Saturday, February 3, 2018

Lockhart's Top LaFonds Volume 10

Checkered Demon is doing some magic to my YouTube, I was already listening to Snowing on Raton when I read about his long ago fishing trip.

James weighs in on an alt-lite party, incidentally attended by future Senator Manning from Maryland, don't miss the comments.

A round up of current events in Harm City and a prediction for the future.

Checkered Demon is on a roll, telling us about his semi-aquatic friend and safety advice.

The biker and the interviewer look like two different species.

The pain of blacks is remembered, but that of poor whites is forgotten.

Sage legal advice for activities that this website advises you never engage in.

A question all of us have asked from time to time.

Dog stories from Tony Cox and commenters.

The Checkered Demon likes his whiskey aged 12 years and ice cold JBP.

James predicts the future of the automobile.

Movie review for Drive.  James' movie reviews seem to a hot item at the moment!

James' work on slavery in the colonial era is coming back to his main site, Patreon is on hold for the moment.  See also this dialogue, with very good links, between James and Mr. Rapier.

James discovers a nuanced and interesting picture of the early Colonial era.

A classic Harm City story gets a lot of additional detail, in this update.

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