Saturday, July 7, 2018

Lockhart's Top LaFonds Volume 32

Here are some weekend links, everyone!

James' best work is on the early history of North America, Plantation America, this week writing on the ethnic affinity between Indians in the hills of the Eastern United States and early European settlers.  He appeared on the Myth of the 20th Century podcast to discuss the topic.  He is developing both non-fiction and fiction books on this topic.  Here he describes how he evaluates and uses primary and secondary sources

Amazon platform hostility: James' suppressed books now number FOUR.  Four books that CreateSpace fears to print.  As more of James' books get banned, the best way to support him is by becoming a Patron.

How to spar with a heavy stick for mobility and conditioning.

Social media sucks.

Tony's childhood world was simple, stick with your gang and beware of the Skirt Man.

James has a gander at the Tartan Tornado, a man question from John Paul Barber, a follow up question on the safety jab for - or against - the lefty fighter.

James has consistently advised people NOT to participate in these street demonstrations-cum-melees.  Stay away.

Movie review of Badass, the race reversed fictionalization of Epic Beard Guy's story.

On Independence Day, Jeremy Bentham signed off from the LaFondiverse one last time, and I won't say I didn't shed a tear.

The Harm City Diarist will soon become the itinerant and pseudonymous journalist.

Nero the Pict describes the means by which he preserved his soul, particularly, the luck of important friendships.

The Baltimore Boyz are giving James a proper final home season for the Murderbowl.

Movie review:  Unconquered  offers plenty of hints at the once unremarkable and now completely obscured truth.

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  3. PS that M20C podcast was excellent BTW

  4. PSS James, the breath of your knowledge was really impressive. Reminded me of my best past professors. You scattered red pills at an alarmingly high rate. I will not be surprised if you don't get invited by an academic unit in for a talk. I will admit that i considered you an interesting eccentric, sorta knucklehead. I was wrong. I'm deeply impressed- no shit.

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