Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Information Antidote

How the Body Politic Inoculates its Human Atoms Against Enlightenment

In studying escaped slave advertisements it has become clear that a chief reason for successful escapes in the police state of Plantation America was the growing literacy of the slave class. In that period indenture forms and travel passes represented the usual forms of identification and key tools for oppression. Flat on the heels of the era of mass slave escape which was prerevolutionary English America—staffing pirate fleets in the early 1700s and filling the ranks of disease-depleted Indian tribes in the late 1700s—it becomes obvious that literacy was a bane to the slave master. Not only could the “tolerable scholar” forge his own passes and indentures, he could do so for his mates.

In the Early American era, there was the danger of literate half-white slaves and the very common occurrence of a literate Irish slave running away with an illiterate black slave and playing the master-slave act as a cover story, for in Plantation America, before and after the Revolution, every hand was against the undocumented travelling man. This was a chief reason for the switch from predominantly white to virtually all black slavery, which occurred between 1804 and 1850. Ironically, the exclusive enslavement of blacks was only in force for about 10 years before the war that ended it, and throughout that period slave owners frantically busied themselves with preventing black literacy.

After chattel slavery was ended for adults—but not for child slaves until 1929—America found itself in possession of tens of millions of semi-literate to literate wage slaves. In order to control the behavior of these people they were set against each other across racial lines. But this can only succeed in semi-literate or sub-literate contexts.

Channeling literacy into fruitless reading can only be accomplished with a population that believes it has no agency. While this is the natural state of the female population and black men who have been raised believing they had no agency under their savior government, their remained the problem of literate white men who believed they had the ability to chart their own course in life and were more than mere pawns or pets.

The literature that must be avoided is found in the following categories:
  • Ancient texts,
  • History as analysis or narrative,
  • Subversive literature that places the man outside of the artificial State.
One need only emasculate men to direct them to emotive literature such as comic books, fantasy, political tracts and most easily accomplished, sports writing.

Eventually much of literacy was replaced by passive viewing which intensifies the emotive trend, reduces agency and dampens social aggression. However, at the same time that man was in the mid stages of his denaturing, the internet rose and within two decades much of the literature pertinent to cultivating agency among remnant souls was available at the common person’s fingertips.

With potential disaster facing the slave state intellectual tyranny, the terms of political correctness have since been brilliantly implemented. The phases are three:
  1. Three-part newspaper article construction, with the form designed to cultivate bias confirmation of the headline—which is the takeaway message—serves as the basis for the system and goes back to the beginning of the wage slave era. American who do read have been trained to read like zombies, the actual reading nothing but a confirmation of some initial assertion. 
  2. Acute attention-span deficit afflicts most Americans, with few having an attention span regarding emotive subjects—with all topics important to the ruling elite effectively emotionalized by the media through trigger words that actually shut down information intake and bypass the reasoning process. 
  3. The taboo, the ancient art of enslaving minds by demonizing strands of thought, has been resurrected to implement self-censorship on behalf of the control organisms.
The upside of these means of eliminating inquiry and discourse among humanity is that, due to rampant emasculation of men and the toxic denaturing of women, that 95% of the population is so easily controlled through self-censorship, and that 10% of the population is militantly orthodox and able to quash the emergent ides of the alienated 5% in the general herd, that there is no real pressing need for old style censorship and erasure of information, as most will refuse to read or believe the truth. This speaks to the chance of truth emerging as a viable commodity in a post-collapse society.

The danger is that the emasculation of men is so deep that the feminine urge to control the environment rather than interact with it, will win out among the minority and that their push for control will do for alternative ideas what the rise of National Socialist Germany did for nationalism, to render the prospect so abhorrent to the vast majority that its enemies will always garner broad support.

(c) 2017 James LaFond

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