Thursday, October 18, 2018

A Fighting Foot

A Hazard of Coach-Sparring

When one coach-spars with a non-fighter who is schooled in a martial art, he is inconstant danger of suffering an ego-based injury, while his partner is operating in total safety, safe from all physical injury that is, but highly conditioned by the stilted, scripted version of his art to psychological injury. Just before the injury suffered below [two sprained toes] I said:

“We are sparring, not fighting. This is not a competition. We are working, not scoring. I will move at one fifth speed. Your goal is to defend at the same speed I am moving and to attack and counter at a slower speed. Tap and brush with the stick. This is learning. If you move at full speed I will get hurt. I am rendering myself helpless in a cooperative sense so that you may get onto the learning curve and grow.”

Sure enough, as soon as this bigger, younger, more fit, more skilled man discovered that even though I was moving less than half as fast as him I was outscoring him, he went into ego survival mode, misread my heel step, thought I was shifting back and then darted in like the Green Lantern, sprained my big toe and my first toe ligaments and snapped my first toe before he even knew where our relative positions were. As this happened, which, with street shoes would have resulted in zero injury to me, I struck the finishing blow to his head.

This is common. Earlier this year I received a concussion from a fighter I was tapping because his ego got engaged and he lost his cool in the drill. My brother in law, as he looked on in horror while my sister photographed these toes said, “Why didn’t you drop him?”

Dropping him would have lost a student for my host, would have degraded me by paying back an accident with intent and would have knocked the fighter forever off the learning curve as the session ended badly. He apologized and we continued. All martial artists have been conditioned by our sissy society to see sparring as fighting when fighters see sparring as work. This is due to the semantic game played by karate promoters who seek to avoid paying athletic commission fees by calling their competitions "sparring." People from MMA gyms also have this karate mentality of sparring as combat rather than work, which is why their boxing is so retarded.

Such occurrences are proof that technique training in combat without continuous contact practice [continuity of contact being much more important than level of impact contact] is not only useless but dangerous to the user. In practice I was injured due to the need to go barefoot in the mat, while in a survival situation such an attacker would scuff by boot and die. When this does happen, honestly informing the novice partner can be sobering for him and help in stay on the learning curve. The value of continuity of contact over level of intensity in training is proved by the general superiority of grapplers over strikers in MMA.

What happened was he ran the ball of his foot into my toes, snapping the first toe and spraining the tendons and ligaments. The bleed on the top of the foot is from the burst capsule and ligaments in the toe joint and that below from the torn tendons.

In our world of falsely supported, skill-based ego, which is known to be false in the mind of every deluded student when the fists and sticks and blades come his way, the body of the coach and the mind of the martial artist are both at risk, leaving the coach with the burden of leading by painful example.

Note the wear on the right foot compared to the left foot. The right foot serves as a pivot point in stick fighting and a driver in boxing. I use medicated ointment to minimized the splitting of the calloused skin, which open into bleeding cracks if left untreated.

(c) 2018 James LaFond

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Sound of the Mountains

Notes on Foraging in the Uinta Mountains

On various hikes I sought to make myself useful to my kind hosts and gathered first Oregon grapes, then elderberries and all along rose hips, the last, I believe the best source of vitamin C available.

I have harvested these between mid-July and mid-September.

This has been a drought year, with poor supplies of alpine berries, elderberries and Oregon grape, unless on irrigated ground.

I have found wild rose bushes from 6,500 to 9,500 feet, with their presence sharply declining after 9,000 feet.

They tend to keep company with young aspen, that white-barked tree which grows in groves like a mushroom, spreading clones underground. Aspen do well in burns. Thus roses are often found growing in ash-blackened soil.

Where the aspen return to pioneer tree life, roses will tend to cluster around rocks and boulders, at the base of rock slides and in dry washes and along stream traces trickling down to the creeks. In dryer areas they will be mostly on the down slope side of a road, where rare water has sunk into the soil.

At high elevation the bushes are small, about knee- to waist-high and each will have between six and twelve hips.

Where the forest has returned to scrub levels, with aspen as thick as your leg, below 8,500 feet the bushed may be chest-high in spots.

In irrigated places below 7,000 feet the rose bushes grow in towering thickets, 10-12 feet high, with juicier, but smaller hips.

In my favorite canyon, I have noticed that whenever the creek below is close enough to be heard, that the wild roses are most abundant, leaving me to wonder if they benefit from airborne moisture, because the creek is sometimes 100 feet below, and the bushes merely thigh high.

