Sunday, July 30, 2017

Twerps, Goons and Meatshields by James LaFond

The Basics of Full Contact Stick-Fighting

From 1998 through 2016 James fought 673 stick bouts for a record of 449 wins, 171 losses and 53 draws. This introduction to stick-fighting fundamentals covers: 
-The four basic stroke angles 
-The three basic methods of stroking with a blunt extension weapon 
-The basic defenses against the stick 
-The only disarms that will succeed with any regularity
-Basic, intermediate and advanced foot work 

Twerps, Goons and Meatshields is not about twirling a stick, but about navigating the combat space in the most brutal context, with stick in hand.

Available in paperback.

Paleface Sunset by James LaFond

A Guide to Cultural Resistance in the Age of Felonious

The author of this book is an apparently insane boxing coach and stick-fighter who does not accept the truism that all that is wrong with the world is the fault of working class men of European descent, and that, instead, international bankers and the politicians who dance upon their puppet strings have targeted the myriad Caucasian Cultures and extant, pan-cultural notions of masculinity for extinction in an attempt to remove from the globalist path the one obstacle that might prevent the final evolution of the human race into a hive of mono-cropped primates. Although the author is clearly insane and probably just needs to try a new flavor of stage one baby food to silence his anti-American musings, he is an entertaining crackpot. Therefore, the Council on Un-American Opinion has recommended this rampant screed as a means of ferreting out the traitors in your midst. Simply read aloud from this hate-filled rant, and should any who listen nod in agreement at any point, report them to the Council on Un-American Opinion at a University near you.

Available in paperback.

The Punishing Art by James LaFond

Boxing for Ring, Cage and Survival

The Punishing Art is a practical resource for the fighter, coach or fan with a desire to better understand the art of boxing in a variety of contexts.

Available in paperback.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Right on White Time by James LaFond

The Black Spring Manual for Reparations Recover Agents with Justin W. R. Justice and T. Spoone Slickens

Black Power Heroes Black Spring is dedicated to the army of innocent, unarmed, Black Power Youth Heroes who are calling in that white privilege refund and taking reparations seriously, one crumbling cracker at a time, even if it means setting aside their beloved Non-Aggression Principal and breaking out the knives and guns in the cause of African Ascent.

Available in paperback.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Wounded in the Soul Part Ep 4 Crackpot Podcast James LaFond

Hello readers and listeners.  Here is Episode 4 in four parts!

Part 1, Wounded in the Soul Part:

Happy Independence Day!
Congratulations on the interview with Kevin Michael Grace
A confidential interview with a reader
Independence Day and other holiday celebrations in Baltimore
Car-B-Qs coming to Baltimore?
West Virginia is worse than Hitler
Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia (YouTube Movies link)

Part 2, Long, Sweeping Sideburns:

Family history
James' recollections of his ancestors
Mongrel USA
Grandma's hatred for the English
James the British general
Crime statistics

Part 3, I Could Knock Down Crowds of These Kids:

Hipster vs. Welfare lifestyle
Crime stats continued
Dodge City vs. Miami
James' violence project
More on crime stats
Racism by proxy

Part 4, Beautiful, Pasty Skin:

Racism by proxy, continued
Mohammed Ali
Justice Clarence Thomas
Eric Holder and the paperbag test

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

America in Chains by James LaFond

A History of Enslavement in North America: 1524-1868, Companion Volume to Stillbirth of A Nation

America in Chains tracks the evolution of servitude in America and presents such uncomfortable facts as:
-The English rarely referred to America as the “colonies” but as the “plantations.” 
-Plantations were envisioned as places were people, not crops, were planted. 
-The people to be planted in these places were to be the poor of the British Isles, who had been outlawed in 1572. 
-It was a crime to be poor in Great Britain and the penalty was a life of hard labor, starvation, mutilation and beatings. 
-For the first 100 years the plantations were staffed almost exclusively by English children, Scottish kidnapping victims, along with Irish of all ages rounded up in a massive slave-catching initiative that removed five out of every six Irish persons from their homeland. 
-Every cruelty inflicted upon African America slaves was first used and perfected on English orphans and children of the poor. 
-Numerous rebellions by white, black and Indians dispossessed by this cruel mercantile economy have been misrepresented or dropped from the historical record. 

