Tuesday, July 16, 2019

This is America - Crackpot Podcast 58

Hello friends!  I am so happy to be podcasting more regularly these days.  James and I had a video link during the call for the first time in months, so the energy is high!

The Crackpot Podcast features James LaFond, the foremost prophet of our time, and Lynn Lockhart, a housewife without enough facebook friends to sell hair care products online.

We have just added a BitChute Channel and will be posting all new episodes there, eventually adding back episodes as well.




0:04:00  Eye patch
0:07:50  Newspaper headlines
0:25:50  Myth of the 20th Century, James O'Keefe
0:30:50  Peanut butter interlude, Emma
0:33:20  Salt Lake City crime wave, segregation
0:42:40  Portland, antifa
0:50:00  The State hates you
0:58:30  How to place yourself in the hierarchy, the State hates you, again
1:12:50  When James hid in the freezer

(c) 2019 Lynn Lockhart

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Lockhart's Top LaFonds Volume 80

Weekend links for you!!!

A Harm City update, from a POC (Policeman of Color)???  James still the best local reporter in the game.

James hits on exactly what struck me about this video.  It's not entirely unlike managing small children, when they fail to obey simple commands relating to their own safety, but if I were yelling like that, I would know that I was emotionally tapped and switch gears, take a walk, put on a book on tape, try something, anything different. 

Did she even try putting it into reverse?

The muse of Greek poetry has really gotten hold of James.

America does have a mythology, and James LaFond is worthy heir to Howard, building up our mythology and filling in the gaps of our history and far into the deeper ancient past.

Thanks to a new friend for this very kind review!

ZOG, ZOG, Potato, Potato.

Perhaps one of ZOG's greatest accomplishments has been convincing people that debt is good.

I wish I had good advice to give single people but women and men should both realize that life for women is best among men of the right.

I look forward to speaking with Lloyd, there is surely much to learn from his experience in South Africa, the Middle East and Europe, many things he can say that we oughtn't.

Another interesting book review from Big Tony's library.

Shadow & Claw continues... This post provides some context within the larger series.

Monday, July 8, 2019

Boxing Catholics

Final Thoughts Regarding Sam vs the Council of Trent, Part 1Part 2Part 3, Part 4

I found primary sources reference to Constantine enjoying the view of a boxing match in my initial reading for The Broken Dance back in 1998. The early Church had worldly and ascetic aspects and there was a real dilemma in the separation from institutional paganism which had many specific masculine rites as part of the faithful religious man’s life journey. On one hand the Church had the warrior kings like Constantine, who wanted to see old-fashioned boxing matches with only leather hand-straps, without the gauntlet, and on the other the intellectuals, who were, well, not real men by most measures of manhood across the span of our race.

The Church also inherited the civic burden of the empire as available manpower shortages called for internal masculine rituals like sports to be replaced by external adventurism among the small landholding class, with equestrian sports overtaking combat sports as a method for preparing for the new kind of horse warfare initiated by the introduction of the stirrup. At the very same time Church leaders are persecuting combat athletes—primarily via the closing of sacred venues and training centers—so there was no surprise that the tradition of the duel, recounted from the days of the Iliad and the Old Testament, the practice of lethal settlements of honor, came to replace the Hellenic ideal of civic, sub-lethal combat rites for building honor among men. So, the Church, having thrown the Homeric in-group combat ideals of wrestling and boxing out with the pagan bathwater, was then stuck with the Germanic disagreement to the death we now know as the duel.

The Church would eventually overtake the dueling brought in with horse warfare and the reduction of pagan honor cults, with some Church fathers trying in spots to resurrect the tradition of ancient boxing to limit the plague of dueling. A Father Bartholomew in the early to mid-1200s in northern Italy [Lombardi or Venice] encourage boxing of the kind in the Iliad as a way of extinguishing the lethal duel among citizens. So, all along there is a masculine counter-current within the church, up until at least the early 1900s, which has finally given way. In 1727, a fighter of this northern Italian boxing tradition, Tito de Carini, came to London to try his fists on the prize stage and was beaten by one of James Figg’s sparring partners. Tito was, no doubt, a Catholic.

We must understand, as we see classical pagan athletics, in the form of boxing, resurrected by Catholics and Anglicans alike to help suppress dueling, that come the late 1800s, when our secular world finally took form, that the forces of Christian Civilization, which was beginning to teeter under its own weight, had still not entirely eradicated the Universal Heathen Duel of Honor, and that classic pagan athletics were making a mighty strong come back with gloved boxing in 1892 and the first modern Olympiad in 1908, I think. The only part of classic civic paganism that outlasted Christian Civilization was prizefighting, resurrected on the very deathbed of its oppressor and that the last lethal duel was fought after Christian Civilization died in 1919. I think that Christian Resurrectionists people trying to bring back the high point of our grandfather’s recently deceased civilization, would be best served not to pursue the eradication of those two human pageants that outlasted Christianity as the primary civic force in civilizing men, boxing and the duel.

(c) 2019 James LaFond

Saturday, July 6, 2019

Lockhart's Top LaFonds Volume 79

So much good stuff this week, thank you James!

I love the peek into a writer's mind I get from reading James's impressions of Wolfe.  I love this peek into a meeting of warriors.

There is a rich history of Europeans interacting with Native Americans, learn about kidnappings and runaways.

What do you do and what do you believe?  Uncle Sam wants to know.

Will be discussing events in Portland on the podcast for sure, here is James blaming women's suffrage for a guy getting a crowbar to the head.  Likewise, we need to recognize, and talk about, the fact that the State hates you, it loves antifa and it loves melanated criminals.

The story of African slavery is primarily an Arab-Muslim story, however, they managed to destroy most of the evidence.

A letter to the Khan, and such a genteel response.  A letter from a lonesome man, a more pointed response.

Gene Wolfe predicted YouTube drag makeup artists.

Does this mean Kamala deserves to be President?

(c) 2019 Lynn Lockhart

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

An Unmade Bed

An Electrician Tells of his Trade and his Housekeeping

Okay, the top anchor is pulled away. That’s an electrician’s job. The brackets have pulled away from the top. They drill into the mortar instead of the brick because it’s easier and it gives way. I could go down into the city to those row houses and every other one would look like this. This is a dual line, you and your neighbor share this line and it’s perfectly safe right now. I used to fix these by myself all the time but this is a deck, and to use a ladder on a deck or to get onto a sub roof like that house five doors down, is considered hazardous and one man is not allowed to do it. It’s against the law for me to have you hold the ladder. You see the neutral? That’s the bare wire without the insulation. That is intact. If that goes you will get fluctuation and it will burn up your appliances inside the house. I’ll write this up as a non-emergency and you’ll get two guys out here in two or three days. They will knock on the door and try and make contact but if they don’t they’ll just go around and take care of it. They might put you out and you might have to reset your clocks.

Look, down the street. There are more of these. But this homeowner he’s anal—OCD like me. I was a lineman for eight years and a trouble shooter for thirty-two. I’ve got my forty in and I’m out next year. I was married to a woman for thirty years who took three baths a day. The only thing good that came out of that relationship was my thirty-seven-year-old daughter who has a doctorate in applied psychology. So I know what I am—I’m OCD. I have to make the bed. I cannot leave an unmade bed. I’ll be late for work and still have to make the bed. The bath and shower, clean it every day, every time I use it. The guys I work with they know this, so they move my pens around in the truck. They’ve taken dead mice and put them under the seat so that the heat will bring up the smell and get me cleaning the truck like a madman.

I work in a man’s world and that’s what men do. There are no women out here though I hear some are in training to be linemen. Some women have tried it but they never last on the streets. They think they can do it but they can’t. None of them can climb the poles. We use pole hooks. Those bars are for Verizon employees. I used to teach climbing. The women always quit. It’s a man’s job—for now. They’ find some way to downgrade it maybe so that women can do it.

Those are forty foot poles. Anything with a transformer on it has to be forty feet. You see those four bells on the cross piece. Each one of those wires carries seven-thousand-?-? volts into that transformer so that transformer is handling thirty-thousand volts and buffering it down to house power. Poles start at forty feet and go up five feet at a time until they break into ten feet jumps from seventy-five, to eighty-five to ninety-five. We have poles taller than seventy-five down in Elicot City. Places like Portland, Oregon might have a lot of taller poles. That pole there is a nice thick five-grade. There are eight grades. A one is a skinny little thing. An eight is something you can barely climb it’s so wide. You see how the vines find purchase in the hook marks left from us climbing the pole? Those poles go through hell. That forty-foot pole has six feet in the ground. The ninety-five foot pole has 12 feet in the ground.

