Saturday, May 19, 2018

Lockhart's Top LaFonds Volume 25

Hey, look, it's weekend links!

Biker stories continue, with an unforgettable encounter in the hospital.  Don't miss James' appearance with the Myth of the 20th Century on Hell's Angels.  Lumbee bikers liked to play pool and shoot pool. When your big brother ruins your dating life.  When your dating life ruins your life.  Why bikers are pack animals.  Here is a funny one with a happy ending.  How cops dealwith bikers.

No one said being an ass-kicking surgeon was going to be easy, or cheap.

A perspective on Russian military capabilities by Jeremy Bentham.

All television is filth.

Jacob comments on Crackpot Ep 34 and James responds, on the perils of reading translated texts.

The Ghetto Grocer traces the evolution and future of retail food.

Advice for older brothers.

I wasn't going to link this but it got a bunch of comments.

There is a line from white slavery in Plantation America and the cultural devaluation of the white working class in the present day.

How to train with a meat hook for home defense.

A man seeks training for his urban commute, for fun, survival and profit!

Big Ron is always on an adventure.

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