Saturday, April 7, 2018

Masculine Authority - Crackpot Podcast 30

James and Lynn are back to discuss the desire for conformity and the need to respect masculine authority.

This was taped long before Ricky Vaughn was doxxed last week by Paul Nehlen and Chris Cantwell working with HuffPo.  Ricky operated a twitter account during the election and some claim he was more influential than ABC News.  Ricky was more effective, by himself, 140 characters at a time, than all the tiki torch parades in the world.  Be like Ricky.

The Crackpot Podcast features masculinist and writer James LaFond, and sleep deprived mother slave Lynn Lockhart.



0:01:00  Black Panther complaints
0:03:10  Ben-Hur
0:07:35  Comic books
0:08:30  The need for conformity and validation
0:14:19  Jordan B. Peterson and combat sports
0:16:15  Alt-right, dissident right & Black Panther
0:18:10  Training a new fighter
0:20:50  Campus events for the alt-right
0:28:10  Establishing ad hoc authority structures
0:32:00  Management vs leadership
0:35:30  Grocer Joe
0:41:55  Richie Spencer, Paul Kersey
0:43:40  James' rule of who is trustworthy.  You don't want to miss this
0:45:40  Facebook likes & influencing people & having a selective audience
0:51:30  Social media is like dating
0:53:45  Running the gauntlet, pregnant woman captured as a slave
0:56:45  What was James' point?  Debating is toxic
0:58:30  The alternative to debates
1:03:30  The masculine way of disagreement (hint: you don't dox them), Aristotle and Socrates
1:08:55  Who cares what Jack Donovan thinks?
1:12:33  Thank you to Myth 20

Pre-show notes for posterity:
You wrote disdainfully about YouTubers complaining about the Black Panther movie and it got me thinking about the need for ideological conformity and mainstream validation observed in certain members in the dissident right.

Jordan B. Peterson, a Canadian university professor, has been gaining notoriety for saying things which are quite obvious, though they are forbidden, such as that boys and girls are different. He still draws ire because he doesn't go far enough to please the true believers, while still enjoying a high profile and earning a good living.

James, how can people deal with this desire for validation from the mainstream?

What is the masculine approach to a difference of opinion among men who are seeking truth?

Is it realistic to expect to influence others, to change their thoughts and opinions?

Is it desirable? I personally feel self doubt in this area, do I really have any business speaking publicly about anything?

To me, the central pillar of these topics is truth. If something is true, you should believe it, and you shouldn't care much whether anyone else does or doesn't. Of course, it's vexing when those in power are violently enforcing lies, but that's life as a slave.

(c) 2018 Lynn Lockhart


  1. Hey James great podcast, I met you in NJ the other day, be in touch. Bought a couple more books today

    1. Thot, glad to see you are still a criminal.
      I appreciate the support--Waking Up in Indian Country is catching on...
      Keep up the hard training.