I have gathered about a bushel wet weight over the two month period. My hosts and I made jelly and syrup with elderberry and Oregon grape out of 5 quarts of the juiciest hips. The hips seem to be best for rendering when picked in wet areas and after the first frost. About 10 pounds dry weight remain in my host’s library, hung in a net sack. They were originally dried by laying in a baking pan in the sun and wind for a week.

Gathering requires a lot of bending over at the waist, so I limited picking to one hour in three of hiking time. Overall, the best thing about this activity are the scenic views had from cliff face tops and the bases of massive rock slides. I have gotten to the point where, when looking at a mountain, I can’t forget the sounds of the aspen rustling and the creeks falling that usually attend the habitat of the wild rose, drooping like a vernal bud on its thorny stalk.

(c) 2018 James LaFond

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Kane Posting - Crackpot Podcast 47

Welcome to a special episode of the Crackpot Podcast!  Nick Mason joins us from The Myth of the 20th Century and The New American Sun to discuss the works of Robert E. Howard, focusing on Solomon Kane.  Solomon Kane is a single-minded Puritan, an avenger of wrongs the world over.  If you are new to the works of Robert E. Howard, don't be shy.  We don't give much away in our discussions and most of his works are short and worthy of many re-readings.  Many published works can be found at the Howard section of Gutenberg Australia and some additional links appear in the time stamps below.

The Crackpot Podcast features the writer James LaFond, well known to share significant physiognomic traits with Robert E. Howard, and Lynn Lockhart, reportedly a human female.



0:00:30  Welcome to Nick Mason of The Myth of the 20th Century and The New American Sun
0:02:10  Learning ancient and modern history through Howard's fiction
0:06:10  How to find some of Howard's obscure works, The Savage Tales of Solomon Kane, Ballantine
0:10:10  Contrast with Conan
0:13:45  Nick's favorite Kane story, The Moon of Skulls
0:21:36  Kane as an undead
0:23:29  Civilization for Kane vs Conan
0:27:15  European vs African settings for Kane
0:32:53  Does Kane need a sidekick? Stories set in Europe
0:36:18  James thoughts about Howard
0:42:45  Howard's westerns
0:44:19  What might Howard's favorite western movie have been?
0:45:50  Howard wrote himself and his friends into some stories, how that might prefigure his suicide
0:51:54  How selling affects a writer, kinship between writers, Blood and Thunder
0:59:06  Richard Grenville
1:03:53  What did Howard see in America?
1:06:20  Kane movie, casting Kane
1:14:00  A reading from Solomon Kane's Homecoming, Kane as a spectre
1:17:41  Peckinpah
1:19:19  Well of Heroes

(c) 2018 Lynn Lockhart

Lockhart's Top LaFonds Volume 45

Your humble blog mistress presents the weekend links:

This is a shocking incident!  When your humble editor was a young coed, she had a bedreadlocked, 40 year old Rastafarian classmate, and he informed her with a wink that back when he was vending naturally derived pharmaceuticals, he would frequently exchange "a dimebag for a lovemaking."  Being entirely uninterested in such an exchange, she did not inquire as to the effects of inflation in the intervening years, but $1,200 worth of coke strikes her as excessive.

Banjo gives good advice here.  I heartily approve of men doing such seemingly useless things as hobbies.

Nero the Pict continues his SEA travelogue.

The unknowability of one's reaction under stress is a coping strategy.

When the brawl is more interesting than the fight, you know you have entered pro-wrestling territory.

A train is a great place to meet a train savant.

The War on Drugs, like so many other wars, is a boon to government at every level.

James describes the magic of life in the mountains.

To me this reads like emails from the subcontinent combined with phone calls from qts as a marketing strategy.

The censorship extends to statistics displayed on obscure history websites.

The Crackpot runs the numbers on the black middle class. was down for a little while Thursday morning, but James' webmaster was ON IT!

How to evaluate a boxing gym, a coach, and the importance of cleanliness for your BJJ practice.

We need to bring back Cowboys and Indians as a genre.

For your viewing and listening:
-Slavery and piracy in the South Seas
-Lefty podcast (they sound like f****ts) covers serial killer Carl Panzram
-Not just gun rights, but gun culture, is incredibly important to the history and future of America, and we inherited neither from England.  Cling to them!
-A rather scathing movie review, The Magnificent Seven.

Visualizing the slave migrations of North America.

You can see James' books in the BOOKSTOREbut they are rapidly falling to the censor's hammer.  Now some -banking- troubles have held up his royalty payments.  

Many fine titles are available as pdf books through his main website.

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(c) 2018 Lynn Lockhart

Friday, October 12, 2018

The Universal Housing Right

The Premise behind the Science Fiction Concept of Reverent Chandler, Malediction Song & Nightsong of the Nords (coming soon).

