Sunday, September 30, 2018

Rail King - Crackpot Podcast 45

Our good friend Tony joins us for episode 45 of the Crackpot Podcast.  Tony has a fascinating life story and we only really scratched the surface here, talking a little about being homeless starting at age 15, riding the rails like a hobo, working so many odd and arduous jobs, and raising hell all over the Pacific Northwest.

The Crackpot Podcast features James LaFond, a writer with the uncanny ability to attract interesting people, and Lynn Lockhart, beloved sister of them all.



0:00:00  The gentlemen are getting caffeinated after a late night of conversation
0:02:36  Tony's friend who visited on a bicycle
0:03:55  Mucker the dog
0:05:12  Tony's illustrious and varied career
0:08:50  Book rec: The Bomb by Frank Harris, Portland Antifa
0:12:34  Tony's early life, homeless and on the rails
0:16:34  Hopping a greyhound
0:20:15  Overheard at the courthouse
0:23:42  Homeless barbarians
0:32:08  Sky King
0:37:44  Time preference and crime
0:44:45  The refrigerator caper
0:47:34  Manual labor
0:53:09  Medicine Wheel Mountain
0:56:05  Perseid Meteor Showers, foraging, mountain life
0:58:35  Crackpot Industries update, Neanderbol, The Filthy Few, other fiction
1:08:22  Preview for the next time Tony joins us

(c) 2018 Lynn Lockhart

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Lockhart's Top LaFonds Volume 43

A good friend of the LaFondiverse joined the Myth of the 20th Century to talk about unions, be sure to listen!

James advises a fighter on the use of shields, swords, plus a video review.

The average woman is no fertility goddess, is she?

Video is starting to come out of the Man Weekend 2018, see the first, second and third so far.

Fight review and relevant coaching for the Man Weekend Paladin, and an Antifa member agrees to demonstrate a wrestling maneuver, nice!

Jakob asks about training both leads in boxing.

Fasting is a valuable practice for spiritual and physical health.  I recommend it.

The weather is really putting a cramp in Baltimore's performance in the 2018 Murderbowl.

I support individual cultures seeking their expression, but let's keep an eye on the steppe warriors, ok?

Mountain boomers are a well equipped fossil fueled army!

You can see James' books in the BOOKSTOREbut they are rapidly falling to the censor's hammer.  Now some -banking- troubles have held up his royalty payments.  

Many fine titles are available as pdf books through his main website.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Things He Found

A Western Mystery

A blistering hot day it was in Idaho, just across the Tetons from Wyoming, when he uncovered the cowboy up in the rockfall.

He'd been tending the tiny dam most of his years: pulling limbs and such from the trash screen, never fixing any real problems but reporting them. It drove a small generator that had given a leg of power to the little town below since Spanish-American war days. He lived with his wife in a shiny, Company-supplied manufactured home, with a Company pick-up and an ATV. They were way up a dirt road through potato fields and into the foothills. Up on a corner of the old Whistler ranch.

He'd had his eye on a rockfall over on the Whistler place for decades, only 1/4 mile up from the dam in a tiny valley where he always kicked up Elk. A goodly chunk of granite had calved off a rock face onto the valley floor long ago, leaving a spray of perfect little boulders. The ones his Wife thought would make good borders for her gardens and their drive. The ones he'd towed a small wagon up into the valley for with the ATV.

He reckoned it would take a few trips. The wagon had its first load aboard, and he sat in shade and drank iced tea. He could envision a dozen trips before it was done, so he started staging the next one, picking the good sizes out of the spill to set aside. The stones were rounded or shattered by many frigid Winters and scorching Summers, and his boot heels slipped among them, trying to throw him down. "Careful, old man. Help's a long way away!" He went to one knee, then caught himself with his right hand. Looking down at his hand, he saw the old hat peeking up between the stones.

It was a felt hat, smashed flat against the ground, of the type called a slouch hat. It wanted to crumble in his hands, but he got it laid aside in one piece, and moved back into the pile, now with a pinch bar, shifting the covering rocks away. Next was the shattered skull and twisted spine, then a mess of shattered shoulder, rib and arm bones all mixed in with a horse's skull and neck, a skeletal fist still wrapped with disintegrating reins.

The sun was dipping as he finished up his clearance. He thought of what he had found. A rider, carrying percussion weapons had been crushed beneath a rockfall. He'd left the bones lay, but picked up everything else: the hat, belt remains with a buckle, a brass-framed revolver in a few tatters of a holster, a Spencer carbine frozen solid, fully loaded and a military style saddle and bags. Bit, bridle scraps, and a cavalry saber, brass-hilted. A goodly sized Bowie knife.