Continue to believe the racist lies about “Colonial” America or read this book.

Available in paperback and Kindle edition.

Hemavore by James LaFond & S L James

Hemavore is a scifi/horror trilogy dealing with the cultural and metaphysical questions of the human race itself as seen by the ultimate outsider, an interstellar 'gardener' who has pronounced its own judgement and sentence. The Hemavore of the title is the instrument by which that sentence shall be meted out..

Available in paperback.

Stillbirth of a Nation by James LaFond

Caucasian Slavery in Plantation America: Part One

Stillbirth of A Nation is the story of America’s birth as a slave nation. Among the author’s startling claims are: 
-Slavery in the English Colonies, from Carolina to Canada, did not have its origins in the transatlantic slave trade conducted by Portugal, Spain and Holland, but in England’s own ancient and rich history of child slavery, transformed into a hideous human trafficking industry with the criminalization of poverty in Elizabethan England. 
-American notions of freedom, liberty and autonomy did not rise from a free pioneer society, but were learned from Native Americans. 
-That the American tradition of bearing arms was a reaction against the enslavement of whites by whites, whose masters armed and paid Indian warriors to police the frontiers for runaways. 

These three key concepts and many more fascinating facts about early American life are illuminated through the memoir of Scottish slave Peter Williamson, who had his freedom taken four times, by British, French and Indians.

Available in paperback and Kindle edition.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Is "Conspiracy" in the Dictionary? Ep 3.2 Crackpot Podcast James LaFond

Hello friends, here is the conclusion of Episode 3:

Preparing for James' interview with Kevin Michael Grace
Maintaining Crackpot electronic security
Microchipping pets
Ghetto work ethic
Why is Lynn always rather dumbstruck?
Career advice for Lynn

Your Trojan Whorse by James LaFond

The Manual of Female Ownership

Do you desire a sheath for your sword? Has the place where you sheathe your sword of love become a rancorous scabbard of animosity? Do you have too much vagina in your life? Is the vagina in your life negatively affecting your masculine serenity? Do you require A Manual of Female Ownership? If so, no longer must you cling blindly to the assumption that the soil where you sow your manly seed is a mine field of ethics, needs, virtues and negotiations. In Your Trojan Whorse you will learn to put your bitches in pusspective. On God’s gray earth, there are but four types of women: the Whore [including most married women], the Manizer, the Slave Girl, and the Priestess. So, Bro, buy this book and it’s only a matter of time before the bitch queens that have ruined your life will have their hairstyle altered to accommodate your beer coaster!

Available in paperback and in PDF.

Habitat Hoodrat: Ho-Nation by James LaFond

Harm City U.S.A: Winter 2015-16

Welcome to Baltimore, known to the victims of your privilege who live here as "Harm City." Harm City is the beating moral heart of the Maryland Income Redistribution Region. Are you weary of taking, and taking? Are you of a mind to give back to those who have suffered so that you might thrive? Then enter this node of Habitat Hoodrat…

Available in paperback.

40,000 Years From Home by James LaFond

A History of Human Aggression

In the youth of our kind men of many tribes sought out, mined and painted themselves with ochre, the "bones of the gods." The most sought after earth pigment was red ochre, with the ancients sometimes thinking it the blood of ancient gods and giants slain in titanic battles.
Or, at the chemical level, did our most ancient ancestors realize that this oxidized iron, the rust of the earth, was related to the hard-edged metal that would someday tear us to shreds in our groaning millions and leave the teeming survivors dependent on a great, metal-boned apathy machine?

