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The Roots of Globalism: How Old is Cultural Invalidation?

“Put on the full armor of God so that you may stand against the devil’s schemes. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.”

-Paul, Ephesians 6:10-17

The passage above is taken from the that letter of Saint Paul’s which, above all other gospel or scriptural sources, influenced Saint Ignatius of Loyola in 1540 as he received papal approval to form the Jesuit order, an order that has since been blamed for such disparate and dastardly acts as the Holocaust and the Foundation of the Modern Israeli state by its various critics. The Jesuits, now central to such globalist conspiracy theories as would boggle the mind, drew their inspiration from a letter inferring that the Christian path was a means by which one could employ truth, righteousness and faith [the original “speak truth to power concept” in a spiritual struggle against the internationalist, cultural-negating and grossly materialistic evil of the Roman slave society]. Are the Jesuits an example of the Nietzschean axiom that monster hunting might turn the hunter into a monster, or not?

In this essay I seek not a unified understanding of the vast complexity that means to destroy us, mind first, but simply to trace some pre-globalist themes that emerged as part of the current extra-national power matrix.

What Are the Characteristics of Globalism?

To look for the roots of globalism, which was born with Magellan’s voyage from 1519-22, as a feeble infant barely able to survive beyond the national womb, we should be well-served by following Ignatius’ eye back into antiquity. But first, we must identify the component characteristics of globalism, in order to be able to trace its genesis in a pre-global world.

1. Extra-national law is one aspect, in which an imperialistic power [Rome, Great Britain, the U.S.A.], or a banking cabal [Manhattan], a league [such as The Athenian League, or the United Nations] or even a religion [the Catholic Church] hold enforceable legal and/or moral authority over the majority of nations under that system.

2. Mono-cultural dominance, whether Hellenic, Roman or American, is a key aspect of global dominance, with the lie of multiculturalism currently being used as a label for cultural, religious and ethnic negation. The Hellenic system, with its cultural colony model was not the vehicle for cultural erasure that Roman and American citizenship have been, which lessened its political impact but increased and lengthened its cultural impact. Hellenism eventually rose from within the Roman state to assume power in the form of Christianity [look to Paul’s letters for the deeply Hellenized aspects of the early missions] and eventually, first as Hellenic warrior emperors on the Alexandrian model rather than Roman-style management thugs, and culminating in the 1000 year life of the later Roman, or Byzantine state, ultimately retreating into a national rather than imperial form.

3. International leadership, of non-native men, such as Obama and the former Japanese president of Peru, is essentially imperialistic at its root and was well-represented during all of the late medieval and modern period in Europe. For instance, king Charles of Spain was not Spanish.

4. Non-state, extra-national finance, such as the Federal Reserve [a lie], the IMF, The World Bank, the Templars and Jews of medieval Europe.

Europe, with its deep extra-national religious networks, its fringe network of Jews, who financed the first voyages of exploration, including Magellan’s voyage, which literally made globalism possible, its international family of monarchs who owed class-base allegiance to one another before and beyond concerns about whatever nation they straddled, had threads 1, 3 and 4 in place and wanted only for a unified method of cultural negation to knit the world together into one thread. Christianity, in its competing forms [1], coupled with non nationalistic [3] monarchs [WWI was indeed a feud of cousins] and the corrosive dominance of coinage and banking necessitated by the now vast distances, did much to undermine the traditional cultures encountered around the globe as well as eroding the cultural cohesion of the expanding nation states, which predominantly embraced the ethics of the merchant class [4] and the worship of material profit over all else [the Opium Wars being the most grotesque example] as this ethos was most compatible with the logistical challenges of global trade in the Age of Sail, the international character of which was exemplified by Magellan’s expedition:

Under the aegis of a Germanic king, of a Spanish land, commanded by a fanatically evangelical Portuguese, piloted by a Basque, on ships manned by German gunners and operated by sailors of a dozen nations, on an epic chronicled by an Italian scholar, 260 men set out to spread Christianity, bring lands under the rule of their boy monarch and establish a profitable enterprise. Three years later 18 men returned, having turned a profit, thus establishing the plausibility of global life at the very instant they established the actuality and expanse of that globe, this being the sacks of fragrant cloves in the hold of the tiny ship Victoria, which more than paid for the loss of the four greater ships and the death or disgrace of the remaining men. Magellan, his men, his monarch, in awe of the globe, established by their act of discovery that human concourse across such distances by way of floating tarred tubs of starving men had only one meaning other than wondrous adventure, scientific discovery and stark tragedy [three facets of humanity with no place in the modern social heart, science merely a bauble swapped for a profit, the other two primal sentiments best left out of a profitable world order]: profit.

