Saturday, August 11, 2018

Lockhart's Top LaFonds Volume 37

Welcome to weekend links, friends.  With  a little luck there will be a podcast tomorrow!

Thanks to cell phone technology, James can continue performing Harm City interviews!

I love this story, thank you to the nice Redneck Lady on the train!  Here's another good one about her horse.

The Khan and his entourage review the Kase of the Korean Kunt.  (I am really sorry for cursing, but the bitch has triggered me bigly).

Harm City is experiencing a Murderbowl slump, due to the Harm County expansion team grabbing all the top talent, correspondence from Big Ron.

Millenarianism was a mistake.

James tells us more about the timeless art of fighting with blades, with his special insights gained from being a fighter and a writer.

This is much too disgusting for words.

James reviews a deceptively interesting book.

And you thought flying Delta was just the worst!

Detailed coaching, boxing footwork for rehab.

More tales of seedy Baltimore from (I believe) Nero the Pict.

A discussion of James' work on masculinity.  I can heartily recommend Man Gearing and Masculine Axis, for what it's worth from a frail.  The other two titles are on my eternal and unending to do list, so stay tuned.  Here is the link for The Third Eye.

Children never get over divorce.

Some things never change here in Plantation America.

Coaching on bag use and construction in less than optimal circumstances.

Sam Finlay gives book recommendations.

Nero the Pict reports on innocent youth activity in James' forlorn and abandoned stomping grounds.

Buy a book, many fine titles are available as pdf books through his main website.

You can buy James' books through Amazonbut they are rapidly falling to the censor's hammer.  Now some -banking- troubles have held up his royalty payments.  

We are slowly working on Amazon alternatives but in the meantime, support James by becoming a Patron, or donate straight to the man through Paypal, because you love James and his work.

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