40,000 Years from Home is an examination of, as well as a meditation on the lesser, graceless side of human kind.

Available in paperback and Kindle.

Let the Weak Fall by James LaFond

A Guide to Urban Strife for the Misanthropic Man

Crackpot boxing coach, stick-fighter, urban survivalist, and horror writer, James LaFond, explains why you are surrounded by animals and automatons, how their fate is linked to your demise, and how you might defeat them in combat when they attack—because they will.

Available in paperback at Amazon.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Training on the Post with a T-Ball Bat

James LaFond demonstrates training on the crucifix post with a t-ball bat for self defense.

Training with a T-ball Bat

James LaFond demonstrates training with a t-ball bat for self defense.

Sell Cheerleaders in Prison Crackpot Podcast Ep 3.1 James LaFond

Welcome to another installment of the Crackpot Podcast!

Marketing books for James
Cheese whiz and cheerleaders
Comment from Koanic
Comment from Sam J.
Strippers posing with books
Duz, James and Ajay walk into a strip club

Monday, July 17, 2017

Brass and Roses

Threads of Old Baltimore

In my late 20s there was a period of a few years, when I worked 45-hours per week, kept a regular midnight to eight schedule and walked home at a strolling pace, thinking of what I had read the previous day, what I would write. During this period of the late 80s there was some black crime infiltrating the area, but it had not become virulent and was confined to night.

I worked in the 5900 block of Belair Road, U.S. Route #1, which threads the east coast from Key West to Maine, back down to the 4700 block, an easy 2 mile walk. I lived with my wife and oldest son just below the ridge line that overlooks the Herring Run Valley, a quarter mile above Holy Redeemer cemetery, where my younger brother Gerard is buried. At this time, the spruce seedling that Vance had planted when he was seven, was grown as tall as him, a smallish 12-year-old boy.

My wife and I had grown further apart with every year and my return to boxing had ended with injury, so I became lost in books, would only watch documentaries on TV, and spent much time in the basement with my books and boxing gear. She knew I was in no hurry coming home and that hurt, I supposed.

I used to make a right turn off of Belair onto Woodlea, which was a curving street that served as a shortcut to the portion of Southern Avenue that met Luerssen, the street I was unsuccessfully buying a house on. I had stopped walking up Southern. Bear, the savage black terrier I had given to Rich the Prison Guard, had not forgotten me and would bark painfully for me to come visit. When I’d get to the fence, Bear, all 15 pounds of him, would savagely attack the pitbull and German shepherd he shared the fenced yard with, so that I would pet only him as they gave back and cowered, and I scratched his head and he snarled at me as if to say, “You gave up on me, you two-legged prick!”

When he would howl for me at the fence as I walked by, it got to be too much, so I avoided it.

Rich told me once, when I came to visit, “I feed this motherfucker steak, and when you show up I’m chopped liver!”

Woodlea was also a side street, no speeding jerks cutting 30 seconds off of their commute, like on Southern, which was a secondary street.

Once, as I turned left on the steep side street that crested the ridge just above my house, the old Italian couple who kept a rose garden on the side of their house befriended me, having seen me pass many times. They were in their seventies. Asking if I was married, the old man gave me a pair of roses for my wife and said, “If you ever get in trouble with her you can stop by and pick her a rose.”

I often stopped and looked at that rose bed, but never did take him up on the offer.

Further down the way, just above the old Hacienda Mexican restaurant, which was, at this point a bake-off house for the Woodlea Bakery, lived two old men. One always had a ladder leaning against his house, which was a wreck, as was he, looking like some ancient peasant.

Next door lived a fellow who maintained an ornamental garden, his house pristine, he dressed in slacks, dress shoes, shirt and tie, even when watering flowers out front.

He had a light sweep of short hair which might have been blonde before it grayed.

He was a gentle gentleman who often stopped, waved and said, “Good morning.”

