes the image of the famed fallen Gaul at Pergamon in Asia Minor as the chained savage is shown chained to a massive wall ring by a  weight of chains most men could not have lifted, amongst the bones of his damned predecessor.

Conan is depicted in strained prose as everything to his near-animal type and staying instinctively silent as he did as a child hiding from beasts in the wild.  Howard continues filling in the barbarian’s backstory in ways not permitted by the brief length of his normal-length yarns.  It is told that Conan’s behavior was not the result of a reasoning process but instinctive:

“The Cimmerian did not curse, scream, weep or rave as a civilized man might have done.”

More fierce musings continue as shadows flit within shadows in the dungeon, and finally Conan meets the babe of all Howard babes, who seems to have reflected his ideal feminine type:

“I am only Zenobia…only a girl of the king’s seraglio…less than one of the dogs that gnaw the bones in his banquet all.”

The angel then goes on to profess her love for Conan, having seen him once from afar and also asserts her humanity, “I am no painted toy.”

Conan was touched by the baring of this woman’s soul to him but then went quickly about the business of survival.  She gains his admiration due to her practical selection of a heavy fighting knife and the manner of her stealing the guard’s keys.

What follows after the girl’s dainty departure is a classic dungeon adventure, essentially the aspect that roleplaying game designers borrowed from Howard’s creative works where they take their worldview from Tolkien’s fairy world.

Conan’s exit from the pit involves his third encounter with Howard’s favorite monster, the Vilayet Ape, a massive carnivorous ape that seems like a 700 pound chimpanzee, also depicted in the classic Rogues In the House and Iron Shadows in the Moon.

The closing illustration is of two hands shackled in heavy iron stressing against their bonds.