I go out to Towson after this to a thirty-thousand-volt call. That’s an emergency. You see that transformer over there with the black casement and vents? That’s for cooling, venting the heat. You see that tight line, how everybody thinks the line should be, straight? That’s bad. Birds sit on these, winds whip them and that tight line is pulling on the old mortar in these brick walls. Yours has a nice belly in it. We’ll pull it up just a little. Everybody says we should put all these wires underground. You realize how much that costs—costs you and me? That’s why BG&E is selling this off—the distribution end. This is where the maintenance costs are, where the work is and underground maintenance is always the deepest work—it costs. We got bought by this outfit from Illinois. BG&E is holding onto the supply side. There is a big facility up in Northern Baltimore County where they just sent me to check on their candle. A candle looks like a light pole made of heavy gauge aluminum and this computer cranks this big breaker and they had no indication that the power arc occurred so they sent me to observe this five foot blue arc when they cranked that breaker.

I’ve got a year to go and I’m out. I have a coworker who has bladder problems, is pissing himself on the pole at sixty-eight and he’s still working his life away. For me, just being me is work. I’ve got to have everything cleaned, everything in the sink stainless steel, can’t abide an unmade bed. Knowing what I am is an advantage out here. Good luck to you.

(c) 2019 James LaFond

Monday, July 1, 2019

WAR is my God - Crackpot Podcast 057

Hello friends,  I hope you are ready for another episode of the Crackpot Podcast!  In this episode, we bring you misogyny, Civil War II, incredulity, laughter, but no tears (sorry, will try harder next time!).

The Crackpot Podcast features James LaFond, the most prolific living writer, and Lynn Lockhart, his stalker.

Many thanks to Citizen Noise Exchange for the new music.  Check out their soundcloud:



0:02:00  KMG interview
0:03:00  The Greatest Ever Lie Sold, review from Charles Steiner
0:07:15  Boy used a machete
0:10:30  Katie McHugh
0:17:05  Role for women on the right, human nature on the left vs. the right
0:28:00  Gun thots, advice to women
0:35:10  Civil War II, Uncivil War Warning Shot
0:50:50  Civil War inside the government
1:01:45  South American blackout

(c) 2019 Lynn Lockhart

Saturday, June 29, 2019

Lockhart's Top LaFonds Volume 78

Here is a batch of links for my friends:

In these three pieces, James has distilled the nature of violence and its trajectory.  You will not find another writer who has the deep understanding of human aggression.  Most Americans today can't even recognize open attacks on themselves.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Why are there no questions about the last time you saw your illegitimate children?

The Civil War has so many factions, it's hard to keep track.  SJW police, ex-mil police, rainbow people, cop killing innocents, etc., etc.

Even a seeming lack of luck -- no big break, yet no great calamities, is a type of luck.  Learn more about Crackpot Cosmology and don't forget to follow the Taboo You Faceberg page for more interesting comments and nice pictures (Frazetta girls).

I completely understand where Red is coming from, but the basic conservative impulse--"You leave me alone and I'll leave you alone," is a disastrous strategy when the other side has control of your children and absolutely no intention of leaving you alone.

The Baltimore Sun has some great reporters, but the purpose of the paper is not to inform the local residents of local news.

It seems Wolfe employs ancient literary devices to good effect.  And a movie review, to help you select your weekend entertainment, The Last Hard Men.

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Lockhart's Top LaFonds Volume 77

Step-by-step sword-fighting instructions for boys and girls!

Here's your second installment of that Ghetto-Greek goodness.

Uber Joe has many sage observations.

The more you learn about slavery, the more you see it everywhere!  My idea for reparations: Turn over all universities, including endowments, buildings, all assets and the rights and complete discretion to award college degrees to African Americans, to be administered by a board including: That Nice Guy Coates, Tariq Nasheed, Tommy Sotomayor, Louis Farrakhan and a high ranking Hotep.  Oops, I did not include a woman.

"Client" is a little better than "user."

Younger people are getting radicalized faster and harder every day.

Everyone should practice the art of giving accurate and sincere compliments.

Gays are so oppressed that they can't even have their own annoying lisp language without the straights appropriating it.

(c) 2019 Lynn Lockhart

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Archaeological Soul

More thoughts on Early Christianity, see also, Sam vs the Council of Trent, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

I am so glad you brought us back to the Roman Army of Late Antiquity, the original crusaders of Christendom. A lot of what Catholicism became echoed the old pagan order, so fell afoul of the architects of the New Israel in These Goings Down of the Sun. The idea of Rome, all the way down to the Holy Roman Empire, which was none of those three things, was the bones upon which the flesh of early Christianity was hung, and was an idea that could bring men together to face a common enemy rather than take turns letting the enemy sneak in through the postern gate of Christendom for a bribe, as has happened overwhelmingly in Protestant nations, because Protestantism devolves remorselessly into atheism or reignites as a new crusading flame for but a single generation and then fizzles out and becomes mercantilism again. Catholicism, thin though it may seem in many forms, such as the heavily syncretized and socialistic Latin American versions, is still among the very few faiths that have held strong against Sissydom and the House of Submission.

Where does the modern eye find faith-based resistance to population replacement?

1. Catholic nations
2. Orthodox nations
3. Among the Sikhs
4. Among the Japanese

It is worth noting that the latter two non-Christian faiths, Sikhism and Shintoism are warrior-based cults. Do not forget the Knights of Malta, 600 men who fought 40,000 Janissaries while all of Northern Europe slept, and the Polish and Austrians who drove back the great Turkish hosts from the gates of Vienna while the Protestant rulers of the north and west of Europe refused to protect their coastal populations from Muslim pirates and also refused to ransom back their captured women! Dutch and English sea captains were raiding Iceland, Ireland and England for slave girls in the names of the Sultans of Morocco, Algiers and Tunis, selling them to the Turks for pleasure slaves [the boys and men to be castrated] while 600 crazy Catholics fought to the last stick and stone and 5,000 block-headed Polish horsemen rode to the rescue.

To take the crusading spirit out of Catholicism is to take its soul.
(c) 2019 James LaFond

Monday, June 17, 2019

Lockhart's Top LaFonds Volume 76

I have been away from the laptop for a couple of weeks.  Glad to be home!

The history of PTSD is something that bears more study, from the ancient world to modern weapon technology.  Here is a batch of videos of recent veterans.  I also highly recommend Sam Finlay's Breakfast with the Dirt Cult.

I hope Odin finds some other hobby very soon.

If this were a just world, James would be selling millions of books and dozens of movie rights, instead, he slept on the street, and writes like this, for free.

So many people see a civil war coming, but they envision very different premises and events.  Either way, it's our humanity that is under attack.  I think CWII is already very hot, inside the government, as Juan Stabone here suggests.  An ultra-violent culling period is called for, I agree with James on that.  Will we have to turn to nomadism?

Meanwhile, the globohomo irregulars are still on the ascendant in Baltimore and elsewhere.

Learn about Washington in Pennsylvania. (Thanks, James, for putting my shopping list in this post so I can find it.  Let's keep doing it this way, since I can't remember things you ask for on the phone.)

Ghetto-Greek is the hottest mashup right now.

Listen to the music of Plantation America

The irony of Counter Culture is that it has always been a tool of globohomo.

James made a friend from pale South America.

Boxing commentary: Fat boxers to go along with those pretty fat girls!

Jeremy Bentham's excellent exposition could only be improved by an illustration featuring a gun thot.

Are you following along with Shadow & Claw?  Impressions of Chapter 28, Chapter 29, Chapter 30,

Sample some classic SciFi, courtesy of Tony, Pirates of VenusSleepwalker's World, and Damnation Alley.

Saturday, June 1, 2019

Pretty Fat Girls - Crackpot Podcast 56

Welcome to Episode 56 of the Crackpot Podcast, Pretty Fat Girls!  This episode has highs and lows and laughs.  As I edited it, I recalled that in the Belligerent Confederate States episode, James said he would task me with supervising his seraglio in the post-apocalyptic future where he would be chief warlord of the South.  I scoffed at this offer, but here I am, a year and a half later, providing Sports Illustrated models and presidential candidates for his consideration!

