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Plantation America is an exploration of the early history of the United States of America, which were not often called colonies at the time, but plantations.  They were plantations of unfree people from Britain, Germany, and elsewhere in Europe.  These slaves and servants were bought and sold at auction, beaten and cruelly used, and then their history was erased.  James LaFond is working to restore a part of it here.  

Please see this message from James about the recommended reading order and other suggestions.

02:30  Stillbirth of a Nation
04:37  America in Chains
07:40  Into Wicked Company
09:03  A Bright Shining Lie at Dusk
11:02  So Her Master May Have Her Again, So His Master May Have Him Again
15:00  The Lies that Bind Us
16:38  The Greatest Lie Ever Sold
17:24  Cracker Boy
19:20  American Spartacus
20:40  The 13th Tribe
23:30  Paleface
29:50  Secret History of Plantation America

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Additional books in the series, in various states of completion:

American Spartacus
The 13th Tribe
The Secret History of Plantation America

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