Sunday, October 1, 2017

How to do a Podcast the Crackpot Way

James' footnote on my announcement of Episode 10 finally prompted me to publish this piece:

1. Can you believe this 25-year-old kid from the Slacker State caught up with me? It's time to jump from the roof—but I want to hear what she had to say with this idiot... For I do not remember...

As I noted in my comment there, this is so wrong!  Read on to find out why...

PS, I am working on getting an RSS feed set up, but I need James to get on the phone for a little tech support.  Please let me know any preferences or suggestions you have for that.

Lynn Lockhart's Podcasting Instructions

This little podcasting adventure started as a way to help James prepare for his interview with Kevin Michael Grace. Since then, I have read with interest Kevin Steel's production notes. Grace and Steel are real journalists with a lot of experience, and what is really rare, conservative outlooks. Their podcasts are wide ranging, include interesting subjects and have really high production values. Steel is responsible for the technical aspects and he has more equipment and far more know-how than I. I also have what he doesn't have, which is a couple of kids chattering in the background. This is all to say that the Crackpot Podcast is a decidedly amateur affair. Notwithstanding that, I thought I would put together a quick summary of my current work flow for those who are interested and for my future reference.  If you have any suggestions for improvement, by all means leave them in the comments!


Currently recording 2-way Skype calls with MP3 Recorder in stereo, one channel per speaker.  Would like to try a three way call, but would probably need each participant to make a recording in Audacity for that.

Listen & edit:

  1. Open Audacity and import the MP3 Recorder file.
  2. Split the stereo track into individual channels.
  3. Clean up my channel, since my silences usually have kids talking, or coffee slurping.
  4. Clean up James' channel slightly, only removing major noises and use Noise Reduction for AC if necessary.
  5. Remove from both channels any interruptions, major coughing fits, etc.
  6. Shorten some silences, since I am often dumbstruck, apparently.
  7. Add an intro track and a closing track if needed, usually taped separately.
  8. Put the two stereo channels back together into a single stereo track.
  9. Arrange the tracks: intro at top, next is the stereo track, closing last.  Use Align>>End to end.  This places the tracks in order for mixing.
  10. Split the stereo track to two mono tracks.
  11. Mix and render to a new track.
  12. Close other tracks.
  13. Save project.
  14. Export audio as MP3.
  15. Listen to the audio and write show notes in a BlogSpot draft.

Make a video:

  1. Use Windows Live Movie Maker, this was free in my Windows 10 upgrade (also free).
  2. Import pictures for slide show.
  3. Arrange the pictures.
  4. Import the audio MP3 file.
  5. Adjust the viewing time of each image (select all and do all at once) to ensure the video is long enough to accommodate all audio.
  6. Add captions to crackpot image at beginning of video.
  7. Save project.
  8. Export as a WMV file.  This takes time for my old and non-video optimized laptop (ie it is not a gaming rig).


  1. Open my YouTube channel in web browser.
  2. Click the upload button.  This takes time, significantly more time for HD videos, such as those shot by Mescaline Franklin of Wyman Park Dell.
  3. Navigate to the WMV file and begin upload.
  4. Adjust titles, credits, etc.  
  5. Hit the button and publish!
  6. Come over here to the BlogSpot and finalize the show notes, add the video link and hit that button!
  7. Email the Boss so he can post on main site.

(c) 2017 Lynn Lockhart


  1. Lynn, you are a great worker. If I was managing a supermarket, I'd hire you to run the scanning department. That's rather mindboggling, all that stuff you do. I now feel guilty for all of those times when my scanning girls were explaining to me every step of their process so that I would understand, only to have me walk out of the office. After the door shut behind me I doubt if they were calling me "Boss" anymore.

    Thanks--and if you could bring me a coffee when you're done, I'd appreciate it. To creams, no sugar.


    1. That's just how I drink my coffee! I think I'll just drink yours instead.