Wednesday, March 4, 2020

076 The Knee Brace Crackpot Podcast

Welcome back to the Crackpot Podcast.  Your humble podcastrix is a little burned out on the old cast and still has a LOT of episodes to edit and release.  Thank you for your patience.

This episode is a lighthearted chat between your hosts, jumping from one topic to the next, as we do, from no-longer current events, such as Conan the Dog's triumph over your daddy, James giving us some Harm City/County updates, and finishing with a review of Man Weekend 2019 footage, thanks Sean!

The Crackpot Podcast features James LaFond, in-demand houseguest and prolific author, and Lynn Lockhart, homeschooling mom on the cutting edge of corona virus news and speculation.

We didn't talk about any books this time, but go ahead and check out the LaFond Starter Pack and show some appreciation.




0:02:00  Conan the dog
0:06:00  James gives completely wrong assessments of skin tones
0:20:50  American Dagda and the Appalachians and other ethnic groupings
0:36:56  Mexico
0:42:20  The immaterial
0:48:30  Gov't sovereignty
0:56:30  Lynching
0:58:30  Classical education
1:02:50  Singapore math & HEMA
1:13:55  Using a pen as a weapon
1:20:10  German police wearing mail, Man Weekend, bodybuilders, video approx 1:24:40

(c) 2020 Lynn Lockhart

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