We spoke casually as I walked by on many occasions, usually about the weather.

He was a nice, lonely man.

One day, a hot summer morning, as I trudged by in my frozen food attire, carrying an extra shirt, he invited me inside for an iced tea, up two flights of white, concrete stairs, into…a lady’s palace.

The living room was the sitting room of a delicate woman, the kind of room my Grandmother LaFond would have arranged had she the space. There were many brass-framed photos of a young man and a beautiful woman of the delicate kind.

There were photos—all framed in brass, of this woman as a girl, as a baby and as a dancer. The type of dancing she did reminded me of ballet but in a dress. I do not recall what he told me about her art. He was an expert in everything she had done. He showed no interest in the drab job that had paid for this house and put his son through college. He spoke only of his dear wife, the dancer and of his son, who had made good and moved off to start a family.

Here this man stood, alone, in his suit, having put on his jacket to invite me in, next to a short man in worn and dirty work clothes, giving a tour of the room that was the museum dedicated to his wife.  

There was one particular display, a wedge-shaped piece of elegantly tooled furniture with glass shelves that fit into the corner of the room. Pictures of his wife winning awards for her dancing were there. But the thing he treasured most was her brass slippers, made from a mold cast of her baby shoes. These hung before a silver plaque shaped like a leaf.

He handed me the pair of shiny brass slippers to hold on their watch-chain cord. Noticing that I was reluctant, he said not to worry about smudging them, that he polished them every day when he talked to her. I cannot recall any of his exact words as I had so few conversations with people at this solitary stage of my life that I was unpracticed in memory. Unless it was a work or violence situation I could not recall a person’s words.

While taking the slippers back and hanging them in their place, the man, who never told me his name, as if that were unimportant, shed silent tears and spoke of waiting too many years to be with her again, of how he had begun to doubt God for taking her and prayed every day to be with her again in heaven.

He was the gentlest, most wounded man I have ever met. His skin was so soft and thin, when I shook his hand I wondered if he was well. 

I saw him in his yard a few more times, stood and talked of plants and things I knew or cared nothing about, like the weather.

Later that year, my life became hectic, work hours long, my toil-stained mind work-absorbed with the nuances of my enslavement.

I never walked up Woodlea again, once the streets got rougher and I began leading people that followed me up Southern, where there were more hard objects scattered in the gutter to fight back with.

The last image I hold of him in my mind is of him standing bent and tall in a cream-colored suit, watering plants besides the stairs as he waved with a slight smile at my pacing and I aped him.

Ever since, any time I see a brass thing or notice my skin thinning with age, I think of him crying, holding that pair of tiny brass slippers in Her living room.

(c) 2017 James LaFond

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Training Heavy Extension Weapons

James LaFond demonstrates techniques for training heavy extension weapons, such as canes and bats.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Ghosts of the Sunset World by James LaFond

The Sunset Saga Book 1: Of The Sunset World, Part Two

Three-Rivers had never had a false vision. Therefore, having bound the Flesh Demon of Sunset to his will in his quest to seek Burnt Man, he was now stricken with guilt. For he dreamed, every night and with increasing clarity, that the Greater Demon of Sunset would slay his lesser demon on the banks of a Summer River. Three-Rivers had sworn to WhiteSkyCanoe and Hope that he would make this possible by speaking with the many tribes of Summer, and convincing them that this insane white man had been sent into Mother Earth from The Sunset World, to save Lady Doe-Eye and her White Bead Nation from the Greater Demon of Sunset and the savage Turtle Men who floated across the Big Salt Water in their winged canoe houses. How could a prophet trapped in the body of a broken boy accomplish this? Like a fur trader he counted his wampum, so to speak, reminding himself that he was not alone: He had a totemic bond with a remarkable wolf, the companionship of Arrow-Holder of the much sucked thumb, and, for all of his woes, Three-Rivers was the only visionary of the Natural People to hold a demon under a spell as a virtual pet: DeathSong, The Begginer’s own broken arrow.

