Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Lockhart's Top LaFonds Volume 120

The most beautiful section of the Aenid yet, or maybe it's this one.

As a resigned rightist, I do find the hallucinations of leftists occasionally interesting.

My fear is that mass-remote education will be an entry point for a more organized and effective intrusion of Leviathan tentacles into homeschoolers' lives and activities.  The primary reason the left wants the schools closed is that teachers' unions recognize this golden opportunity for the mother of all strikes.

There is no doubt in my mind we are witnessing the birth of a new religion.

WASPs established capitalist materialism as the world religion.

The secret to writing about weapons and armor is to have used them yourself.

It's amazing how pirates have been romanticized in media with never a whiff of slavery.

Eye wear considerations for entering war zones, and for practice.

Absolutely true and correct that TV shows are intended to and do project the future. "24" depicted a black president just before Obama was elected, for one example.

I highly recommend that you subscribe to Oliver's new channel.

The New World was newer when we got here, and older when it was found.

Police have depreciated their goodwill so fast it made my head spin.

Our ancient connection to animals.

This is what a real plague is like.

Burn a book, any book, that's Baltimore!

I did not see this angle on the wolf thing coming.  Another awful prophecy from the unfortunately accurate Seer.

Grocery shopping is getting worse and worse.

Young women need an older woman to advise them on making the best arrangement their beauty and circumstances allow.

You can count on LaFond to keep up with changing conditions.

These weapons descriptions are really making Beowulf for me.  

Many new laws and regulations are being implemented right now. Some can be circumvented, but we are in anarchotyranny mode.

A peek into privileged-on-privileged violence.

I have collected some Durant works but I will be skipping Mr. Dick.

Calling police on fireworks, and they laugh, yes.

What does this say about cat people?  Traitors?  But then again, dogs are not created equal.

Pirate stories from the eye-patched writer.

It's interesting to read the delusions of others.  I think it's correct that huwhyteness is over and Latin American-style colorism will now take hold, where mixed race fathers of even mixeder raced children are going to face new challenges.  Everyone on earth is an American, so a much more granular identity is surely called for.

For the record: paleface men miscegenate more than paleface women.

2020 is bringing a Murderbowl shakeup!

I am really skeptical about a lot of these claims of life in the Middle Ages, or that certain occurrences are broadly representative, or that anybody understands life expectancy calculations.  It's retconning by the Enlightenment Gang.

I completely forgot about the cops in Atlanta charged with murder!  Wonder if the Chicago cops will face the same.

I would dearly love to take a crack at the original Spanish for these.

The WQ has been answered but many men on the right simply can't understand.

You are a leader of men, just on a smaller scale than "alpha."

Secrecy is incredibly important, I can't emphasize this enough.

Hotels are getting bailed out in housing C-19 isolation, refugees, homeless, etc.  Everything James has predicted about police and melanated individuals has come true, so pay attention.

I don't think being associated with James is particularly dangerous, especially if you are just another guy on the internet he linked to.  Get a grip.

Check out King of Dogs, written by a friend.  Part I of James' review.

Sam Finlay, our dear friend, is writing fiction for Crackpot Books.

You need to set the highest standards for people you are willing to take risks with.

"So that no one could buy or sell," it has been foretold.  I told my mom years ago that the smartphone is better than a chip.  Good comments on this one, too.

I think the only thing of lasting value that Moldbug introduced was formalism -- loosely paraphrased: if aliens came to earth and described the government of the US, the Constitution would be nothing more than a footnote on page one.

The man is cursed to write, to all of our benefit, here is some White Indians content.

The female rappers are even more disgusting that the male ones.  This is an excellent exchange, everyone should read it.  In the words of BAP, "Socrates was a n****r."

No sympathy for incels from LaFond.

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