Thursday, December 6, 2018

Casting Solomon Kane

What Actor Would You Cast to Play the Puritan Swordsman?

The actor must be tall, angular of features, be between 40-60 years of age and able to project a high level of menace. The most difficult aspect of casting Kane would be the need for a powerful voice, not oft used, but available.

7. Vincent Price had the physical stature and angular face to play the ghostly avenger, though his voice approach might have limited the character’s heroic appeal.

6. Christopher Walken, in his role of the Hessian in The Legend of Sleepy Hollow could have made a fine Kane.

5. James Coburn, more than any actor on the list other than Peck, would have the necessary deep, stentorian voice to do Kane in his full wrath.

4. Nick Mason suggested Mathew McConaughey as an angular-faced man with a wide acting range and I quite agree.

3. Vigo Mortensen, based on his performance in Eastern Promises, and due to his athleticism and angular features would be an excellent Kane.

2. Clint Eastwood, in High Plains Drifter, essentially did play Solomon Kane as a spectral avenger, though his voice lacks the stentorian quality.

1. Gregory Peck playing Solomon Kane would not be far from either his roles in To Kill a Mocking Bird or in Moby Dick and might be combination of the two. Peck had the perfect appearance and voice for Solomon Kane.

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  1. Chuck Connors would've been great as Solomon Kane.

  2. 1. Young Clint.

    2. Vigo


  3. In retrospect I'd have to say Conners and Eastwood, with Jack Palance as the villain.