The Crackpot Podcast features James LaFond, a man who could chair any university anthropology department in the anglosphere but who chooses to toil in his genius, almost for free, for YOU!  It also features Lynn Lockhart, whose fate is being curiously worked by unseen forces.



0:03:00  In-real-life meet ups
0:07:36  Pic of Sean, training and legal aspects of weapons
0:11:20  Whereabouts of Stevedore Jackson
0:16:40  John Paul Barber, Pugilists with Pencils, Belligerent Confederate States, Question about DC individuals
0:22:23  Sweden
0:24:27  Baltimore update, opiates
0:33:00  Soph vs the drag kids
0:39:30  James Tiptree Jr., Houston, Houston, Do You Read
0:42:26  Breakfast with the Dirt Cult, Trump
0:46:46  Tulsi Gabbard
0:48:55  Navy report
0:54:40  Why the military has to hate men, hate warriors
0:57:15  Quote from Mr. Lovat, Soldiers and Ghosts, Romans
1:04:47  Why James didn't join the military
1:05:56  Big Ron topics, what you have been waiting for!!!

(c) 2019 Lynn Lockhart

Lockhart's Top LaFonds Volume 75

Hello friends, Here is your summary for the week!

Attention John Paul Barber and other boxing fans: James's prediction for the Malignaggi-Lobov bout.

Are you following along in Shadow & Claw?

I enjoy James's book reviews, and shocked at the pace of his reading.  Here is one for David Star, Space Ranger.

Speaking of book reviews, here is one from a reader of James's recent collaboration with Dr. Jesse James Bowie.

There is a lot of wisdom in this post, everyone should read this and bear this in mind at work, school, with family and friends.  If you are reading this, you must hold at least some dissident views.  Preserve your ability to earn a living and maintain your relationships.  Taking care of one another is more important than convincing loved ones of any particular point of view.

James sure gets a lot done for a dead guy.

Plantation America gets a contribution from the southern continent.

As Sam and James have recently discussed (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) every honorable man knows that the duel is an essential institution

Please join us as James unravels the threads of the unfree laborers, of African, European, mixed and other heritage, and how their stories have been shaped.  This week, we learn about the importance of literacy

When James quit his wage slave gig, he started submitting timecards and word counts to me (slave habits die hard).  If you've noted his output has slowed a bit, here is your explanation

Baltimore's only redeeming quality is that it honed James LaFond as a writer.

Learn first hand what amateur fighting is like in the current year.

(c) 2019 Lynn Lockhart

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Fur Baby

Codicil to the Last Will & Testament to Riley of the Mountain Redoubt

In my dotage, an engine and fan strapped to my back misting herbicide into Spring’s weeds, I stop and give Jet the dog a fresh chicken egg cracked in her bowl. She inhales it all but for a few shell shards, being young and still learning. An experienced country dog would have downed it complete, a dog’s gut being a sort of on board disintegrator ray.

So why a puppy now as I head into times when reality has transitioned? Politicians buying votes with embracement of your favorite deviancy rather than half pints of wine. Up being down and all, why start out a new puppy and the investment of time, effort? Feedback from the heart is all the response one could ask, and despite the effort spent, worth it. She outlives me? Well, bless her heart. It’s always in the past been another thing, me burying another dog broken-hearted. I’d just as soon miss that. The same things folks say about birthing children in broke down times.

Took her to the first session of obedience school today, me with four ounces of peanut butter and banana treats and a clicker in my pocket. I could have raked four ounces of dried cat turds out of the litter box and done as well, treat-wise. Dogs are, despite their attributes, nasty creatures at heart and will eat anything! They are sensory connoisseurs and rival the French at chowing down on the unthinkable. Only a chump allows a dog to “kiss” them.

Obedience school is for training owners to communicate with their dogs, using dog-shrink tricks to get their way. To reward the good and discourage the bad, like raising a child but with better results. To teach them to trust your judgment more than their own. To be low key, but insistent and fair. To be consistent and strict, but kindly with it all. To swallow anger and keep the frustration buried. It takes self control to control others.

And that is why dogs pay off. They reacquaint one with their humanity, and all that entails when dealing with innocents. Plus, you get the great ears and a walking burglar alarm. All said, I’ve forgotten people but never a single dog.

I checked Islam off my list long ago.


(c) 2019 Riley

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Lockhart's Top LaFonds Volume 74

Hello friends, Happy Memorial Day weekend!

The toughest guys are always the sweetest.

Training with James is a special privilege, if you are interested, get in touch!

This is a question many of us would struggle with.

The girl character is good in this chapter.

I want some deerskin shoes, please.

Communication is the key to understanding between men and women (not really).

Boxing talk with Big Ron.

Interesting to learn about Africans in India, but "Haitian victory" ought to mean "something far worse for the victor than a Pyrrhic victory." 

Heinlein is on my reading list.

American hegemony is incubating the human vectors of it's destruction.

The muse for fiction has once again appeared.

(c) 2019 Lynn Lockhart

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Sam vs. The Council of Trent, Part III

From Sam:


James, those were some rotten priests and they should've been horsewhipped. Do you know whatever happened to them?

As for you religious position on things, suffice to say, there's a lot in there that I'm working through in my own research and other things that I'll push back against. (However, given that we're a Heathen and a Christian, I reckon I should've expected that.) In the interest of keeping this conversation from spiraling out into a book of it's own, I will pass along something of note concerning the early Church and violence that I found the other day for the further exploration of this topic.

While apparently some of the Church Fathers like Tertulian and Origen (who from what it sounds like, leaned outside of the norm of Christian thought at the time, and lived in peaceful parts of the empire) were against violence in all cases and have become the basis for many to support the Pacifist narrative of the past hundred years or so, turns out this was far from unanimous. In addition to the aforementioned scripture, contemporary archaeology and research has found soldiers' gravestones and churches in forts from the 2nd Century, which are among the earliest from the era. The author closes with a line I like that seems to speak to my initial query:

There was no golden age of a pacifist church avoiding the worldly entanglements of politics, only to trade its soul to Constantine for earthly power. Instead, as Peter Leithart observes, “the story of the church and war is ambiguity before Constantine, ambiguity after, and ambiguity right to the present.” The pacifists are reaching back for a mythical past that never existed. There has always been disagreement on the issues of war and the legitimacy of the state, and there likely always will be so long as the world breeds overreaching governments and discontented citizens.

Are you doing any better up there, James?

Y'all take care out there,

From James:

The old priest from our parish passed on.

Our family left the church before that.

The younger priest from my friend’s parish, I just thought he was a sissy and assumed he was a queer and he may not have been. In fact, one of my family members who was my age gave me a very hard time verbally for making an off-hand accusation that he was gay. Honestly, I didn’t trust a non-masculine guy that was so interested in the welfare of boys, particularly without evidence that he was into women. Speaking to three friends older than I am who attended Catholic schools in the former catholic town of Baltimore, the abusers were the nuns, not the priests, and additionally the nuns who beat Big Ron’s mother’s left hand until she learned to write right-handed.

I should note that a Catholic priest, a Navy Chaplain from the 1890s, whose name escapes me, was an ardent promoter of boxing in the U.S. Navy and I certainly think that an older celibate man in a mentoring position over young men should be of this robust type. What a way to lead sailors, right? I suspect that the priest character from the old MASH TV series was based on this man. It is my opinion, and only an opinion, for I have known three exceptionally kind celibate Catholic leaders, that the reason why the church has ended up with so many of these man-boy love scandals is because it has lost the crusading spirit and selects against rugged men mentoring church youth.

The idea of a widower taking a vow of celibacy and working with young men, is probably one of the most profound commitments that a religious community could make to the human condition. But the old medieval ideal of making the second son a celibate priest as a career choice led to the wickedness which required the Reformation and eventually turned into the secular landslide that has gotten us to the feedlot of souls where we are.

(c) 2019 James LaFond

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Energy and Support

Words from the Sage of Combat and Acolytes of the Day

So it Goes not pictured

From James: 

So it Goes and company are great young men to work with.  Please thank them for their energy and support.

From So it Goes:

We met behind an old rec center where the basketball nets had been removed to slow down the inevitable encroachment of, shall we say, a more colorful crowd. After introductions, James and Erique worked us through the basics of unarmed, stick, and knife fighting, punctuated by detailed stories of James's encounters with some of the more aggressive denizens of Baltimore. 