Magellan and his men set sail in search of the secrets of the Ancient Mariner and when the pitiful remnant emerged ruined and in rags, with only one winner emerging from the expedition, the Banking House of Haro, the Converso, based in Antwerp Holland, the world’s course was set, its helmsman ever a banker.

A Reader’s Impression of Empire and Globalism

Imperialism and the removal of peoples, are not aspects of pre-globalist internationalism. When the Peruvians, the Egyptians, Assyrians and Akkadians removed tribes from their native lands and settled them elsewhere and enslaved them, they did not attack their culture, but wished that each tribe in these primitive empires maintained their own identity to preclude them working together towards the overthrow of the ruling tribe. Such tribal empires maintained the same roughly 250 years reign as their more complex successors, keeping with Glubb’s model.

Furthermore, genocide a practice as old as Man, is not a condition more common, let alone unique, under extra-national systems. Indeed, more primitive systems are more prone to genocide. More advanced, extra national systems utilize cultural and ethnic negation, a more efficient attack upon the identity of the chattel peoples, a method of transforming ethnically and culturally identified humans into manageable economic ciphers.

Moving beyond old style tribal-ethnic empires, the first to rise was the Persian Empire, under a King of Kings, a crude tributary conglomeration enabled by a monotheistic faith and orthodox clergy among the ruling tribe. Alexander’s attempt to usurp this construct and expand it faltered due to his desire to form what we would think of today as a global society under one divine king, utilizing the rudimentary state of the Persians and his ethnically identified Macedonians to man it, which caused immediate balkanization. In the end, the ethnic qualities of his men, which made them such formidable warriors rendered them worse than useless in the matter of culturally assimilating as management functionaries of what was the most modern idea of the ancient world, one divine state on earth.

The Roman Republic, and later the Roman Empire, both practiced material assimilation and cultural negation, adopting the useful tools and methods of a conquered people and then either enslaving or adopting the population into the expanding Roman culture. The Romans were the Ancient “Borg.” Rome failed on the fringes where it did not have the means to negate barbarian cultures and found it necessary to use these ethnic polities as client states and nomadic pawns, putting too many volatile layers in motion at the same time and losing control. It was this evil system that early Christianity formed in opposition to.

Eventually the erosion of Roman ideals placed the Roman Catholic Church in an even more internationalist power position than Rome and permitted the management of princes, kings and even emperors by its agents. This international theocracy would eventually falter in the face of ethnic and cultural identity-based kingdoms, with its accretion style transformation from a Hellenized Hebrew heresy into an edifice supporting scholarship, veiled ancestor worship, the Chosen People Complex, all wedded together on the extra-national Roman model, setting up the Church for the Schism and the Reformation, at which point the protestant and Catholic branches were used to support different styles of global hegemony, with Catholic syncretism well-suited for export to sacrifice-based agrarian societies in Latin America and the protestant genius for cultural negation wedding almost seamlessly to the necessary merchant ethos implicit in the means of exploration and immigration, resulting in the most Roman slave system since late antiquity molding a perfectly warped commercial consciousness in English North America, with the ultimate fruition being the Manhattan-Washington-Hollywood axis for global cultural negation and the suicide cult of ever-expanding consumption.

Under the God of Things by James LaFond

(c) 2017 James LaFond

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Crackpot Podcast Debut: The Oppressor, the Afflictor, the Exploiter

Dear readers, the time has come for you to become listeners!  James and I have put together this podcast for your enjoyment.  Please let us know what you think and what topics you'd like us to cover in the future.

Protoattic loutrophoros, by the Analatos Painter (?) c. 680 B.C. at the Louvre. Marie-Lan Nguyen/Wikimedia Commons.

The Oppressor, the Afflictor, the Exploiter, James LaFond Crackpot Podcast Episode 1, Part 1 on YouTube:

Show notes:

James, or Mr. Jimmy?
WWII, Greatest Generation
The importance of mate choice for a literary career
James the Oppressor

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The Artifice of Fatherhood

James, recently you recounted your experiences of being targeted for aggression based on your female company in Amping up the Race Hate. You state there, as you have before, that were it not for "the artifice of being a father," you would be making headlines as an example of the need for knife and stick control, to stop heterosexual white men from murdering innocent youths (I am paraphrasing).

