Monday, February 26, 2018

Lockhart's Top LaFonds Volume 13

Fresh hot weekend links on a Monday!

veteran's search for the country he fought for.

Tony Cox shares a story of neighborhood enforcement.

The Jingoistic Myrmidon reassures us that a lack of grenade throwing practice is not what will bring down the US Army.

James gives fight club advice, except it should be called Modern Agonistics (careful readers will find a free pdf download of an early edition of Modern Agonistics.

The Ghetto Grocer is still working his contacts to bring you a snapshot on the decline of American retail.

The White Devil may be leaving Caucasian Avenue but I believe his legend will live on.

Teutonic Fist cautions us to remain skeptical.

I find James' thoughts on the Stonish Giants quite convincing.

Jeremy Bentham, full of good advice as usual, take heed: "...if you are a white guy and someone attempts to persuade you to do something illegal, there is a very good chance that that person is a police informant or agent provocateur..."

Electric Dan inquires about James' dumbell routine.  (Thanks for the kind words, Electric Dan!)

James documents the changing crimescape and predicts the future.

Remember to always keep a glove and ball with you when you carry a T-ball bat to practice - new training videos from Lancaster Agonistics.

Ahatsistcari, Conan of the Great Lakes, was a Christian.

Somebody showed up to the Toxic Treehouse for one last chat and brought their iPhone.

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