He'd dumped the stones, and carefully settled all the items in the wagon. He set off down the trail to the house. It was the first thing interesting he'd ever come across. The old Lady was gonna shit straight up.

To be resolved...

(c) 2018 Riley

Sunday, September 23, 2018

The Mighty Khan! - Crackpot Podcast 44

In this very special episode of the Crackpot Podcast, James sacrifices his liver enzymes to summon the Khan from his dank resting place on the windy steppe.  During Lynn's first conversation with the Mighty and Ancient ruler, several reader questions were answered, unfortunately, Lynn has pretty much no idea who submitted the questions.  If it was you, thank you very much!  Submit more questions in the comments and we'll try to do it again.

The Crackpot Podcast features intrepid interdimentional journalist, Lynn Lockhart, and the occasional incarnation of a famed ancient warlord, James LaFond.



02:06  Question from Henry on Masculine Axis, temporary families, debt slavery
09:00  Destruction of the family in Plantation America
14:15  Native American families
17:00  How to summon the Khan
17:52  The Violence Project, evolution of violence in Baltimore
25:45  Feeling alive
27:40  The Khan stirs in his barrow mound grave
28:30  Alex Jones de-platformed
32:30  Smartass of Mars
34:30  NYT editorial board member (the Korean gal)
37:45  The Khan struggles to understand monogamy
38:22  First reader question for the Khan - Work
42:30  Second reader question - Social life
44:56  Third reader question - Wenches
50:36  Lynn's question for the Khan
54:57  Final question for the Khan - Be a patriarch!

(c) 2018 Lynn Lockhart

Friday, September 21, 2018

Lockhart's Top LaFonds volume 42

James is on the train headed for Harm City, so his main site won't be updated for a few days.  Here are your weekend links!

This is a good framework for IQ, but James is undoubtedly a genius.

Look for Crackpot Industries to introduce a line of handcrafted items which should never be used against innocent, unarmed youth.

So you're saying The Filthy Few will include adult content?

High country foraging by the numbers.

Nero explains more about Southeast Asia.

I hope James is wrong, but it's not the way to bet.

Life is getting harder for fans of the blade, and a (satirical) message to those monitoring these accounts.

Something to try if you are really hardup for a drink.

The recent actions of censorship of self published authors is no doubt related to Amazon's corporate reorganization.  Whatever independence existed in the CreateSpace subsidiary is being systematically removed.

Fight review: Gypsy Fight 2013, Smith v Mason.

A video entry for Logic of Steel.

White Indians is going to be a huge book, there were a lot of them and they had lots of adventures.

A day in the life of a writer, plus influences and more.

Buy a book, many fine titles are available as pdf books through his main website.

You can buy James' books through Amazonbut they are rapidly falling to the censor's hammer.  Now some -banking- troubles have held up his royalty payments.  

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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Marry a Future Homeschooling Mom

Resist on Behalf of Your Children

A number of men have asked me about how to approach the topic of homeschooling with their wives, with the view of getting her agreement.  I am a big weirdo so I can't promise any of this stuff will work on a normal woman, but here are some ideas:

0.  Make your intentions known and clear in a confident way, make it a foregone conclusion.  Make it seem like she would have to convince you to send them to school, rather than you having to convince her to educate them at home.

1.  As a dad, have a mindset of liking your kids, you care about them more than anyone in the world is capable of caring about them.  You enjoy their company.

2.  Homeschooling life will be flexible.  There is a lot of fun to be had with your kids on a Tuesday morning that can't be had on a Saturday morning.  Even mundane things like grocery shopping, doctor appointments, etc., are easier to manage when your weekdays are flexible.

3.  Homework for older kids takes as much time as simply homeschooling the first time around and everyone is tired and grouchy in the evenings.

4.  Huge resources are available.  You are not going to be cooped up in your house with your kids all the time.  You don't have to reinvent the wheel with respect to curriculum.  Your kids will have friends their age and their siblings' ages.  Any activity school kids do is available to your children.

5.  Encourage bonding, breastfeeding, cosleeping.  I know not everyone is into this stuff, but maybe it will have the effect of bonding mom and kids and making them want to hang out more into the elementary years.  Maybe it won't, I don't know.

6.  Reminisce about all the bad experiences you had in grade school, nasty or indifferent teachers, bullying, ghastly diseases.  Get her to talk about hers.

7.  Be confident about money.  Earn as well as you can and act like it's no problem living on one income.  Be cheerful in your frugality and cheerful about work.