James and Erique gave perceptive feedback as they watched our movements. The group came in with a variety of fitness and fighting backgrounds, and we all walked away more capable than we arrived. My favorite segment was one-on-one knife sparring, where my speed helped me out. It was a great time, and everyone involved is looking forward to more sessions, should James's busy nomadic literary schedule allow it.

I'm glad to hear James liked the group. He told us a lot of great stories, and he taught us a lot. Most of the group is not from the Baltimore area, and I think we all learned that things are even worse than we've heard.

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Lockhart's Top LaFonds Volume 73

Hello everybody!

Peter did not betray Jesus (that was Judas) but denied association with him.  The scene described here also recalls the frozen lake in Dante Alighieri's Inferno.

Learn about Indian forts and Catholics in colonial North America.

You can try to keep up with what's going on in Baltimore, it's an embarrassment of riches.

Where, exactly, does you entertainment come from?

A book review, if LaFond says it's the most important book on the topic in decades, you should give it strong consideration. 

James has answered this question a number of times.  It's a topic that reveals an adaptation to an inhumane system designed to crush and punish our best qualities.  Note that James has coached dozens or hundreds for free or close to it.  Here is more on James's seemingly overly passive approach to violence. 

Speaking of birds, does anyone have any advice on how to make friends with crows?

Danckaerts' journal is turning out to be an excellent source on early colonial life and interaction with Indians

(c) 2019 Lynn Lockhartntertainment come from?

Monday, May 13, 2019

Sam Vs. The Council of Trent II

Bas Ruten, The Exorcist, and the Holy Rollers

From: Samuel Finlay


Thanks for the feedback. I've been chewing on this some more while reading and going through apologetics videos and came across this one by a Dr. Taylor Marshall who is a convert. In it, him and a buddy who are into BJJ challenge the "Is UFC/MMA Immoral" thing which apparently got kicked off a while back by a guy named Fr. Mike: on Why MMA Strips Human Dignity.

In a later episode, Dr. Marshall and his friend focus a lot on the fact that BJJ is "regulated," which I get, but I think side-steps the issue. After all, I've been in whorehouses that were regulated. Likewise, in the comments (which are noteworthy as to the nature of this debate), he makes the point that while Boxing can cause neurological damage due to trauma to the head, BJJ is based on submissions. However, I think that misses the point also: (There's another video where they get into it also, but I'm not finished with it. So far, I think they get warmer here.)

Frankly, I think the ultimate legitimizing factor in all this is honor. Combatants are engaging in violence. Let's not mince words. They are seeking to inflict and endure pain. However, what I think the detractors fail to understand is that there is a meaning to it. Those guys are trying to get to a place - that place where the words don't go - and they can't get there by Frisbee Golf, and they can't get there alone. They need the threat of death, even if it's the merest unspoken shadow of it, and the indisputable, brute fact of pain (whether physical or physiological) that comes from violence. In risking themselves against that, they strive to use the experience to transcend their flesh, rather than be its slave. Their fear is transformed into courage, their exhaustion becomes endurance, their pain becomes glory. Even failure can become a victory (whether as a moral one or in imparting an important lesson), and even bloodlust can find its redemption in temperance and mercy for a fallen foe.

In scanning the comments I saw a lady who rolls in BJJ and sees the merit in it. She mentions Bas Ruten is Catholic and that he wrote an article about it. I can't find it so far, but I did see this one of a guy interviewing him. Like the one by Podles in my last, I think it's worth a read.

Bas comes across as a guy who's genuinely devout and humble, and there's a lot that's encouraging there. Seems like a neat guy to know. One of the things that jumped out at me was he mentions how Fr. Chad Ripperger made an impression on him (which is a conversation I'd have paid money to hear). I came across his stuff while down with a stomach bug about a year ago and was binge-watching YouTube videos to pass the time. Fr. Ripperger is an exorcist, and though his conference on spiritual warfare set the hook, his stuff on Negativity and the Effects of Sin are things I revisit. He's also the first Thomist I could sit through, and seems a bit like a First Sergeant. (That might be why.)

This sort of brings me back around where we started. Jay Dyer, if I recall correctly, posits that the presuppositions of the Scholastics led to Nominalism, then eventually Naturalism, Materialsm, and at last Nihilism. I reckon the Thomists might disagree.

Point being, this seems to follow that trend where the intellectual and spiritual classes get so cloistered that they lose touch with the nature of realm in which they are called to serve and there's a degeneration in their vitality. ("Paging Dr. Howard...Dr. Robert E. Howard...") The Buddhists, I'm told have a concept called "Idiot Compassion," which apparently refers to somebody seeking to do something about the suffering in the world but goes about it in an unskillful way that only results in more suffering. It could be something as simple as that. I don't know. I'm gonna have to think about this some more.

I do know they were wrong on the dueling thing though.

James 6 Pence

Sam, I am not qualified to discuss the philosophical issues here.

I don’t know what Nominalism is, for instance. I avoided philosophy except for Aristotle, Plato, and Sokrates for most of my life, not wanting to take part in the limp-wristed waters of modern philosophy which has always seemed to punt to the sedentary side and away from the athletic side. Keep in mind that Aristotle kept his classes walking around the gym while goons beat each other, trained and competed to take the Olympic crown. The people who invented philosophy could not separate the agony of the contestant from higher thought. The human mind works best within a moving, striving body. It is simply hard to qualify in a laboratory.

That is why military history is so important, while Alexander, Hannibal, Tamerlane, and Bobby Lee are so important to knowing what we are. It is why the most learned men in the ancient world went to sit ringside in their little folding stools to watch the very best athletes in the world match brawn and wits.

Nothing, no sin, no mistake, no doctrine of annihilation can be as damaging to the human spirit as materialism, the dump, the trash heap, the sewer grate were life ends and process takes over.

Back to the top, to the UFC or any prizefight.

These things are good in that they present an arena for human suffering and striving. In what nation was professional boxing outlawed up until the 1980s? Sweden. Where is Sweden? Aren’t there more Muslims than practicing Christians there?

I hate the spectacle of prizefighting which can only get so rancid with boxing, since boxing is so deadly on the face of it, and intolerable to the normal human, and because it has decorum that MMA lacks. In boxing, you may be men from different nations but the rules do not permit you to treat a downed man like he is an enemy, but a brother, and you must let him get up and signal that he wishes to continue, where MMA permits you to stand over him and rain blows.

This is physically healthier for the MMA fighter, who will be stopped outright where the boxer goes on. It is, however, spiritually rancid to the audience and the spirit of the fighter who has been trained like a dog to mindlessly attack until pulled away.

I train men for boxing and assist in MMA camps. I know what I’m talking about. These are almost all exceptionally good men and to see one down while the rancid crowd is screaming obscenities hurts me, but not them. My best moment was hearing 500 people scream for my defeat in Norfolk for I had earned their hatred by fighting the crowd favorite to a draw and they went nuts when he beat me in the tie-breaker round. Those people in the crowd gave War Energy, formed a psychic dome of hostility and urgency around us that you can only get in spectacle and war, that is why spectacles are important to the warrior class.

These folks you cited claim to be spiritualists but they focus on the brain and bodily injuries, worshiping the body as true materialists. The worship of IQ is the truest tell of materialism, because Modernity tells us that humanity must be civilized to deserve life and civilization requires a three-digit IQ to work. This is all ass backwards when we consider that the real purpose of modern civilization is to extinguish our souls.

Of these prizefighting forms, boxing, with Death hanging over its head, with the next Doo Ku Kim waiting in the wings to die as the result of his courage and ambition and never-say-die attitude can never become an activity for the masses. Most men will never participate in boxing, because it endangers our real and actual god, the deity between our self-absorbed ears. The boxer is the closest thing to a duelist we have, a holdover from another age when men had to suffer to get things done, before remote controlled model planes packed with explosives killed children for us a world away so that we could feel like conquerors.