James, I think you are not being quite fair to yourself here, in light of your role as a father, and the importance of the father in the family and in society. This recalls our discussion on matriarchy and patriarchy, because what most alt-right people mean by patriarchy is a society where paternal investment in their offspring is high. By and large, you don't get high investment from men without ensuring paternal certainty, and this is where oppression of women comes into the picture (don't shoot me, I am just the messenger).

Fatherhood is not an artifice, in fact, it might be the essence of humanity. First, in the basic Darwinian sense, if you don't have descendants, you may as well have never existed. Second, and more importantly, paternal investment in young is rather rare in the natural world and varies greatly among human societies. Long story short, more paternal investment is better.

James, our families are the first line of defense against alienation. Your sons stand between you and the world burnt to a cinder, but they also stand between you and a totally unmoored and atomized existence, short though it may be. Thank them for me.


Lynn, in the strictest sense I believe father hood is artifice, social artifice. In this materialistic world where art and artifice have been turned into baubles, masks, lies, moral straightjackets, etc., we may think of artifice as bad, as it so often is, but fatherhood, and the entire suite of psychological disciplines that make up successful human societies are social adaptations to a very primal fact.

When we become adults we have two opposite experiences: A woman is transformed into a life giver.

What does a boy transform into?

The boy becomes a lethal version of his former self, a person typically possessing the ability to take life in a way previously barred to him. A typical man, or vigorous youth, has the ability to kill, children, women and the elderly with his bare hands.

This is an event of potentially catastrophic outcome for the tribe. If these youth are not taken away from the vulnerable portion of the population and indoctrinated into a moral order then humanity gets what civilization has given it, a social substrata of savage, feral youth who have emerged in the absence of the fathering process and the process of masculine tribal societies, which have been replaced by naked proxy force, replaced by the police state, which teaches its own brutal lesson.

Fatherhood, manhood, warriorhood, these are all socially generated artifice. Manhood is much less instinctual than womanhood and more sensitive to materialistic artifice. Such mechanisms as states supersede fatherhood--often with mothering constructs [alternative artifice]--and cast male youth into a savage incubator of feral minds, incapable of surviving in a traditional natural band, in a traditional tribal context or in highly evolved masculine societies who were once the core of social stability for both tribes and nation states. However, once the nation uncoupled from the state, masculine societies had to be jettisoned, for they would produce an organic--superior--social artifice in the form of manhood, rather than an employee, a debtor or a voter.

(c) 2017 James LaFond & Lynn Lockhart

The Consultant by James LaFond

Bart Davidson is a secret curmudgeon, a college professor of a politically correct age who must put aside his academic standards and cultural sensibilities to appease the lowest common denominator. When that denominator divides Bart from his body, he embarks upon an odyssey of haunting self- discovery. Bart’s brain is preserved in the interest of science, along with two others, so that scientists of some more capable future might develop the means of reviving them, and at least recover their information. The Consultant is the weirdly allegorical tale of three damaged brains and the desperate people who seek to open a hopeful dialogue with the victims and last survivors of a rapidly degenerating society.

Available in paperback.

Reverent Chandler by James LaFond

Special note: Reverent Chandler is the book that hooked your humble intern, Lynn Lockhart.

The last warband of the Nord Clans has descended the Mud River for the Final Cull. But they alone gather at the Place Reverent. The Sark Clans have failed to glide downriver from the rocky west. The Cumber Clans have not come stalking out of the forested east. Only the enemy, foul, arrogant and teeming, have arrived at the Place Reverent, leaving not a man, woman or child alive. Only Reverent Chandler survives, maimed and staked by the Papas, the last seer of the Nords south of Broodhome, to where he must be conveyed in haste to speak with Reverent Arbor, last of his pondering line. As winter falls, and the remorseless ice-choked current bedevils them, the last warriors of their kind must ascend the accursed river of their foes, one final time, where once, in the time of their fathers, the first warriors of their kind had descended in triumph.

Available in paperback and Kindle edition.

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Riding the Nightmare by James LaFond

Luther receives a mysterious text on his phone, and his life begins unraveling. Can he halt his own spontaneous devolution? Ben has a good job, a great boss, and an even better wife. Then he cracks open a fortune cookie which contains a chilling message.