The world of Reverent Chandler is a science-fantasy setting, in that it is based on real climate science, not state-media propaganda, real current events and a heroic vision of life, which, in terms of science fiction, is the literature of modernity, fantastical.

The suppositions underpinning the storyline are only obliquely treated in the text, and are, in order that they occur to form the setting:

1.  2030: The social disintegration of postmodern western civilization accelerates.

2.  2060: The African population explosion and the imposition of one world government [excluding China, North Korea and Japan] results in The Universal Housing Right Initiative, mandating the integration of homeless Africans and Middle Eastern refugees into American households. Implementation of this law will be placed in the hands of Christian and Jewish charities, with population removal, reduction and integration handled by military contractors coordinating with church agents.

3.  2090: As Protestant Christianity naturally devolves into secular humanism or spawns radical denominations, and Catholicism naturally evolves into a statist apparatus, the prediction is that the large scale Islamization of Europe and the U.S.A. will generate a crusading order among Deep State fanatics, who will cloth themselves in militant Catholicism in an ultimate attempt to remove the caliphate from Vatican City and restore the papacy.

4.  2100: With the earth clearly entering another major glaciation, Indigenous Americans of the northern and formerly temperate zones will seek local cultural autonomy, expressed as an amalgamation of metaphysical traditions native to those regions and to those regions of northern Europe ancestral to the remnant Caucasian population, in other words a mixing of Nordic and Amerindian worldview.

The resulting setting, hundreds of years after the collapse of one world government and supporting technological infrastructure, is a wholehearted return to the medieval mindset, a northern hemisphere, temperate zone population of less than 10 million, and an increasingly bitter struggle between militant Catholic multiculturalism and a resurgent Caucasian heathenism.

A pure science fiction approach would have sought the most probable result of these 4 factors. The science-fantasy approach is to embrace a less probable, extremist setting which may facilitate lifeways that at once resemble a return to our ancestral conditions, and conditions critically affected by the lingering aspects of our technological society.

(c) 2018 James LaFond

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Ire & Ice - Crackpot Podcast 046

Welcome to episode 46 of the Crackpot Podcast!  James and Lynn have a wide ranging discussion on fiction, the Roman military, John McCain and the New Mexico compound.

The Crackpot Podcast features rampant speculation by James LaFond, an outstanding fiction writer, and Lynn Lockhart, whose mind has been addled by the interaction.



0:00:50  Yusef of the Dusk, font choices
0:07:26  Ire and Ice, Jericho Bone, Drink Deep of Night
0:14:03  Humans deserve it, James with the Mountain Men, Mountain Boomers
0:19:23  SLC has mudsharks
0:25:03  James' sympathy for urban drones, writing them into fiction
0:26:40  Roman military service compared to US Army
0:30:06  Taleb and Amazon suppression
0:31:45  K for Kindergarten, Taleb continued
0:36:59  McCain funeral
0:51:47  The future of statesmanship
0:55:04  Future of paleface men in the Dem party
0:57:07  American cuisine
0:57:55  Misogyny
0:59:45  The future of South Africa
1:02:29  Strip club economics
1:05:08  New Mexico compound

(c) 2018 Lynn Lockhart

Saturday, October 6, 2018

‘A Hand’

Roses Laughed in Her Pretty Hair by Robert E. Howard

James LaFond's impressions, reading from page 87 of A Word from the Outer Dark

This single verse consists of 10 lines in five rhyming couplets and struck this reader right off as a laugh at the expense of civilized conventions, such as in the soft sarcasm implicit in lines one and two:

A little hand was prettily raised,
Nor ever enough might it be praised.

Howard then goes on to toy with the civility necessitated between men and women of his age and well enough predicts that it would disintegrate under the pressure of the collapsing bones of our civilization and devolve into men going their own way and pursuing their own competitive past times. There was no need for the poet to predict video games, for the men of his time had their own secretive competitions: they played cards; and the poet insinuates that he is not rude enough to tell the young beauty that though her hand is fair, it pales before the winning hand he was dealt on another night.

The rescue of the masculine soul from the pettiness of petite civilization through competitive past times was something more obvious in Howard's day, when men boxed, than it is to today when they are confined in a sedentary social box.
(c) 2018 James LaFond

Lockhart's Top LaFonds Volume 44

James reviews the incredible story of a Southern warrior.

Luther tells us about making himself at home in lockup.

Modern Agonistics lives on, these fellows are fighting with hatchets and knives!

The story of James', Bran's and others' youths is one of groping for a substitute for the family, community, and rituals absent from American mass society.