MMA, ironically, comes out of the disintegration of urban society in the modern world and materialism. MMA, in the form of the UFC, unlike their weird types of MMA I used to do, boxing football players and karate guys and such, is nothing more than a showcase to sell BJJ instruction. Trace the lineages, follow the money, track the promoters, and you will see that MMA was the Gracie clan’s bid to fill the vast need for effective self-defense in savage environments where there was no such thing as a stand-up fight, where people would tackle you from behind, bite, gouge, etc. The UFC is the largest driver of BJJ instruction dues worldwide, because it is one of the key arts, the others being Boxing, kickboxing and wrestling, the four pillars of MMA, all of which have been served a boon from this revenue. If it wasn’t for BJJ guys wanting to learn how to box you wouldn’t be able to keep a gym open in most of the municipalities in this sissy nation.

And ultimately, things come full circle, as MMA turns into pro wrestling-hip hop-clown world and honor goes away, boxing comes back, because boxing preserves aspects of the duel, though it is a poor imitation.

Boxers do not lack control to the point where they must fight in a cage.

Also, MMA and BJJ have proven to be poor forms of self-defense, for the reason that the social decay has accelerated, and where once you had to deal with one dirty fighter trying to tackle you, now you go to the guard and either get your head stomped in by the other three dudes or get stabbed. Boxing maintains the lethality of the duel.

Sam, if you and I and every dude reading this stood in front of Mike Tyson and threw hands with him, he would kill half of us. Our necks would break, dude. It’s like getting hit by a car when you get to that level.

It is good for the man to fight before a crowd so that he can test himself at actual insanity level. However, it is also necessary for the man, the real modern warrior, the duelist, to fight alone, with just him and his antagonist. This takes us into deep waters of another kind. Some fighters are invincible in these private matches and some of these choke on stage, and the opposite also happens. Jack Johnson once said to James J. Jeffries when Jeffries offered to fight him for free in the cellar of a bar, that “I ain’t no cellar fighter.” Johnson was playing for the biggest stakes in a deadly closed game and he made his play.

But for the well-rounded man he needs to know what it is to fight alone in a close space, or at least on a narrow strip before seconds, in order to find himself. Then he needs to be able to fight before a crowd who hates him or loves him mindlessly and not lose what he found in the lonely solitude of that match fight.

In an ideal world, in a warrior society, when men fought for something other than money, fights only took place before fighters or former fighters or seconds. Every man in the room or on the green was a fighting man come to see a test of two of their kind before a gathering of their peers. Prize-fighting eventually transcends and corrupts this, bringing money into the mix, but the fighter can still stay pure, so long as he is not handled by the reptilian management that runs cage fighting, which is what MMA is. The cage is what I have a problem with.

In ancient pankration any man who stepped back out of the open, unroped, unfenced, unwalled skamma [dugup] lost. You could lose ancient MMA like a sumo match, just getting pushed out.

Pankration was about will and honor.

Boxing, with no rounds, was about will and honor, the honor of your city, your father and the holy day on which the fight was conducted as a sacred rite.

The ancient MMA fighter was actually judged by the priests of the God whose altar he fought before, not judged a winner. His opponent let everybody know who won. He was judged as to the honorable of dishonorable nature of is conduct.

Compare this pagan rite to our modern atheistic version, where men are locked in a cage like beasts with a third one there to drag off the one who gets the final upper hand.

Of course, this is to demean the fighters, to control them, to make of them entertainers to titillate the crowd. This teaches its own lesson for those that go into the cage, reminding them of the invisible cage he walks in every day, as he negotiates a world where it is a crime to use his skills to defend himself, his loved ones and his property.

A fighter cannot attain the decency of combat today, in our evil world that he could once attain in the past world of honor and virtue. But he can still fight and, like many fighters I have known, he cannot forget that the real enemy is not the man he is testing himself against, but the men who arranged the contest who are always and without exception, trying to screw both of them. More life lessons learned in the ages old art of one-to-one combat.

I say to the born again Catholics who decry such combat, that they should watch a private fight, between two professionals, an affair of honor, and then see what they think, once the filth that clings to prizefighting and which Tertullian and other Church fathers warned about has been taken away and all that remains is the act.

Mind you, these men are my enemies, the enemies of my kind.

Just after A.D. 510, a generation after the last emperor of the Western Roman Empire had been taken from his throne at Ravenna by a barbarian chieftain, a full century after Rome itself fell, 14 athletes signed a plaque, that they had secretly contested with each other before the sacred precinct of the altis at Olympia, a crime for which the Universal [Catholic] Church would have them executed if caught. These men fought in secret for the lost honor stripped from their ancestors by Catholicism, under sentence of death if they were discovered conducting the ancient masculine rites of their forbearers.

It is only through some unique aspect of the American conscience, perhaps from hundreds of years sharing the frontier with warrior enemies and warrior allies, that the American Warrior can conceive of being a Christian and a warrior, for in previous ages these were mutually exclusive conditions. To fight for honor is to fight for something pre-Christian. It was not against God to kill for Him, His Church, His King, His Pope or to slay heretics and unbelievers, but it was always and will always be against Christianity to fight for your honor. As God and His Church was supplanted by the state, you will see in military codes of justice a transfer of Christian prohibitions against dueling to military prohibitions against dueling.

Honor, in its pure warrior sense is strictly Heathen.

(c) 2019 James LaFond

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Lockhart's Top LaFonds Volume 72

Hello friends, here are you links from the last week.

James reviews a book that reveals a small fraction of how the corpse of America has been raided.

A guide to the wear and tear on a fighter's body.  See the cover link below for more, including pictures!

Here is what to expect if you are novice looking to train with James.  I am hoping to get a post-training report from Maximus Rex, as well!

People are constantly wrong on the internet and in real life.  James gives you some strategies for coping with it and even using it to your advantage.

Tommy isn't fooling James, I hope he's not fooling you.

Going back to what brought me to James LaFond dot com.

Oddly enough, this is also my sleeping preference, accounting for probably 90% or more of my lifetime slumber.

Compare and contrast, Native Red Americans and Native Paleface Americans.

Here is the last Chapter installment of impressions of Shadow & Claw.

Baltimore hasn't changed a bit while the Violence Guy has been absent.

Should the Persians be added to this wonderful list.  Please don't miss the last line, and send James a donation for being the greatest living writer and giving these gems to you for free!

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Cluster - Crackpot Podcast - 55

Hello friends, your favorite sporadic podcast is here again.  James and I discuss some current events, a couple of new books (see cover links below), Freddie Gray and more.  James has been having cluster attacks which have prevented us from taping these last few weeks, you can actually hear his medicine kicking in about halfway through this episode, as he sounds less and less drunk.

The Crackpot Podcast features nomadic anthropologist James LaFond, and some strange lady on the West Coast.



0:02:50  Quote from Citadel of the Autarch, RIP Gene Wolfe
0:05:25  Cluster headaches, walking around blind in Portland
0:10:52  Currentish events
0:23:57  Jared Taylor's take on Jamestown, racist dogs
0:34:10  The history of the Easter Tweaker
0:34:37  Big Chev and racist dogs
0:43:33  Cardi B, men get roofied too, "dude"
0:54:15  Chicago cops had to release an arrestee
0:57:45  Bay Area robberies
1:01:25  Publishing updates, Greatest Lie Ever Sold, Civilization Decomposes
1:05:47  Freddie Gray anniversary

(c) 2019 Lynn Lockhart

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Lockhart's Top LaFonds Volume 71

James has been on the road the last week, once again prowling the mid-Atlantic region.

Keep up with Shadow and Claw:  A woman never believes a man who claims to love her imperfections.  Science fiction elements are slowly introduced to the story.  Only the woman can create and experience the transcendent in her body, maybe that's why men have to dream.

book review of Wild Seed, by Octavia Butler.

The Plantation America project marches on, with impressions and quotes from Jasper Danckaerts, on Virginia, on the special cruelty of women (a lot of misogyny this week), and on economic and social conditions in Maryland.

An introduction to LaFondian theology and metaphysics.

Han Silo inquires further into the mind of a fighter and the management of coaching relationships.

When I visited the Louvre almost ten years ago, 25% was already dedicated to art made by Mohammedans.  

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Lockhart's Top LaFonds Volume 70

James is feeling a little better this week and made up for lost time with a lot of posts!  He embarks tomorrow for his trip back East, so he won't be posting as much for the next week or so.  Wish him well on his journey!

Happy Easter from Stevedore Jackson!  He shares with us the origins of his people's traditional spring celebrations.

Rest in peace, Gene Wolfe; James writes extensively on a mystical worldview.  Honor him by reading along with James, Chapter 17, and Chapter 18.