Wake From Your Dream Place

The Devolution of Luther Watts (Novelette)

A teacher receives a mysterious text on his phone, and his life begins unraveling. Can he halt his own spontaneous devolution?

If It Seems Fates Are Against You

The Doom of Benjamin Long (Short story)

Ben has a good job, a great boss, and an even better wife. Then he cracks open a fortune cookie which contains a chilling message.

Available in PDF from the James LaFond site store.

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God of War by James LaFond

The Deconstruction of Yule Alpha 7
He is a purpose-built time-jumper; a genetic reclamation asset created to kill primitive men, impregnate viable women, and abduct the most valuable children. Despite his origins he possesses human feelings, has absorbed certain ethics from those he had been designed to hunt, and has suffered a critical malfunction…

Yule Alpha 7 is a product of Mothercorp cast into the past a mere four years ago. After decades of cultural immersion with the target population he was designed to cull, his operational protocols have faltered. He has only a vague notion of his origins, but has none-the-less returned to his root timeframe intent on avenging himself against his own collective parent for the crime of having created him.

God of War takes place in the World of Organa—a one-way trip into a 24th Century corporate Valhalla as seen through the eyes of a genetically engineered person failing to come to terms with his origins. This brutal story postulates a scientific origin for at least one pagan god, and explores the question of military genetics, through the eyes of a conflicted man-hunter. Yule Alpha 7 is both doomed and damned, and has no higher aim than exacting a price from his evil creators.

Warning: extreme violence, brutality, and sexual situations

Available in PDF from the James LaFond site store.

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Soter's Way by James LaFond

Archie Jones is the best janitorial engineer on Planet Earth. But could there be more to life than occupational perfection?

Archie Jones has a good life. His boss, the benevolent Mister Flynn, thinks so highly of him that there has been talk among his coworkers of Archie being entered in the inaugural running of the Janitorial Olympics. Not only does Archie have the best job imaginable he lives in the four-story house left by his dear departed parents, which he shares with five fastidious roommates. However, there is something troubling about the man who lives in the attic. When his other roommates find themselves in danger, it ultimately falls to Archie to seek the aid of the mysterious man who has never left his room.

Available at the James LaFond site store and in the anthology, Rise.

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Equidistant Drowning Babies by James LaFond

What is it like to be hated, feared and hunted by your fellow citizens?

What is it like to be a working class white pedestrian in the most violent majority black city in America?

What is the answer to Whigger LeBron’s parable of the Equidistant Drowning Babies?

The answers to these and other questions concerning the life of the endangered Urban White Ape are answered within by crackpot indie author and virulent race traitor, James LaFond.

Available in paperback and Kindle edition at Amazon.

Welcome to Harm City, White Boy by James LaFond

A collection of 48 essays and articles on being white in the famously violent majority-black city of Baltimore, Maryland, written from June through November of 2015, including:

-Unapologetically White
-Entitlement Based Aggression
-‘Shorty, Short’
-White Guilt Delusion

With honest, insightful comments from real men around the world who are fed up with what it has become.

Available in paperback and Kindle edition at Amazon.

By This Axe! by James LaFond

This myopic adventure blends military science-fiction and mythic fantasy as Yule First Warrior of the Eternal Hall and God of War over Men is cast down from Heaven to wander 21st Century America in a brutal quest for a much coveted head that remains maddeningly attached to the body of a meddlesome prophet.

Parental Warning: Explicit sexual situations, extreme violence and brutality.

Available from the online store.

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A Captive Woman's Gall


A little while back, you linked to Kevin Michael Grace's interview of a fellow with the handle "Jay Fivekiller." From listening to the interview, one can gather that J-5 is something of a neighbor of mine, in the San Francisco metro area. You included the following comment, which has caused me to stew since then, since I am also guilty of using a pseudonym:

"Like it or not, Jay Fivekiller and other anonymous Alt-Righters do not value their opinion as highly as whatever money they are making. "

This is particularly galling for me, because I don't even make any money, and I hardly express any opinions here, I mostly just ask you questions!

Then recently, ten once-and-future privileged oppressors had their admissions to Harvard rescinded for posting inappropriate memes in what they thought was a private facebook page. This quote had me rolling around laughing:

"Harvard does not comment on individual applicants’ admission statuses, but incoming students are explicitly told upon receiving an offer that behavior that brings into question their moral character can jeopardize their admission."