8.  Homeschooling is economical.  You can avoid the cost of living in a top school district or the cost of a private school.

9.  Be supportive of your in-laws, if they are supportive.  There should be no doubt that you are the man of the house.  If your wife is going to be home with the kids, having her mom or sister, or someone there for a few hours a couple times per week could make a big difference.  For a stay at home mom of elementary age kids, a trip to the grocery store alone is kind of a big deal.

10.  The facts are on your side.  Homeschooled kids do very well in life.  They get accepted to great colleges and have very good outcomes in all areas of life.

11.  Tell her she is smarter than any public school teacher you have ever met.  Before they reach school age, why should minimum wage third worlders take care of her kids while she slaves away in some office?

12.  It can be hard to be with small children all the time, people talk about needing more intellectual stimulation.  To me, the best thing can be a short change of scenery.  Be sympathetic on this stuff with your wife but don't get carried away with it either.  Kids grow up fast and they get easier to look after.  There will be stretches that are tougher than others, if the kids are throwing up, or a few nights in a row of bad sleep.  In those cases, pitch in however you can.  If your wife is chronically overwhelmed then something systematic needs to be addressed.

13.  You get better at things if you practice them.  Nothing can really prepare you for becoming a parent, and the same is true of homeschooling, but in both cases, you get a lot of on the job training.  Build up routines and you will get better at them the longer you stick it out.

I welcome any comments or questions you have.

(c) 2018 Lynn Lockhart

Monday, September 17, 2018

Summer Fiction - Crackpot Podcast 43

James and Lynn discuss his fiction projects published in the summer of 2018, Supplicant Song and Thunderbird.  James is truly a compulsive writer and has absolutely buried his editor, Lynn, in books of all kinds.  She is partial to his fiction so that is what is getting published lately.  Listen to find out what James' rather dark imagination has wrought.



02:55  Supplicant Song
09:16  Bull leaping
11:00  Orson Scott Card
15:24  Thunderbird, lots of talk of Native Americans, John Paul Barber ep
32:28  Animal Control
34:00  Contribution by Joe Bellofatto, Taboo You
35:25  The Filthy Few, fairly abrupt ending, sorry about that!

(c) 2018 Lynn Lockhart

Saturday, September 15, 2018


Ancient Reading on your Device, at Least Until the Lights Go Out

James has given a reading list for those interested in military history.  It's truly a horrific yet wondrous time to be alive and all the recommended volumes are available for free online:

The History of Herodotus Vol I
The History of Herodotus Vol II

Thucydides, The History of the Peloponnesian War
Audiobook of Thucydides

Xenophon, The Anabasis

The History of Polybius Vol I
The History of Polybius Vol II

Lockhart's Top LaFonds Volume 41

Read about Nero the Pict's dubious adventures in Southeast Asia.

The US is disciplining independent writers because it can't discipline anyone else.

James' practiced eye for fights shows you there is more to the story of the white cheerleader and her black assailant.

James has a LOT to say on how to get along with black women.

See if you can spot the white privilege in James' family history.

You can take the Ghetto Grocer out of the ghetto, but still get your Ghetto Grocer updates with an international relations hot take!

Shutting down Roosh is another battle in the war against the sexes.

Using a gladius for home defense.

Good things are happening in Russia.

The Filthy Few is back in progress, my favorite!  Check out the dust cover, and meet Shayne "Not my Army" Rasmussen.  By the way, if any of you is interested in performing a romantic gesture like that for a young lass, you are obligated to get her pregnant.

Official history has wrongly dismissed the idea that Europeans served as slaves in North America, the evidence for it is abundant.

How to check if you are an NPC, don't let your babies grow up to be NPCs, keep them out of public school.

Buy a book, many fine titles are available as pdf books through his main website.

You can buy James' books through Amazonbut they are rapidly falling to the censor's hammer.  Now some -banking- troubles have held up his royalty payments.  

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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

‘Kindred to My Soul’

James LaFond's impressions of This is A Young World & The Ages Stride on Golden Feet by Robert E. Howard

Reading from pages 84-85 of A Word from the Outer Dark.

This is a Young World is enough to make the jaded wince, such a celebration of youthful exuberance in the accursed and envious shadow of old priests and rulers, with full knowledge of the awesome age of the cosmos, but without the arrogant hedonism of the 1960s youth cult which still hold wicked sway over American ideas of being young and full of life, Howard's verse is not even anthropomorphic, but tellingly pagan, as he imagines himself swaying with the saplings, likewise young in the old world.