Available in paperback.

Thunder-Boy by James LaFond

The Transmogrification of Three-Rivers: The Sunset Saga Book 2: Pillagers of Time, Part 3

Born in 1523 to the Flint Place People Three-Rivers now lives in 21st Century America, the world he knows as Sunset. He works as a translator for a genetic reclamation or "time-hunting" unit managed by his adopted mother, a genetically engineered 24th Century assassin who he knows as the Sunset Lady. The "ADHD" and "epilepsy" medication fed to him on Sunset clouds his visions and prevents him from talking with the animals and walking with the dead. In order to regain his lost medicine Three-Rivers tricks Burnt Man and the Sunset Lady and steals the Secret of the Thunderbirds. With Thunderer's Dream-Catcher in his possession he embarks on a medicine-quest: to 2844 in search of the unseen Masters of Furthest Sunset; and to 1628 to save the Civilized People of Mother Earth Past from the savage White invaders.

Available in paperback.

Letters from Planet Meathead by James LaFond

From 2012 thru 2014 James LaFond investigated the practice and teaching of the combat arts in his hometown of Baltimore Maryland. Letters from Planet Meathead is his journal.

Planet Meathead
Rhee, Ali, Lee and Me
Why I Am Not A Martial Artist
MMA and Honor
And over 50 other articles on fighting, training and coaching

Available in paperback and Kindle edition.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

The Umbrella Block

James LaFond demonstrates variations on the umbrella block for stickfighting in this short video:

Could I Please Not See [Posterior]? Crackpot Podcast Ep 2

Welcome to Episode 2 of the Crackpot Podcast with James LaFond!

Podcast catch up
Facebook videos
Hate mail
Boxing stats

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Taboo You by James LaFond

Deluxe Mancave Edition

James LaFond has been banned from a writers’ group because of the content of his work, barred from the AAMMA because of his writing, barred from USA Boxing because of his involvement in stick-fighting, rejected by four publishers on politically correct grounds, dumped by nine women, kicked out by three women, attacked by members of six black ghetto gangs, targeted for death by BASH [Baltimore Area Skin Heads] and the Wasted Youth [white street gang], threatened by three police officers, harassed by eight police officers, chased through the streets of Baltimore by feral pit bulls and numerous pairs of rednecks in pickup trucks, was once chased down a back alley by a gear-head in a yellow mustang, was once hunted through the ghetto by a scorned psychobitch with a blade, has been homeless, was once barred from three high school classes for reading, walked away from an $80,000 a year management job without giving notice to take up writing for an annual salary of $198, will be homeless, has turned down 13 promotion offers and 9 management positions, and is generally regarded as either insane or eccentric depending on which Baltimoron you ask. Taboo You is his advice for living such a life if you so choose, and how to survive with dignity as an individual, in our sick tribal world.

Available in paperback.

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Billy Idol on Steroids James LaFond's Crackpot Podcast Ep 1.4

The final installment of the inaugural episode of James LaFond's Crackpot Podcast.

Late night, holiday grocery shopping with cops and drug dealers
Tales of Duz, Duz vs. a Buick, Duz and dating, Duz and cops, Duz and his dog
Big Ron
Dog fights
Costigan stories, Robert E. Howard

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Our Captain by James LaFond

The tale of Bernal Diaz’ experience as a junior officer of three successive expeditions into the frightfully human unknown continues, with the account of Juan de Grijalva’s discovery of the Mexican Empire.

While Bernal and the men obviously loved the brave and forthright Francisco Hernandez de Cordoba, who died of his wounds after the expedition to the Yucatan, and later showed an awed reverence for the world-breaking figure of Hernan Cortez, every episode in Bernal’s account of the expedition that brought the Mexico of Montezuma into contact with the ruthlessly cunning mind of Cortez, gives the reader the sense that the man referred to as ‘Our Captain,’ ‘The General’ and ‘Our Commander’ was a soldier’s soldier—a man as brave as his slain predecessor, who cared about his men more than gain, a man a terrified soldier could count on when the arrows began to fly.

