Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Archaeological Soul

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I am so glad you brought us back to the Roman Army of Late Antiquity, the original crusaders of Christendom. A lot of what Catholicism became echoed the old pagan order, so fell afoul of the architects of the New Israel in These Goings Down of the Sun. The idea of Rome, all the way down to the Holy Roman Empire, which was none of those three things, was the bones upon which the flesh of early Christianity was hung, and was an idea that could bring men together to face a common enemy rather than take turns letting the enemy sneak in through the postern gate of Christendom for a bribe, as has happened overwhelmingly in Protestant nations, because Protestantism devolves remorselessly into atheism or reignites as a new crusading flame for but a single generation and then fizzles out and becomes mercantilism again. Catholicism, thin though it may seem in many forms, such as the heavily syncretized and socialistic Latin American versions, is still among the very few faiths that have held strong against Sissydom and the House of Submission.

Where does the modern eye find faith-based resistance to population replacement?

1. Catholic nations
2. Orthodox nations
3. Among the Sikhs
4. Among the Japanese

It is worth noting that the latter two non-Christian faiths, Sikhism and Shintoism are warrior-based cults. Do not forget the Knights of Malta, 600 men who fought 40,000 Janissaries while all of Northern Europe slept, and the Polish and Austrians who drove back the great Turkish hosts from the gates of Vienna while the Protestant rulers of the north and west of Europe refused to protect their coastal populations from Muslim pirates and also refused to ransom back their captured women! Dutch and English sea captains were raiding Iceland, Ireland and England for slave girls in the names of the Sultans of Morocco, Algiers and Tunis, selling them to the Turks for pleasure slaves [the boys and men to be castrated] while 600 crazy Catholics fought to the last stick and stone and 5,000 block-headed Polish horsemen rode to the rescue.

To take the crusading spirit out of Catholicism is to take its soul.
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