Sunday, February 26, 2017

Motherworld by James LaFond

Published in September 2014, Motherworld is a dystopic science fiction story set in the distant future.

In the year 2334, Earth is managed by human fabrication corporations. The few remaining organic humans are the subject of lucrative theme parks, or the targets of repressive measures. This MotherWorld is seen through the eyes of five males: Dwayne, the last feral human to avoid interfacing; Edgar, an urban educator; Scooter, a downgraded tech-boy doomed to starvation and recycling; Tray, a ‘goon’, a technologically augmented urban enforcement agent assigned to suppress trashers, freaks and organic dissidents; and Nimbus Two, a ‘cleaner’ who sterilizes habitation zones on behalf of his parent corporation. This is the future of humanity as envisioned by one of its more darkly shadowed minds.

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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Sacrifix by James LaFond

Sacrifix is a collection of four horror tales, published August 4, 2014.

Hallowed -- Imagine the mixed emotions of losing your closest friend the day before the angels come down from heaven to relieve you of all earthly burdens. Ethan Roads awaits ascension with a mixture of reverence and melancholy.

Wake From Your Dream Place -- Professor Luther Watts awakens late one morning to discover he has slept for months, though somehow his washroom is full of dirty clothes. 

If It Seems The Fates Are Against You -- Salesman Benjamin Long opens a fortune cookie at a Chinese buffet that strikes him with an ominous warning. Can Benjamin right his life even as it seems destined to unravel? 

Little Feet Going Nowhere -- Sam Waterford, a male prostitute, and his pimp wife Marie, find themselves uniquely aware of a fundamental change in human nature which begins spiraling frighteningly out of control.

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Friday, February 3, 2017

Works by James LaFond

James LaFond is a writer living in Baltimore, Maryland.  He writes about combat arts, life in Baltimore and a great deal of varied fiction.  James is a prolific author, the bulk of his work is published online at, with select works published in print or ebook formats at a sporadic but heroic pace.

I became a regular reader of James's during the riots and race purge of the spring of 2015.  His reporting puts the work of trained journalists to utter shame.  I was slowly drawn into reading his fiction and became hooked.  I was moved to contact him and find ways to get involved with his work.  This blog is intended to serve as an index of James's writing, a repository for reviews and commentary on published pieces, and to publish additional original content, written by James, myself and others.

The list below is a work in progress, and will be refined and updated as time allows.  It is intended to be a comprehensive list of published and in-progress work

Works by James LaFond Gsheet