The best two lines of the poem are:

8: I have shaken off musty creeds and dusky Despotisms

13: They [the planets] sit like crones and laugh fruitlessly at youth.
In Howard’s hands, this duly childlike celebration of young life, of a fresh cycle of strife, rattles like something old, like leaves shaking before a cold wind, with a keen sense that winter is due.

The Ages Stride on Golden Feet consists of one four-line verse and a rhyming couplet, forming a word picture of nature’s rhythm, from the cycle of the ages echoed in the ancient stars to the dawning day greeted by the creatures of the morning mists.

This reader is impressed with Howard’s use of unpublished verse, possibly to set the narrative mode and certainly to develop his ability to tell gritty tales in verse—such as the Solomon Kane verses concerning Francis Drake and Sir Richard Grenville, as well as that character’s ghostly homecoming. Most importantly, in terms of his major works, Howard’s skill in verse permitted him to set some of his best Conan tales, Pool of the Black One, Queen of the Black Coast and The Scarlet Citadel in the context of epic ballads, opening chapters with the type of heroic narrative that a bard in such ancient times would employ.

(c) 2018 James LaFond

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Lockhart's Top LaFonds Volume 40

Weekend links for you!

Supporters of the Katyn statue in Jersey City reached a milestone last month, stay tuned for more developments.

The story of the settlement of North America has yet to be fully discovered.

I hate drugs but former users and non-users fascinate me.

Something strange is happening at Amazon.  If you have read some of James' books, go to Amazon and try writing a review.  I will be very interested in your reports.

The cold season is upon us, soon your school age children will look like this guy.

A boxer worth remembering.

Be careful friends, fake news can kill.

Good luck to this outlaw.

A very informative look at an original source concerning the practice of slavery in Plantation Virginia.

A movie recommendation, documentary on Sheriff Buford Pusser.

For boxing fans, a fight review, Michael Dokes vs Randal Randy Tex Cobb.

The Crackpot gives his insight into the Dallas wrong-apartment-execution case.

Buy a book, many fine titles are available as pdf books through his main website.

You can buy James' books through Amazonbut they are rapidly falling to the censor's hammer.  Now some -banking- troubles have held up his royalty payments.  

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Friday, September 7, 2018

Do a Maneuver - Crackpot Podcast 42

Riley hosted James in his canyon fortress and joined us for a special edition of the Crackpot Podcast.  We discuss stories from Riley's long and varied career, at sea and around the world, as well as happenings in his hard earned and well guarded garrison.

The Crackpot Podcast features itinerant writer and manual laborer James LaFond, and sleep deprived motherslave of a KINDERGARTNER, Lynn Lockhart.



0:01:43  James' journey west
0:05:44  Singapore Summit
0:08:30  The Sea Daddy
0:12:00  Andrea Doria, The Final Chapter
0:15:25  The African Queen
0:18:24  The King Barge
0:24:40  The Brit in Daisy Dukes
0:27:15  Katrina
0:29:00  Smash
0:34:53  Music
0:36:22  Bob Dylan
0:37:55  Cow farts
0:39:17  Air Force, loading aircraft, bring beer and air conditioners in, taking dead people out
0:41:25  Canary Islands
0:43:20  Ocean artifacts
0:44:40  Dining on the barge
0:45:53  Riley's favorite place to live overseas
0:47:25  Riley in San Francisco
0:52:15  Military school
0:55:05  Mice bridges

(c) 2018 Lynn Lockhart

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Living in Nature, Sort of

Waiting for the Fire

Man has built bulwarks against the forces of nature since he lived in trees, but the solution was arrived at long ago. Gather up in groups and build structures to cut the wind, stop and divert the rain and flush the shit away. Stay clear of areas not under the control of governments. Kill strangers. Forget the days when enabled monkeys built empires out in the verges. Verges are thin on the ground these days. Costly, 'cause you don't want just any-old-body getting loose out on the edge of control.

The fire came six years in, gobbling trees and brush; cooking stones unto explosion. We sat in a loaned house downhill for almost three weeks not knowing day to day if our place still stood. In the lands still under construction, fire, water and wind have a free hand, like the abrasive on a buffing wheel to remove varnish from a wooden floor. To actually live in nature is to sense fully how far we've fallen in our quest for a bit of benison.

The blessing being sought is to live in the mythic nature that our ancestors fought to escape. A land ruled by tooth and claw, on a clock of seasons. One comes to perceive nature as a sort of drunken bed mate: farting and snoring with various stinks, stealing the covers. To learn nature has not the least appreciation of your deep thoughts and western aspirations. You can visit for awhile, but someone is sure to show up and upset your balance.