There are many other examples, notably Brendan Eich, who created a major software language, was fired from his post as CEO of Mozilla when it was leaked that he donated to support traditional marriage.

James, the persecution is real, and many of us in the bourgeoisie are barely hanging on, even with six figure salaries. It takes a lot of courage to write under your own name, as you do, and it is no small thing to structure your life in such a way that neither your livelihood nor your loved ones can be taken hostage.


Lynn, my statement as to the men who write under pen names stands, they care more about remaining in the bosom of their beloved and wrathful God of Things than they do about their convictions, ideals--their souls.

However, you are not a man, but a woman, so you get a pass.

The use of the pen name to protect women in the male-dominated realm of the published word is at least as old as Mary Shelly and her Modern Prometheus. I suspect, though that females assuming a protective identity [for instance Einstein not having done his own work, but depending on his wife] goes as far back as The Odyssey, which is attributed to Homer, but which I and other readers suspect might have been composed by a woman, perhaps his daughter.

Marriage, for instance, has often cloaked a woman's identity in the protection of her husband's identity. When I moved to Baltimore and interviewed for a supermarket job, the person who hired me, Miss Betty, broke a long-standing agreement with her husband, that they hired their own gender only. He was quite offended that she hired me and gave me a hard way to go. She, however, reminded him that, "this is my business Leonard--you're the picture on the box, I'm the cereal." Mister Len was strictly relegated to handling the money and being the male face of the business while his wife ran the show.

This is just one example.

Another exemption from my scathing critique is the family man, like Ishmael, Shayne, Mescaline, and so many others who have vulnerable family who are in business, or raising small children, who need to be sheltered from the social war by people who take the pre-doxed stance that I, Jack Donovan, Greg Johnson, and other people who write and publish under their own name, do.

This is how men behave tribally. Certain men will paint the bulls-eye on themselves and carry on the discourse, suffer the alienation, etc., while their supporters secretly agree, slip them resources, and bide their time while they try to raise children who will not become sucked into the vortex of evil. This is--tribally speaking--a shamanic role, placing ones self outside the social construct and off the hierarchical path, in order to be able to express a dissenting view. Unknown to many, people in power, even those who pursue evil, value this function as a progress marker and don't seek to wipe out a dissenter who is not on the hierarchical-economic track.

I have been told by many readers that they support me because I speak for them where they would be destroyed or put out of work for expressing an honest opinion.

My slave girl won't even let her children know my last name for fear she would be ostracized for associating with such a fiend as I.

My older son is a mechanic, in a trade, and immune to his association with me.

My younger son has long wanted to be a CEO or CFO of a large company. We decided that he should begin writing grant letters for college claiming poverty by insanity, as his father had quit a management job to become a science-fiction novelist. He started his public separation from my opinion at age 18. He even discusses me with his coworkers, who seem to regard me as some sort of Neanderthal ho-macking, demi-god. Basically, even in a corporate environment he has been honest with his associates and the men above him in stating that, "my dad is essentially crazy, still fights young jocks, takes the bus in Baltimore city, grosses less annually than I pay in taxes in the first quarter, but is a lot of fun and can kick just about all my friends' asses... I have absolutely no desire to be like him, but he's a great guy to have around and gives me great advice on soft skills that he learned managing a workplace full of ex-convicts."

So, Lynn, for people like Jayfivekiller, Paul Kersey, Zman and the various authors I used to follow at Return of Kings and Eradic, who write under pen names, I suspect, that when the rubber hits the road, they will fold and denounce themselves and their fellows, because this society has effectively emasculated them in the crucible of comfort that is Modernity. This is the normal state for a woman, who must denounce her man to save her children.

An example comes from a Tennessee settlement in the 1700s, which was under siege by a superior Indian force. The wives of the few remaining men told their husbands to leave. If the men stayed and fought the outcome would be the same, they would become Indian wives and their children would be raised as Indians. they wanted to be spared seeing their husbands killed and did hold out hope that their husbands might eventually mount a raid to get them back or even raise a ransom. They were confident that the largely white Indians would treat them and their children well and knew that there would be a horrible end for their men. Women have had to function like this through all of our formative ages and it is ingrained. Continue to protect yourself, Lynn, it is what a woman living under enemy occupation or in captivity does.

Thanks for expressing your gall, Lynn.


P.S. People in my position who have stepped beyond the pale, do not wish to see our supporters targeted. I would rather be attacked by antifa faggots than have one of my readers doxed.