James' take on HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts), with very good comments from Jeremy.

Illegal aliens are cheaper for employers than slaves were, because this time around, the rest of us are picking up the slack for medical care, food, housing and education. Injured aliens do not disappear into the desert mist, they enter your local ER. Their children suck up and degrade public school resources. They bring criminality, though not as much per capita as the last round of cheap laborers commit. Lynn's answer: cheap labor destroys society, it has happened many times, it's happening right now.

Grocery store politics are about the same as office politics.

Look, everyone likes indoor plumbing, plentiful food, and so on, but the trajectory of "civilization" is not good.

James is back in Harm City mode, giving the update on Murderbowl 2018 and predicting the future of mid-Atlantic urban violence.

We are learning there is more to slavery and human trafficking than Africans in shackles.

Baseball is a great case study of how corporatism and scale destroy fine institutions before our very eyes, with most people failing to notice anything amiss.

Toker doesn't see color when applying an aluminum baseball bat.

T. Spoone Slickens (I think) is here to speak out for Bill Cosby.

A movie review by James and one by Nick Mason, Hold the Dark.

Nobody tell my mother that Alex Jones is Bill Hicks, please, I am begging you.

Your upscale neighborhoods are not safe.

If you people would buy more books, James could eat more animal protein!

America needs 1,000 Pinochets, 1,000 Lee Kwan Yews, instead we have Catherine Pugh. Truly, Baltimore's level of gang control and police corruption is outstanding, as witnesses are committing suicide left and right, never making it to trial, and gun battles are fought on camera, in broad daylight.

The Khan's appearance on the Crackpot Podcast has given rise to another question.

You can see James' books in the BOOKSTOREbut they are rapidly falling to the censor's hammer.  Now some -banking- troubles have held up his royalty payments.  

Many fine titles are available as pdf books through his main website.

Support James in his Plantation America work by becoming a Patron, or donate straight to the man through Paypal, because you love James and his work.

(c) 2018 Lynn Lockhart

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Serpent’s Tooth

A Cautionary Tale by Riley

Knew this guy, still do I guess, if he still lives. More and more pass these days and you don’t even hear. He was in on the North Sea back in 1970s - 1990s, minded the checkbook and wound up with a good reputation, a destroyed marriage and a Son. I worked with him now and then, never as much as I would have liked to, for he was a pleasant man to work with. A very nice, smart, Lutheran, tall guy from Wisconsin, who loved rock and roll and guitars.

He had one of those places down in Florida, all stucco-Spanish, up under big-leaved trees. An example of every pest known to man lurked in the ditches and tall grass. Maybe five acres, just off the main road. Just enough to be too much for a man who spent 250 or more days a year offshore to manage. He’d broken up with the Wife and she’d moved on, except she really never did. She got so that he was moved to go to court to get possession of his boy for his own good, but boys get a lot of their traits from their Mothers. He just didn’t have the time for a Son.

He had a locked room in his house, stuffed with tasty guitars: Jimmy Page guitars, Elvis guitars, bare-bones Fender Telecasters, the varnish long ago worn through to the wood out in some honkey-Tonk back in some woods north of Mobile, inlaid Gibsons and all the rest. It was the sort of collection a man cranking out a half million a year could amass, and it was what he thought of when he thought of home. He never clicked with his boy, not enough anyway.

Careful how you breed there, randy man. He had current girlfriends living there, and in some cases hired illegal kid watchers, all doing the Mom job on this young lad, while Mom was out greasing up the bitch-pad on some thug’s Harley. He also had the County coming around, the diversity lard but hard-ass chump-hire who hated him from the moment he spoke. He spoke well, you see. Made her feel dumb. Pissed her off. She made him her hobby. The situation was bad alright, but she saw it as such for all the wrong reasons. More inspections, and more demands, as this woman worked overtime to ensure his scene would fail. A half million a year will buy a lot of toys, but peace from the high sheriff and police costs a lot more.

His house became a party house for his Son and his friends, and the Mother would check in, accompanied by some road warrior opportunist, just to see her cub was safe. Really nice guitars started showing up in local pawn shops. The drug crap. He spent his month off running guitars down, all through Florida, Alabama and Georgia. He got perhaps half back. His Son was locked down on some felony. Diving contractors were thinking he was too hung up on safety issues.

The emails bounce back and the 'phone don’t hook up. I picture him sitting in the mouth of a cave, clutching his head with both paws, looking out over the desert moaning “what is it that you want from me?” Or maybe he’s with someone, happy for now and coping. One never knows, and for now wondering will do. I’m sorely worn out from mourning lost brothers.

September 29, ‘18