Saturday, June 1, 2019

Pretty Fat Girls - Crackpot Podcast 56

Welcome to Episode 56 of the Crackpot Podcast, Pretty Fat Girls!  This episode has highs and lows and laughs.  As I edited it, I recalled that in the Belligerent Confederate States episode, James said he would task me with supervising his seraglio in the post-apocalyptic future where he would be chief warlord of the South.  I scoffed at this offer, but here I am, a year and a half later, providing Sports Illustrated models and presidential candidates for his consideration!

The Crackpot Podcast features James LaFond, a man who could chair any university anthropology department in the anglosphere but who chooses to toil in his genius, almost for free, for YOU!  It also features Lynn Lockhart, whose fate is being curiously worked by unseen forces.



0:03:00  In-real-life meet ups
0:07:36  Pic of Sean, training and legal aspects of weapons
0:11:20  Whereabouts of Stevedore Jackson
0:16:40  John Paul Barber, Pugilists with Pencils, Belligerent Confederate States, Question about DC individuals
0:22:23  Sweden
0:24:27  Baltimore update, opiates
0:33:00  Soph vs the drag kids
0:39:30  James Tiptree Jr., Houston, Houston, Do You Read
0:42:26  Breakfast with the Dirt Cult, Trump
0:46:46  Tulsi Gabbard
0:48:55  Navy report
0:54:40  Why the military has to hate men, hate warriors
0:57:15  Quote from Mr. Lovat, Soldiers and Ghosts, Romans
1:04:47  Why James didn't join the military
1:05:56  Big Ron topics, what you have been waiting for!!!

(c) 2019 Lynn Lockhart


  1. Good podcast. Almost through Cracker Boy. Will write a review. I went to Amren last month. Met the ZMan and chatted about James lack of interest in promotion. Keep plugging.

  2. Good to see you on the Bronze Age Mantis twitter feed, Lynn!


    1. It's always nice to get on BAP's radar. Mayb he guest Crackpot?

  3. Good stuff. What's your Twitter handle Lynne

  4. It's @lock328 but I am not particularly good at twitter