Saturday, June 30, 2018

Lockhart's Top LaFonds Volume 31

Welcome to weekend links!  2018 is half over, always remember that you will die.

Wing Chun and boxing, a coach's perspective.

Coaching the asymmetrical guard, knife fighting for boxers.

Failure to worship will be punished.

Tony Cox and James have a similar approach to love.

Coming soon, My Younger Self, Nero the Pict's oral memoir.  Kids in Cumberland were like adults in Baltimore.

The "slippery slope" of sexual deviancy ends in mandatory participation.

The terse talk of the non-turgid.

Analyzing identity politics in the founding documents.

Some corporate algorithm has targeted James.  Three books have now been banned.  Meanwhile, my twitter account got caught up in a minor purge, so if you follow me there, my new account is @lock328.

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