Available in paperback and Kindle edition from Amazon.

When You're Food Raw by James LaFond

The Forever Autumn Press Edition

In When You’re Food: Raw: A Fighter’s View of Predatory Aggression, James LaFond elevates the art of extreme political incorrectness to its uncomfortable apogee in this very personal exploration of human-on-human predation in Baltimore Maryland. Engaging urban survival guide, brutal oral history and outrageous memoir, this disturbing book makes the case that civilization is a lie, human society is essentially cannibalistic, and you are on the menu.

Available in paperback.

DoomFawn by James LaFond

Four tales of alienation by James LaFond:

My Crown Mixed with Blessings, vignette
The Doom of Benjamin Long, short story
Wake from Your Dream Place, novelette
Snot, What Women Want, vignette

Available in paperback and Kindle edition.

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Their Supervisors Throw Them to the Dogs Ep 1.3

Hello again listeners, welcome to part 3 of Episode 1 of the Crackpot Podcast!!

James and automobiles
Sleeping on buses
Cameras on buses, bus stops
Gunfight on bus in Middle River
60% of firearms convictions yield a suspended sentence
Murderbowl, revisited
Crime statistics

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Watch the Blood Bubbling Out -- James LaFond Crackpot Podcast Ep 1.2

Hello readers and listeners, here is the much awaited second part of the first episode of the Crackpot Podcast with James LaFond:

Topics include:

Chicago vs. Baltimore Murderbowl update
Dennis Rodman NorKor diplomacy
Rednecks at ringside

Biblical Babes: Regarding Rivka (aka Rebekah) by Baruch Kogan

Arranged marriage was common among European aristocrats until pretty recently.

Inbreeding is not deleterious in and of itself, except when it concentrates deleterious recessive traits. However, over time, these traits wash out. Advantageous recessive traits do not. Examples of successful sustained inbreeding in humans include the Egyptian Pharaohs. In other mammals, you have the Naked Mole Rats, which are eusocial and where the queen breeds with her offspring, with no ill effect.

In any case, this is not totally relevant to us, because in our society, cousin marriage is combined with a steady inflow of converts.

For instance, the tribe of Judah is descended from Tamar, a Canaanite woman. Joseph married Asenath, a Egyptian noble girl, and the tribes of Ephraim and Menashe come from her. Moses married Tzipporah, who was either a Midianite or a Kushite. The Davidic dynasty comes from Ruth, a Moabite convert. Etc., etc.

Your Pakistanis are not Semitic but Aryan, by the way. Cousin marriage is also practiced in Iran, and has been from the time of the Ancient Persians, and is common among Hindus. So you might as well refer to it as a "despicable Aryan practice"

The mentality of Abraham, who sends Eliezer to find a wife for his son, is not "find him a hot wife." This is the normal thinking in a society of sexual anarchy, where people mate like wild dogs coming together, i.e., the modern West. You should not project it onto our patriarchs, who were completely different people living in a different time with a different mentality. In a normal, functional society, this is not how things are done. You look for a good family, if possible (Abraham didn't have this option,) and good character traits. When you put people together who are generally compatible, and their marriage is a fait accompli, they learn how to love each other with the years. Notice that when they were married, Isaac was 40. When a man marries late, he does not look for the same things that he does when he marries early, and in any case, Isaac was subject to his father's authority in all aspects (notice how his life was an almost complete parallel of Abraham's).



Thanks for your response, I was hoping you would chime in.  I appreciate your comments on marriage in a more holistic patriarchal context.