(c) 2017 James LaFond & Lynn Lockhart

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Alienation Nation, Q&A with Author James LaFond

Alienation Nation is a Harm City book, published in November 2014, prior to the Freddie Gray riots and purge, painting a "before" picture of Baltimore that is bleak yet instructive. James offers a philosophy to aid his fellow seekers in staying off the radar of the Machine that owns us all.

LL: James, this is the first complete Harm City book I have read, though I think I have read everything you have published from the riots forward. I think this book makes clear the advanced state of the dehumanization of interpersonal behavior in even pre-purge Baltimore. Now, more than two years later, has there been any recovery?

JL: The Purge is still on. As far as I can tell there is only a tiny cadre of BLM advisors in Baltimore, but black men in bands of 3-5 continue to cruise out of West Baltimore, hunting whites on foot by night, resulting in a very barren nightscape, except for the weird and the insane.
This past Saturday night I walked by the closed pizzeria at Eastern Boulevard and Hawthorne Road in Middle River, and between two small cars, saw a small, thin, white woman in her early 20s performing oral sex on two older black teens as they stood with their backs to the cars. I did not want to see this, but before I could avert my eyes they all gave me hostile looks before she went back to it.

The situation in Baltimore City and Baltimore County has continued to deteriorate, with more black on white and black on black killings and mob attacks, fewer police, slower police responses and almost all violent crime being re-characterized as non-violent or less-violent in police and news reports or not being reported at all. Fewer victims report crimes causing a cascade of silence. There is now no relationship between reported aggression and actual aggression in Baltimore City and County, other than in the category of homicide.

LL: Early in the book, you set out part of the philosophy that you develop in this book: "1. No decent man seeks power over his fellows... I believe that every politician is evil, that every law officer is therefore the servant of evil...," you also criticize the War on Drugs. You come dangerously close to libertarianism here. I think this material would do a lot of Libertarians a lot of good. Have you considered sending review copies to the autists at Reason?

JL: The autists! I don’t have any time to do promotional emails let alone mailings. But you may do so if you wish—or any of the six other people who have purchased the book.
Libertarianism is a state of moral delusion that believes in no-violence, that violence, or aggression is evil. However, as a realist, I understand that aggression is a tool which can be used for good or evil. Let me be clear that if I am attacked by a knife wielding man tonight, I would not characterize this as evil, for he is assuming risk and will be disemboweled in any case. However, the politician who gets elected is doing so in order to send police after me to make me comply with his will. He is evil for he takes no physical risk. The cop is evil for he takes no moral risk. The black men who seek to murder me and other whites as an expression of their racial hatred are not evil, but are merely pawns without agency, like the guns of the police. Those back thugs serve the same masters as the blue-uniformed police terrorists, the two pincers of the jaws of the Beast.

LL: James, the title of this book tells us the theme, alienation, and it is a painful one. The bystanders and witnesses here tend towards victim blaming, but you reject that, even as you have devised a behavior pattern for yourself that has kept you out of the victim column. I found this book a bit of a slower read than others of yours, because of the way you portray the victims with such pathos. Does honoring the victims through your writing help you stay sane?

JL: I have re-imagined myself as a target. I am a legitimate target for aggression to any person or persons able to do me in. When I walk out the front door down stairs I become a defensive combatant in the war to eradicate humanity waged by thugs and cops.

As far as maintaining my sanity goes, it is more selfish than that. I write to maintain my sanity or peace of mind. The victims are nothing but my material, rendering them in human terms is my art—I am arranging maimed souls like some heathen herald stacking skulls for the khan’s viewing pleasure.

LL: Throughout your Harm City writing, you offer the sound legal advice that when you are attacked by a group and mount an effective defense, any attacker who escapes injury will turn into an innocent witness against you. How did you come by this knowledge, I don't know of anyone else who teaches this?

JL: It happened to me in first grade. It happened to me as a man. The entire key to the Soul Eating Construct we call Civilization is to marshal the voices of the myriad soulless meat-puppets to drown out the true expression of the human few. Our legal system is designed for exactly this outcome. American legal doctrine is based on the evil precepts of English and Roman law, two entirely slave-based societies. I would expect nothing else.