With no dog-catchers or cops around, one has to stay alert for rabid skunks, feral dog packs, the ubiquitous adder and two-legged opportunists. Become acquainted with killing. You also have to keep the humming bird feeders filled to keep the tiny things swarming, feeding up for their trip South, around the time the Deer dies. Seasons move in a way clocks don't, as there's some slack built in to allow for surprises. Other than the 'phone I haven't had an alarm clock in years. Something's sure to wake me up if something's really happening.

These groups that organize stuff tighten their grip out of habit, like a Coyote driving its fangs through a Rabbit's skull. I can't help mistrusting them with their smart-meters and concern for my soul and welfare. They won't spray for mosquitoes carrying avian viruses, but build causeways for leaping meadow mice to safely cross roadways. Where does one have to go to escape it, the Moon?

In fact, there is no escape from mankind barring disasters with mass die-off. The hard trick to that one is not dying along with the rest. To be honest, a depopulated world needs vital younger folks and doesn't need codgers, no matter their arcane knowledge. That, sadly, is just a worn novelist's device.

No matter where you might land in a country of 330,000,000+, the chances are that a swarm of others have had the same idea, and are busy turning it into an industry; the one you'll have to deal with who'll steal your data, blow your location and track your ways. In your hide-out.

Good luck in your foxhole. Do watches and practice X ten. Notice.

The Antrim family were first into this canyon, 1905, and have run it as a ranch since. Their old place is at the back. Back where the road ends. Bob is dead and Dorthy is in the old folks home down in town. Someone noticed folks hanging around and called the Sheriff. The house had been robbed of some firearms and tools, and meth had been cooked in Bob's shop. Nature hates a vacuum, and turn your back if you crave challenge.

A late model BMW 7 Series sports sedan with no plates was found abandoned high-centered on a mound of dirt, a dozen feet off the road to the right. Four paws in the air. Front end destroyed, an expensive little drug dealer car shed like a skin flake on a mountain road. I guess these items are write-offs in the drug trade these days. The automotive equivalent of a sneaker. If I had ever twigged to how indescribably weak people are I would have become a drug mogul. I thought weakness was unique to me. See? Self absorbed. Coulda' been a contender.

Meanwhile, while it lives, keep a sentry up. Even if nothing that concerns you comes, other things that bear no malice do, and their ways are lovely.

September 5, 2018

Saturday, September 1, 2018

‘Purple Gods of Morn’

James LaFond's Impressions of Earth-Born by Robert E. Howard, reading from pages 82-83 of A Word from the Outer Dark

Earth-Born is a Protean poem consisting of seven verses of four lines each. The spirit is very animistic and would be well understood by a shaman of some remote tribe. The spirit of Earth-Born reminds this reader of the song of Apollo’s sisters, sisters of the sun who condense into the amber weeping from lonely trees, but with an upbeat, masculine tone, that strikes a note of desire to venture across the world. This reader’s best measure of the inspiration was that the author used the East Texas landscape and the animistic bent of its displaced inhabitants to refashion an old Gaelic verse.

Verse four is quoted below:

And up along the mountain,
And down along the lea,
I heard my brothers singing,
The river and the tree.
Earth-Born reads like the reflections of the first man, if he were not born in a garden, and begins to feel, by the seventh verse, like the rhyme of a race. Despite the idyllic tones, the thinker is not reclining in hard-earned or well-deserved bliss but is rather accepting that he has been born into a turbulent world which he is fated to experience more intimately than any muse of Antiquity would expect of her consort.

(c) 2018 James LaFond

Lockhart's Top LaFonds Volume 39

Here are your weekend links, friend!

Guns and ammo favor the stationary defender, the blade favors the lone wanderer.

Texas was not kind to Nero the Pict.

Boxers make great writers and also great characters.

The Khan advises on pest control for suburban landed gentry.

Will this young boxer take the path of Modern Agonistics?

A Harm City park is no place for a midnight stroll, from the pre-Freddie Gray archives.

It's one way to turn lemons into lemonade.

For those curious about the long term plans of a compulsive writer.

The story of a man, though not a Barbarian, who lives mostly free of civilizational artifice.

The Ghetto Grocer origin story.

Working out at altitude with the stick, bat and bag.

Parking lot puncher is clearly an intelligent fellow, he won't be coming down to the station to pick up his trophy.

Buy a book, many fine titles are available as pdf books through his main website.

You can buy James' books through Amazonbut they are rapidly falling to the censor's hammer.  Now some -banking- troubles have held up his royalty payments.  

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