Saturday, May 26, 2018

Lockhart's Top LaFonds Volume 26

How to develop a reputation for excellent service in your ER.

"You guys don't like your mothers very much," Dante and his biker pals.

James is absolutely correct, Nikki, please don't waste your brain on college.  Your coursework should be focused on marketable skills, expand your mind on your own time, for free.

Law and order and women's MMA under the rule of LaFond the First.

Suzanna has made good use of her temper to stay alive and true to herself.

The gruesome killing of a Baltimore County cop this week illustrates the crime wave expanding from Baltimore City.

James returns to Flushing Cemetery, see here for an account of his first visit, with pictures.

Stare down or pity from a biker?  Reading a look from a hard man in the ER.  (Maybe he looked at your name tag to try to figure out if he should have recognized you?)

Dr. Slickens, Enquire, helps us understand the nuance of making hoochie music videos in the OR.

Is Luther headed for your state?  Be on the lookout!

Don't bring a knife to a knife fight.

'The economy screams for ever more consumers.'

The future of Plantation America.

Someone has to sand bowling balls, and for a while, it was Nero the Pict!

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