Tuesday, October 3, 2017

The Rebuilder

An Undead Facet of Uncle Sam’s Scam

A friend of mine was recently selected as the CEO of a company selling power-lifting and body-building accessories, by a millionaire, who came across his $10 million by working as an engineer, rebuilding Iraqi infrastructure which had been destroyed by American arms, with all of his millions supplied by the American taxpayer.  He confided in my friend that although he never skimped on material or procedure and pocketed unused funds, that most “rebuilders” did.

Based on his interaction with his single share-holder, my friend, the budding CEO of a meathead accessory empire, soon came to the conclusion that there was zero probability that this “German asshole, who hates America but won’t leave” abstained from unethical billing in his lucrative career as a “rebuilder.”

The man is down to only a few million dollars now, is in a panic that he might actually have to work one day—like his poor son the Mercedes mechanic, who is an object of shame in his eyes—and is feverishly attempting to market “green” building materials to home improvement giants such as Home Depot.

Let's wish him ill luck.

I always thought that our nation’s adventuring into overseas nations would bring terrorism to our shores, but I never considered that it would bring such vulturous grafters from third-party nations.

The most telling lesson to take from this story is how our now global currency system and its initial growth paradigm will turn even the lottery winners among us into quivering parasites, forever dreading the prospect of their host organism failing to bleed to feed their endless need.

(c) 2017 James LaFond

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