Sunday, June 25, 2017

The Artifice of Fatherhood

James, recently you recounted your experiences of being targeted for aggression based on your female company in Amping up the Race Hate. You state there, as you have before, that were it not for "the artifice of being a father," you would be making headlines as an example of the need for knife and stick control, to stop heterosexual white men from murdering innocent youths (I am paraphrasing).

James, I think you are not being quite fair to yourself here, in light of your role as a father, and the importance of the father in the family and in society. This recalls our discussion on matriarchy and patriarchy, because what most alt-right people mean by patriarchy is a society where paternal investment in their offspring is high. By and large, you don't get high investment from men without ensuring paternal certainty, and this is where oppression of women comes into the picture (don't shoot me, I am just the messenger).

Fatherhood is not an artifice, in fact, it might be the essence of humanity. First, in the basic Darwinian sense, if you don't have descendants, you may as well have never existed. Second, and more importantly, paternal investment in young is rather rare in the natural world and varies greatly among human societies. Long story short, more paternal investment is better.

James, our families are the first line of defense against alienation. Your sons stand between you and the world burnt to a cinder, but they also stand between you and a totally unmoored and atomized existence, short though it may be. Thank them for me.


Lynn, in the strictest sense I believe father hood is artifice, social artifice. In this materialistic world where art and artifice have been turned into baubles, masks, lies, moral straightjackets, etc., we may think of artifice as bad, as it so often is, but fatherhood, and the entire suite of psychological disciplines that make up successful human societies are social adaptations to a very primal fact.

When we become adults we have two opposite experiences: A woman is transformed into a life giver.

What does a boy transform into?

The boy becomes a lethal version of his former self, a person typically possessing the ability to take life in a way previously barred to him. A typical man, or vigorous youth, has the ability to kill, children, women and the elderly with his bare hands.

This is an event of potentially catastrophic outcome for the tribe. If these youth are not taken away from the vulnerable portion of the population and indoctrinated into a moral order then humanity gets what civilization has given it, a social substrata of savage, feral youth who have emerged in the absence of the fathering process and the process of masculine tribal societies, which have been replaced by naked proxy force, replaced by the police state, which teaches its own brutal lesson.

Fatherhood, manhood, warriorhood, these are all socially generated artifice. Manhood is much less instinctual than womanhood and more sensitive to materialistic artifice. Such mechanisms as states supersede fatherhood--often with mothering constructs [alternative artifice]--and cast male youth into a savage incubator of feral minds, incapable of surviving in a traditional natural band, in a traditional tribal context or in highly evolved masculine societies who were once the core of social stability for both tribes and nation states. However, once the nation uncoupled from the state, masculine societies had to be jettisoned, for they would produce an organic--superior--social artifice in the form of manhood, rather than an employee, a debtor or a voter.

(c) 2017 James LaFond & Lynn Lockhart

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