Friday, April 13, 2018

Good Listens

I bet you've been wondering about the sporadic posting over at HQ

James has been on a secret mission inspecting ice age ready bunkers in the North East.  While there he appeared on a serious video podcast, with expensive equipment and professional microphone persons and everything, the NYC Crime Report with Pat Dixon, Ep 139.  All that nice furniture costs money, so it's behind a paywall.

I also wanted to share a few tracks from Citizens Noise Exchange, a pop-folk trio featuring a friend of the LaFondiverse but currently on hiatus.

More good stuff is on the way as James is scheduled to join Myth of the 20th Century and Luke Ford in the coming days.

(c) 2018 Lynn Lockhart


  1. Thanks for turning me onto Myths of 20th century. I didn't know about those guys- interesting website. Heads up; SidVic jr got accepted into Hopkins and is leaning on going there. I bought him "Welcome to Harm city White boy". It occurred to me that James should offer a Hopkins/UM starter pack with the old color danger map and some Selected works. Maybe a marketing tool? Whatever happened to that map by the way?

    1. Thanks, SidVic.
      I unfortunately no longer have the ability to work on maps as my webmaster is now on the Left Coast and overemployed. I will write a piece on Hopkins with photos of key spots of concern for publication here where you can see the photos. I'll get that done in June. Lynn, please remind me.

  2. Thanks, Lynn.
    I was also interviewed yesterday for Pat's Trump Show, which is recorded. The interview with Luke will be live on Sunday and the invite to discuss the movie Fight Club is scheduled for Sunday and will appear on YouTube on Wednesday and Social Metter on Friday, I suspect.
    I will be traveling on Saturday and will hopefully be able to make a post. I have written a dozen articles while on the road and already had as man prewritten. So its a matter of access to WiFi.