Eavesdrop on a dialogue between artists, and see Craig's work at his YT Channel.

Earn your Ph.D. in Ancient Combat here at Crackpot University, this week's reading is infantry and cavalry.

For the latest on Plantation America, James is reading the travel journals of a pair of Dutchmen, as they pass through New York, and on to their impressions of Maryland.

Han Silo gets an introduction to the values of fighting men.

Survive urban life like a snail, carrying your home on your back.

A European millennial checks in.

James is re-reading the Gospels, this might be because of Sam Finlay.

James encourages some non-LaFond reading, John Glubb.

James analyzes the video, cop arresting machete wielding man.

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Sam Vs. The Council of Trent

Samuel Finlay & James Discuss Violent Spectacle

From Samuel Finlay

I came across something recently that I've been chewing on, and since you've read and written extensively on fighting it seemed like a good idea to seek your input. I realize this touches upon religion, and I would say at the beginning I mean no offense (the crack about Trent in the subject line notwithstanding); I'm trying to wrap my mind around something, and I'm sure y'all know a lot of things on this subject that I don't.

Over the past year or so, something has been changing in me for the better, and in trying to be as faithful to that as I can, I've found myself revisiting the older forms of the Church. A few months back, I came across a Catholic named Matt Fradd who's such a fan of St. Thomas Aquinas he has his own podcast he dubbed Pints with Aquinas, idea being every episode is kind of imagining of you at the bar having a beer with St. Thomas and asking him a question. Fradd and a guest then discuss what Aquinas might have said based on his writings. I'm not a Thomist, but it's interesting. On top of that, he's devoted a lot of work to trying to help address the toll that pornography can take on people, and encouraging them in cutting it out of their lives. Point being, he seems like a genuinely good dude whose heart is in the right place and is trying to get at the truth and help people.

On his Patreon feed he posted a video of himself and some friends discussing The Morality of UFC Something about that discussion troubled me. I'm not much of a devotee of sports in general, and I don't cotton the commercialization of violence (pro-wresting excluded; Stone Cold Steve Austin is a global icon and a national treasure and we must never forget what he did for us), particularly as the industry tries to get women to participate. This is to say nothing of that thing that happens to people; that look on someone's face when they delight in seeing gratuitous cruelty and humiliation visited upon someone. You can see it take hold of them and know you're looking at the stirrings of a monster ancient and primeval beyond understanding. I remember being on both sides of that as a kid and feeling disgusted afterward, so I think I grasp the reservations.

And yet, we are made for struggle. Not just in some metaphorical sense, but in a real, physical way. (I seem to recall some Pope celebrating the physical as the means by which the spiritual is made manifest, but don't quote me on that.); We grow fat and decadent without it. Little boys start play-fighting as soon as they can. It is at the base of our greatest stories. There was something you said to the boys at Myth of the 20th about how when y'all are training up someone, a venerable old technique is to get the most powerful fighter in the stable and put him across from the guy getting trained, and make it clear that the tough guy will only be blocking. This helps a fighter relax and get used to being across from a predator without panicking. I think of how terrifying that is to share space with someone who is so much bigger or stronger or more technically proficient; how much it takes to just be across from them. And yet, how glorious it is to survive and how much you learn.

To chase a rabbit for a bit; when I was a freshman at college I became friends with the "Dorm Dad" who had just gotten out of the Army after serving as a Ranger in the first Gulf War. He lived in the dorm with his family and he got us into fantasy books. After cracking the seal on Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time, we started sparring with kendo shinai. People would be going to class and there we'd be, beating the hell out of each other on the lawn with bamboo practice swords. I loved it, but it scared me silly. Once a week we'd spar, and on those days a large part of me hoped he'd postpone and wondered what the hell I'd gotten myself into. We were friends, and I knew at most I'd leave with some cuts and bruises or a black eye, but it didn't matter. The fear threatened to unman me. At the end of it though, I felt like I'd earned something. To say we were just hurting each other or harming the dignity of each other as beings made in the image of God would be a grievous categorical error. In those sparring sessions, in confronting our fear and pain and rage and the specter of violence in another person (to say nothing of the thrill, and the triumph of landing a good hit!), we passed through a mystery together, and I wouldn't take for those days. I would be a poorer man without them.

A few hours later I was listening to another Catholic podcast, and though I really like the hosts, the guy mentioned dueling to make a point and said offhand, "but remember dueling is immoral." Immoral. I come from Southerners and Hill Folk; dueling, properly done, is an affair of honor. It doesn't get much more moral than that. I checked, and lo and behold the Council of Trent went so hard against dueling they practically called it Satanic and threatened Excommunication and the seizure of property. I was floored. Between stumbling upon almost an entire genre of Christian anti-agonistics and the dueling thing, it reminded me of that line falsely attributed to Thucydides, "The nation that makes a distinction between its thinkers and its warriors will wind up with its thinking done by cowards and its fighting done by fools." Would the West have played out differently if some of the theologians at Trent had been shoved into wall lockers? I think there's a case to be made.

Again, I get where they were coming from. When violence begins, The Abyss reaches out. Small matters spiral wildly out of control and things we love are lost beyond recall. (This lesson was graven into our family. My middle name is taken from my Paw-Paw's brother who was killed by a man with a knife after being falsely accused of rape.) What's more, when you think about the fact that we exist at all when it would've been far easier to simply be nothing is humbling, and such a realization should fill anyone with a sense of compassion and goodwill toward their fellow man. This is Big Medicine.

Sometimes though, a man just needs his ass whipped. Sometimes a man needs killing. There is a time for peace, but there's a time for war. (War; why must we always farm out the ability to name our enemy? Why must we only go en masse to kill strangers abroad at the behest of strangers nearer to us, rather than strike against those we know to be our adversaries?) Seems to me that under the sanction of dueling (whether armed or with fists) a man can choose his own battles, and leads to an understanding that all men bear a share in the upholding of their defense and health of the social norms that bind us. Knowing that if I do or say something irresponsible, someone could call me out and maybe kill me for being a fool, I will be a sight more careful. If I do get challenged and come to my senses, I can apologize and make reparations, and this gives the added benefit of providing another with an opportunity to show mercy and charity. (From what I understand, this was how most duels played out, but again, I'm rusty with this stuff.) Whereas now, the majority of people have been trained to bear insults and petty tyrannies at every turn, knowing that if they even so much as ask someone politely to turn down their music, they can expect an escalation, which, if answered, will result in jail. So while we may not be dying from dueling, we grind away in the shame of our present circumstances.

Martial depictions are clearly a feature under the writing of the Old Covenant, and there is the obvious admonition of Christ telling his followers to buy a sword, selling their cloak if they had to. (And as James knows well, one does not simply carry a sword into a violent encounter without running the risk of having it fed to them. Training is an implied task and one must be committed to imposing one's will on an opponent when the time comes.) He overturned the tables of the money changers and beat the hell out them with rope. Judas - one of The Twelve - came from a movement of men committed to the violent overthrow of Roman occupation. The Centurion who asked that his servant would be healed would've trained since his childhood or teens. The Epistles are rife with imagery of prize-fighters and athletes, and it seems to me, indicative of a culture where games of physical struggle would've been common. Many saints came from the martial class. Scenes of violence are a staple of iconography. St. Nicholas punched out Arius the heretic. On and on. Good Lord, I even remember seeing The Bells of St. Mary's years ago, and boxing was a sub-plot; drawing from the Irish-Catholic immigrants for whom boxing had been a part of their identity. Seems like there's an impulse to relegate it all to a romantic metaphor rather than something visceral and real. I dunno.

I'm sort of all over the place with this. I suppose I'm wondering what happened. More importantly, what's to be done. There's something missing. It seems part and parcel of this general trend toward de-masculinization. There's a guy named Podles who wrote a book called The Church Impotent. In it he argued that things like "Bridal Mysticism" and so forth that started this trend in the Medieval Era, and that the effeminacy associated with religion is largely a Western Christian phenomenon. (There's an interview with him here I found interesting that may be up your alley.

There's something Fradd says at the end about there's an eerie similarity in the way people watch porn and the way some people watch bloodsports. It reminded me of Roger Scruton's saying that "Sports are to war like porn is to sex." Got me thinking that if marriage is a rite or state created to ennoble and direct the sex drive, which is inextricably rooted in our physical being, in a way to help people flourish, could ritualized combat (whether as play, training, or sports/games) be an attempt to do something similar to the impulse for violence? I'd welcome your thoughts.

