Monday, August 17, 2020

084 Lost Episode Crackpot Podcast

Guess what, my podcast friends?!  This is my last backlog episode!  I also have some new taped eps and gonna get those to you as quick as I can.  We actually talked plague in this episode and some seriously uncurrent events.  Enjoy!

The Crackpod Podcast features displaced persons from the War on Reality, James LaFond and Lynn Lockhart.




0:03:00 Grocery 
0:08:15 Wuhanic Plague, wet market 
0:10:00 Beef, pathogens 
0:24:15 Night Song of the Nords 
0:26:45 Baltimore update, Nabisco Bill 
0:45:00 TV and sports 
0:54:00 Pete Buttchug's campaign photo 
0:59:10 Filthy Few with Sam Finlay, Breakfast with the Dirt Cult, Ed Calderon 
+ Bonus material 

 (c) 2020 Lynn Lockhart


  1. get calderon on. that would be epic. please. That guy is sleepy-eyed killer. One of my favorites.

  2. Where do I find him? Does he have a YouTube channel?