I should have credited Moldbug for the inbreeding comment, but I was trying to draw you out and it worked.  I am over 13% Ashkenazi myself, and grateful for the admixture, granted to me by my great-grandmother who was trafficked by fellow Jews to the remote tip of South America as a burlesque dancer and prostitute.  Her village in Eastern Europe was later targeted for a pogrom, so I guess it worked out after all.  August beginnings!

Pakistani Muslims tend to be either conquered Hindus of any caste, or else converted members of the lowest castes, seeking social equality as Muslims.  I don't know what kind my neighbors might be, but the level of inbreeding is staggering.  It takes a long time and a large population to wash out deleterious genes, the Paki's aren't there yet, obviously.  Hindus are highly endogamous within their castes but not so much into cousin marriage, the rampant inbreeding among Paki's has to be the Muslim/Arab (hence Semitic) influence I think.  

Thanks again, Baruch, hope to hear from you more.

(c) 2017 Lynn Lockhart & Baruch Kogan

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

James LaFond Interviewed by Kevin Michael Grace

I am very proud to announce that James LaFond's interview with Kevin Michael Grace is live at Grace & Steel.  Click through to listen on SoundCloud or YouTube and check out Kevin Steel's extensive show notes.

Listeners should know that James faced quite a few technical hurdles and persevered in his characteristic way to complete the process.  Let us know what you think and who else you'd like to hear James speak with, we will try to make it happen.

Grace & Steel Ep. 84

Direct link to SoundCloud

Direct link to YouTube

Update:  Twitter praise for Kevin Michael Grace's interview of James LaFond:

Monday, July 3, 2017

Biblical Babes: Rebekah

James, I don't know whether to call it ironic, but you often put me in the mood to pick up my trusty King James Version, the one my uncle gave me when I was seven years old, with a gilt edge and my name engraved in gold letters in the corner of the red leather cover, adorned with both a Cross and a Star of David. Sorry Jeremy, you can keep your NIV, the KJV is the only Bible for me.

Your readership seems to overlap with those of the seduction community (AKA pick-up artists) as well as those who advocate a return to patriarchy. In light of that, I thought it would be fun to seek your thoughts on some of the Bible's great love stories. Let's start with Abraham's son Isaac, and his niece Rebekah:

Genesis 24:15 - 25
And it came to pass, before he had done speaking, that, behold, Rebekah came out, who was born to Bethuel, son of Milcah, the wife of Nahor, Abraham's brother, with her pitcher upon her shoulder. And the damsel was very fair to look upon, a virgin, neither had any man known her: and she went down to the well, and filled her pitcher, and came up. And the servant ran to meet her, and said, Let me, I pray thee, drink a little water of thy pitcher. And she said, Drink, my lord: and she hasted, and let down her pitcher upon her hand, and gave him drink. And when she had done giving him drink, she said, I will draw water for thy camels also, until they have done drinking. And she hasted, and emptied her pitcher into the trough, and ran again unto the well to draw water, and drew for all his camels. And the man wondering at her held his peace, to wit whether the LORD had made his journey prosperous or not. And it came to pass, as the camels had done drinking, that the man took a golden earring of half a shekel weight, and two bracelets for her hands of ten shekels weight of gold; And said, Whose daughter art thou? tell me, I pray thee: is there room in thy father's house for us to lodge in? And she said unto him, I am the daughter of Bethuel the son of Milcah, which she bare unto Nahor. She said moreover unto him, We have both straw and provender enough, and room to lodge in.
My thoughts -- men like to see a woman willing to do work, particularly if it is to benefit his own comfort, a cool drink on a hot day, a tidy home, a well cooked meal. The idea of an arranged marriage is not totally abhorrent to me, especially now that I am a parent, but I truly believe there is a genetic predisposition to rebelliousness in Europeans that would prevent it from taking hold among our people. There may be cultural components among Asian and Subcontinental people that assists, but the DNA has a strong effect.

James, what are your thoughts?