I hope the world's treating y'all well out there,

From Our Shameful Place

I have had over 200 duels with dull machetes, pipes and chains and I’m still here, having learned a lot from those encounters. I can tell you, men who can wipe you out with their hands or a stick, once you are both holding steel, there is a sorting mechanism brought on by the metal—for the sticks are really more dangerous—which causes a reshuffling of the hierarchy. You find out who has got the stones to do the real deadly deed. You also find out who has the cool, coactive wits to survive it. Hot heads get skewered.

Sam, you might be a Christian, but if you find yourself packing a weapon to church in case the latest Deep State Shooter forgets he was supposed to hit the mosque or Synagogue down the street, know that you are upholding heathen heritage, albeit in service to the sissy members of your Christian church.

Sam, I was raised Catholic and sincerely hoped that the stained glass windows would melt when I stared at them with heathenish malice. I refused confirmation, mostly because of the way the Church treated our parents, embarrassing them when they were broke after my dad’s company went out of business by showing that we only donated $2.40 cents one week. That’s all they had. My dad didn’t eat anything that week. Also, the priest ate steaks every night for dinner, cooked for him by a live-in female assistant. The Catholic church in Washington, Pennsylvania [our parish was outside of town] had a good looking young priest who I suspected was gay and looking to date high school guys by the way he fawned over them. But what I told my confirmation teacher was that the last time I saw a guy make the sign of the cross it was a Roberto Duran KO victim and I wasn’t buying that worn-out mojo. My friends, for in Western Pennsylvania most people were protestants, assured me that Catholicism was devil worship and I briefly flirted with more modern prosperity Christianity until it became clear that it wasn’t going to get me a date with Marie Osmond. I’d still be going to church if I thought it would get me between the satin sheets with Marie.

Look, Christianity is one of the many enemies of heroism, in whatever form you give it. This speaks to the Judaic root, which had slight tolerance for heroes on the Aryan model like Samson, who was betrayed. From that root of Christianity the only place for the hero is as a champion of the theocracy. However, the New Testament has more Greek and Roman influence than Judaic, by a significant margin I’d say. The fact is, Christianity [if we accept that a person calling himself a Christian and believing that he is so, is a Christian] is a cluster of religions that resulted from the collision of four cultures: Jewish, Hellenistic, Egyptian [particularly the cult of Osiris] and Roman.

For a person disillusioned with the way the modern world has sunk into such corruption, returning to a pre-protestant form of Christianity: Coptic, Nestorian, Gnostic, Arrian, Orthodox or Catholic is appealing. After all, atheism, the current religion we live under, has only two founts: Judaism and Protestantism. So winding the metaphysical clock back is logical. Since Catholicism preserves many elements of traditional religions [Christianity and Islam are not traditional religions, but revealed faiths that profess to negate all traditional religions. Traditional religions do not deny one people’s notion of god and call it a devil and go to war over it, they syncretize.] Furthermore, no current protestant faith [that I know of, there might be some group that rejects Orthodoxy minting itself right now] has any immediate main root other than Catholicism. Orthodox churches also trace their origin to Catholicism. If not for Catholicism the world would have been pagan from 370 to the late 1500s when Martin Luther nailed his petition to the church door.

The above causes two problems for Catholic and Protestant and Orthodox alike:

Christianity, in the highly corrupted form of Catholicism, spread beyond the Roman Empire where it was the State Religion, through two methods:

-Military force, beginning with the Council of Nicea, this typically involved kings and princes and chieftains, from antiquity until the 1880s, letting their wives spend time with celibate men in the form of priests and monks, who did not challenge the king’s ball sack right to the queen at night; Catholicism permits the sissy priest to mesmerize the queen, or the chief’s wife, who is in charge of educating the children in the traditional religion. And when the bitch finally gets converted, she demands that the king convert too, or he loses her sexual favors. She also informs the king that Christian servants are more obedient than traditionally religious folk and that unlike the Old Gods, the New God can only be accessed through the priesthood, who is the steadfast ally of the king who is God’s henchman on earth. I understand this will upset some of my Protestant friends. But it is a fact that the greatest mass conversions in history were won by Catholicism and Islam with Orthodox churches in Eastern Europe running second place and the Jewish conversion of the Khazars third place. Protestantism is a hard sell and is in fact an impossible sell without the prosperity aspect of the Gospel. Indians used to laugh their asses off at preachers trying to talk them out of being men [warriors] and becoming what they understood as women, until the whiskey-sellers turned them into alcoholics and the preacher could then offer Christianity as a rehabilitation program.

So the spread and formation of Catholicism is inherently corrupting of the masculine as it traditionally targeted the wives of men in power. Constantine was most likely not a Christian at heart. He just did the math and found that all of the rich atheists that had donated their fortunes to the new church in return for a soul had positioned the bishops to act as his civil service and he needed one, what with relying on barbarian mercenaries to crush his foes.

So method one of spreading Catholicism was a combination of feminine wiles and kingly dictates. Christianity, from its inception, was a religion of the moneyed elite that was pushed down, which resulted in about 1500 years of illiterate nature worshipers, herbalists, midwives, gnostics, cathars, bogomils, hussites, pagans, heathens and women who talked back, being slaughtered, hanged, tortured and burned at the stake in order to make it the religion of Europe, in order to form Christendom.

Now, even if you are King Christian, you can’t go all-stick-all-the-time, even with a mule as stupid as the medieval European. You needed to throw a carrot every once in a while and that is what the Catholics did, by permitting local deities and heroes and even major gods to have days named after them, to have feast days and to be inducted into the genius aspect of Catholicism, which is the cult of saints and the process of beatification, which has kept the faith alive for five times longer than any Protestant denomination, most of which don’t last more than a couple hundred years as real theological forces. Today, most thriving ministries are less than 100 years old. Merely a few hundred monks and priests trying to clean up and sort out the mess that the conquistadors made managed to convert a continent to Catholicism in two generations! And it is that brand of Catholicism, the Conquistador-Amerindian fusions, that is displacing the soft European Catholics like my family, who are now become atheist, agnostic or born again evangelists as the Catholic Church in Maryland turns away from English speakers and holds mass in Spanish instead.

There are many contradictions in the New Testament because it is the work of many minds over two hundred years, so there is endless fodder for theologians to argue about any aspect of the faith. As a heathen, I like the Psalms, Acts and Epistles and deeply distrust the gospels themselves. However, I would like to point out that every Protestant nation turns the other cheek when attacked or invaded by non-Christians and that only Catholic and Orthodox nations, historically and in our time, have fought back. Look, when the Marines went to Tripoli, that was under Jefferson who was a clear deist. Protestantism is the seedbed for Islam, plain and simple. Only nutty mystics seem to fight the Muslims on matters of faith. Hell, the Hindus with their thousands of hippie gods stopped the Muslims and Protestants can’t. The current forever war against Islam by the United States is a secular versus religious war, because the ZOG overlords know that Christianity has become impotent and the only faith-based block to atheistic overrule is Islam. Catholics and Protestant churches both feverishly import as many Muslims as possible to their home countries, turning their churches into refugee resettlement centers. I would say that in America, both sides of that divide are equally turning the other cheek.

But by fusing Medieval Christianity to Aztec, Mayan and Inca traditions, the Conquistadors built something that might not shine, might look mighty muddy from Whitetopia, but isn’t going to fall like a sissy domino before The House of Submission to God.

From my view as a heathen that has studied Christianity and is a sympathizer—all the best men I know being either Mormon, or Catholic or evangelical—I believe that the proper Christian reason for standing against combat sports and dueling are two, one Old Testament and one New Testament:

Padre Shekelgaol says: “Striking a man that is not an enemy of your faith is an affront to God! You may only fight to preserve God’s word and God’s chosen People [which would be whatever Christian sect you belong to] and should never fight for the money changers.”

Padre Dagowoopolis says: “Christ suffered and died on the cross for your sins. He made the sacrifice for all humanity. It is not for you to play at being some pagan savior of his clan out of the mists of godless antiquity, but to accept Jesus as your savior, not yourself.”