The fact is, we live within the deviously woven fabric of a vast lie of unsavory depth. Those who are most wedded to the lie are politicians, police and the black criminal slaves of the Mammy State. All of these types will lie as a first reflex in any stressful situation. Therefore, by defending yourself against a group according to the karate douche bag method of KOing the biggest one and letting the rest learn from his fate, you are placing yourself over an injured body, for which only your word [worse than useless, as it is an aspect of the truth and is therefore easily twisted in the hands of The Lie] can serve as evidence that he attacked you. You have also placed yourself between two packs of liars, the thugs and the pigs, who will all lie on reflex just to make their day easy. This shall all occur in the Realm of the Lie [America] and be adjudicated in the Temple of the Lie [Court.]

Good luck, Captain Karate.

LL: You include here a list of the most common categories of aggressors and their effectiveness. The last one you describe is the "car-mobile, cell-phone informed, group of three to four black men in their twenties, usually unarmed." How has this group changed since the Purge?

JL: This group was rare in 2014 and is not the second most common type in the city and the most common type in the suburbs, and is more likely to number 4 aggressors than 3, which is a real break from traditional patterns of aggression.

LL: Your description of the teenagers who stake out the ATM by the church reads like something out of Buffalo Bill's Wild West scouting stories. If Harm City went fully Wild West, as it did briefly during the Purge, how long would it take for a new order to be established?

JL: As soon as knuckleheads like Big Ron and I caved in a few sacred martyr skulls, the National Guard and military contractors [which I encountered at the outset of the Purge] would be sent in to protect black aggressors from white defenders.

The best case scenario is total social collapse due to natural disaster dollar implosion, EMP blast, etc. In which case, the criminals would quickly be driven from the streets by the tens of thousands of able-bodied men who are currently prevented from defending their body, their family, their property and their community from the government-sponsored thugs, who number in their mere high 100s. This happens every time there is a snow storm and the thugs know that the police will not show in time to rescue them from the men, so stay in doors with their mommy.

For instance, those five kids elected not to attack me even after I flashed my cash and walked into a dark street mouth. In a lawless situation I could take a sword or hammer or stick and wipe them out. The hardest part would be acting like I was sick and hurt so that I could get them to corner themselves in the alley behind the Church. This could be solved by recruiting Mescaline and Ron or like minded souls and breaking all their legs.

LL: You tell the story of Daryl and his pizza, and he closes the interaction by inviting you to stop by his house sometime to say hi. This struck me as a small bit of resistance against the alienation. Is he still your neighbor, do you say hi?

JL: They took him out of the halfway house on a stretcher with a sheet over his head about six months later. I had waved hello a few times as I walked by. He had given up on leaving the house. That house coughs up a body twice a year. I have declined to befriend the old fellows who have moved in since, simply wave and say hello.

LL: When you cover predation and the four priorities that attackers follow, you close with the comment that you have never found a children's book describing this. I have thought about suggesting you write a children's book, have you ever considered it?

JL: Jack and Jill went up into Cherry Hill to score some pills… I am writing Why Grownups Suck. I’ll put a self defense section in there as well as methods for killing abusive parents in their sleep.

LL: We get some Ghetto Grocer action in this book, as well as some Snowpocalypse stories, and learn more about your friend Oliver. There is a story that hinges on the old single-date welfare distribution scheme. What impact has the staggered welfare distribution dates had on Harm City?

JL: This has spread crime out evenly across the month, has helped supermarkets staff more effectively, but has also sent criminals in their doors looking to steal in a constant stream as opposed to bottle necking at the end of the month. The reason for spreading the befits across the month is to make future unrest less likely and less intense, which will work until there are NO benefits, then the bag of hoodrats will burst open and Hell will be in seething session.

LL: James, there is much more here, a description of the self regulating mechanisms of black neighborhoods in the middle of the last century, an insightful graduation address, Craig's story (I shed a few tears) and some closing advice on how we might all create a little sanctuary of crackpottery in our lives. The topic of alienation is important to the series on suicides which you have recently started. You cover this concept so well, I think, because you walk the line of purposely alienating yourself for survival, but maintaining that connection with others that serves your writing. Thanks for doing it, James, I know it can't be easy.

(c) 2017 James LaFond & Lynn Lockhart

The Boned Zone by James LaFond

A Guide to Living in Dangerous Urban Areas, Including the memoirs and essays:

Ron Bone in the Hood
Ron Bone and the Man
Who is Boning Who?
To Neglect and Disturb
Hos in the Hood

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If I Were King by James LaFond

If I Were King: This Guy Would Handle the Details

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Den of the Ender by James LaFond

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