How do you rate the camel-watering seduction technique?
Getting to know, or forming an opinion of another person’s qualities in a work setting has resulted in some very stable relationships in the retail food business. Whether you are a man or a woman, seeing a potential mate engaged in their trade provides an authentic measure of their character, quite the opposite of “dating,” which tends to be a waltz to the bottom of our beings in search of the lesser angels of our nature.

Would you trust your brother to find a wife for your son?
I would trust him to find a prospect, but never to make the actual purchase.

I am not even going to ask if you would trust your uncle to find a wife for you.
I would definitely trust my uncle to find a wife for me, even sealing the deal and making the buy. Out tastes in women are that much in alignment. I have brought a couple girlfriends to family functions were my Uncle Fred and Aunt Patsy were in attendance. When he hugged the more well-curved of the two he grinned and would not let her go and my aunt slapped is shoulder and said, “Fred, let the poor thing go!”

He then patted me on the back and asked, “Friend or sleepover friend.”

“Sleepover,” I answered and he patted me between the shoulder blades so hard it hurt and said, “You’ve turned into a good judge of women.”

Have you given any thought to the despicable Semitic practice of cousin marriage? My Pakistani Sunni neighbors have confirmed to me that cousin marriage, or uncle-niece marriage is the norm there.

I have spent little wattage ruminating upon the breeding practices of that strain of humanity. I am more interested in how local varieties of humans have reproduced for good and ill. I do find it fascinating that the advent of Christendom, facilitated in some instances of conversion via the wives of kings, princes and chiefs to whom sissy holy men of the Christian orders were permitted access as they were not seen as a sexual threat, brought to European royalty the practice of cousin marriage. Many people do not realize, that by the eve of the Great War in 1914, that virtually the entire ruling class of the nations of Europe were related by blood. This curious impulse to keep power within family blood lines by inbreeding has contributed to the degeneration of numerous nation states throughout history and finally brought about the ruination of all of Europe in the Two Acts of the War of European Suicide. It is also noteworthy that one develops inferior dogs from wolf stock by inbreeding. This fact leads me to believe that such cultural patterns serve the purpose of human domestication, though have no evidence for this at hand.

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On Bitches

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Sunday, July 2, 2017

Ire and Ice by James LaFond

Including Winter and A White Christmas

Ire an Ice is a brutal science-fiction adventure spanning over 70,000 years. From Ice Age Europe, to Celtic Ireland, the Early American Frontier, an East Baltimore Diner and a West Baltimore Liquor Store, characters as diverse as a homeless American man, a ruthless Roman centurion, a Shawnee warrior, an EMT and a ten-year-old gangbanger, are confronted with an ancient and terrible secret. Includes the Second Edition of the novella Winter and the addendum novelette A White Christmas.

Available in paperback or Kindle version.

Little Feet Going Nowhere by James LaFond

Sam Waterford's Outrageous Profession and the Fate of Humanity

Little Feet Going Nowhere Sam Waterford, a male prostitute, and his pimp wife, Marie, find themselves uniquely aware of a fundamental change in human nature which begins spiraling frighteningly out of control. The most politically incorrect last day on earth story ever written is in print.

Available in paperback

Dark Art of an Aryan Mystic: The Racially Charged Fiction of Robert E. Howard by James LaFond

Robert E. Howard, Literary Mirror 

The writer of today faces the same prejudices as the writer of Howard’s day, with mainstream readers recoiling from any depiction of a nonwhite or female villain, just as reactionary whites and masculinity advocates cannot abide the depiction of a diverse racial cast or of striving female characters. For the reader interested in realism in fiction, or in the question of the monolithic political correctness currently smothering any attempts at realism in fiction, whether in print or on film, Dark Art of an Aryan Mystic will illuminate the white, black and red corners of our collective imagination with that most hated and rejected shade of illumination, the gray of truth, which is sought by few and accepted by none.

This book is out of print, but you may be able to find a used copy on Amazon.