From an honest Christian perspective I don’t see how one justifies dueling. Christianity, like Islam, is a revealed faith intended to make most people docile, to toil for their betters as their betters toil for God. Any vestige of dueling in Christians cultures is a heathen hold over and needs to be purged. The ancient Roman idea of the Devotio, the final act of Hadding the Dane, the protection of the Paraguayan people by the Jesuits against vast odds, were all Christ-Like acts and for this reason the Jesuits were recalled so that Argentina and Brazil could rape Paraguay for slaves, because no Christian gets to upstage Jesus Christ in a Christian power structure.

I’ve been as polite as I can and would like to point out that Christianity only survived the 700s and the 1500s and 1600s because many Christian men—all claiming to be Catholic except for John Smith—and a few tiny Catholic nations fought off first the Arabs and the Turks in the way of heroes, that is to say, as pagan champions fighting for glory and honor, both of which concepts are squarely in opposition to Christianity, which, in antiquity, yesterday or today, makes the Christian Soldier a double hero, fighting for those who must condemn his every action, much like Samson.

I would like to study El Cd again in the future and try and fit him into this question.

Dueling and Civics

Sissydom is not the exclusive province of the Christian. Indeed, it is not until you indoctrinate the Christianity out of someone that you finally erase all of the traditional soul strings lingering from the religions from which that faith sprang, and my earlier citing of four sources was far too short. Christianity, as it formed around the missions of Paul and the other church fathers drew in many pagan elements that are poorly understood today. They were better understood in the 1500s, so men in Europe went to work scrubbing Christianity of all pagan influence in an attempt to define a pure Judaism that ignored the biological Jewish people as traitors to Jesus, a fallen people, and anointed the Christian who believed himself to be the ultimate metaphysical Jew as the New Israelites. I’m neck deep in Puritans with this Plantation America project and you must understand that America was settled as The New Israel, as a conscious act of theological colonization and faith-based population replacement. It is beyond my understanding why, but this attempt resulted in American Protestantism lasting only about 100 years before being replaced as a political force by deism, which is a belief in a creator force, a higher power, but not in a God that takes direct petty action, meddling in the lives of individual humans as depicted in virtually every traditional and revealed religion. Deism itself is a half-step from atheism and also comes close to the modern term agnostic in meaning. The Pilgrim Fathers were the New Israelites. A Hundred years later, their grandsons, the Founding Fathers were halfway to atheism. 100 years after that, between the War of Northern Aggression and the Great Caucasian Suicide of 1914, world leaders became entirely atheistic and actively worshipped industrial capacity!

Ironically, the last war on dueling was waged by the Great Powers against their own men in the late 1600s to early 1900s as pistol dueling in Russian and later Germany reached manic proportions. America had a gimmish of traditions from eye-gouging, boxing, bowie-knife fighting, sword dueling and pistol dueling, Britain eased from the sword to the pistol to the fist and the romance countries, that were, yes Catholic, continued the sword dueling tradition all the way up until Aldo Nadi dueled with sharps in the 1920s. The fatality rate by the early 1900s was around zero from sword dueling and it was becoming something of a farce.

There was, and remains, a strong German dueling tradition which values the cheek scar. See Christoph Amberger's The Secret History of the Sword.

Saber dueling and rapier dueling [much earlier] were very nasty and lethal. Amberger's book has a photo of a beheaded saber duelist circa 1890.

My former Paladin Press colleague, Paul Kirchner, gives you all the information you can stomach on dueling in his three books, The Deadliest Men, More of the Deadliest Men, and Dueling with the Sword and Pistol. 

My favorite duelists were the Scotsman who stood at a crossroad beating a drum and taking on challengers circa 1715, and the mixed-race Haitian-French officer circa 1809 in the Peninsula Campaign between Massena and Wellington, who stood against all ten of the Italian champions [this was over sleeping accommodations for the two allied divisions] without a scratch and also beat a man wielding a saber using only a practice foil.

Generally the Protestant men ended up going for pistol dueling and the Catholics stuck with the blade. In the book Dueling, The Cult of Honor in Fin-De-Seicle Germany by Kevin McAleer, we get to a type of eraser duel among German officers in which modern pistols were used at very close range.

It is interesting that Catholic areas stayed with the duel longer than Protestant areas, except in Germany where Christianity came last to Europe, and which remains mixed between Protestant and Catholic, as both fade before the Cult of Submission. The Prussians held out as pagan tribes for 200 years more than the Norse did.

Dueling is profoundly anti-Christian in that it takes place most often between men of the same faith and nation.

Now for the non-Christian concern.


Once the nobility were crushed by the Enlightened Despots of Early Modern Europe after the Peace of Westphalia in 1648, they were employed as officers. One study has determined that in the 1600s the French Crown lost 40,000 officers to duels! Somebody with a wig said, “Oh, this shit has got to stop!” in froggish.

In England, during the same time period, there was a dueling tradition that recognized 14 weapons including the fists and the gripes [wrestling.] The very sensible king took advantage of this and set up a boxing ring in London, encouraging officers to beat the piss out of each other rather than run one another through. Keep in mind that the tenor of naval and post combat upon which the British Empire was built was very dependent on hand-to-hand combat, so a monarch didn’t want to go full on to a sissy sport such as badminton for his officers.

The various churches and nation states of the medieval and modern world only put up with the purely heathen notion of the duel so long as it was necessary to maintain the ancient martial honor systems in place since before recorded history. Keep in mind that the Old Testament sneers at the duel when it tells that David fell Goliath with a sling stone. One might signal that out as the first blow against the venerable institution of honorable ritual combat, which is intended to limit casualties on both sides. The presence of the duel in a culture indicates that there is some sense that the warrior is more than a hunter, that being a warrior is more than predation of strong and fit over weak and soft, but a test of men’s character.

As much as Christianity tried to vanquish the heathen practice of dueling, they both died at about the same time. Ironically, what killed the notion of the duel was the extreme unlikelihood that officers of opposing armies would ever meet on the field of battle; they had done so only a few times in the American Civil War. For the late 19th Century, the Victorian Era, was roughly half century of military predation, from the Sepoy Rebellion of 1857 to the Boxer Rebellion of 1901, in which small armies of Europeans equipped with firearms and artillery—and, yes, swords—slaughtered or were slaughtered by Stone Age and Iron Age tribes who were hunted like animals. With the sense of the honorable duel taken away from the individual it did not die, but rose through the ranks and saturated the giddy nations of the newly industrialized world, percolated upward to the heads of state and embodied entire national, industrial militaries, as each European nation, joined by the upstart Americans and Japanese, sought to outdo each other in conquering primitive territories. After two generations of this building of the nation as a seed farm and foundry for a war machine, the idea of the duel became national, with the shining weapon of the age the dreadnought, a massive warship that dwarfed the firepower of entire fleets from earlier eras. Eventually, the sissy heads of state, flexing their railroads and battleships and million man armies ended up showing the same lack of restraint that French officers had shown in the 1600s—only totally lacking in honor, as other men’s sons were sent into nationwide storms of steel by faggots sitting behind large desks—and wrecked their weapons and their race in a suicidal battle royale, an industrial scale duel from 1914-18.

Ages when men dueled did not see such slaughter. In fact the greatest pre-gunpowder military actions were precipitated by breaches of honor, the killing of Mongol ambassadors. The duel was first and foremost a means of regulating and limiting violence and at the same time maintaining a class of men capable of lethal violence against times of need. It was facet of the duel to be primarily an internal, same-culture affair, a holdover from some earlier time when rival tribes were set to coexist under a king, whether domestically or internationally. It could limit slaughter in battle as a possibly alternative and could limit the cycle of vendettas and back stabbing murders that plague clannish folk [such as Sam’s kin] in post-dueling times.

Think about this. Today’s action heroes, played by Matt Damon, Jason Statham, Robert Craig and Liam Neeson, what are they?

They are all understood to be CIA jackals if I recall correctly.

They are not champions, they are assassins.

When the duelist is ushered stage left the assassin becomes the hero in the dark.

The ancient heathens knew that two men dueling could save two tribes from annihilation and could save the same tribe from endless rounds of murder and retribution.

Something was lost, something more than politeness, when the duel was finally outlawed. Fortunately, Russia is bringing it back. There remains hope for humanity only so long as men are willing to duel. Without it, through many a wide and crooked byway, you get the obscenity of porn and the UFC, brought to you ultimately by the stifling religions of Universal Peace.

(c) 2019 James LaFond