Saturday, November 24, 2018

Lockhart's Top LaFonds Volume 49

If you like this piece about grocery justice, and you find this video interesting, you owe it to yourself to read The Violence Project.

Roosh would call this a neg.

How to interpret the sounds of the jungle.

The Z-Man witnesses the white-flight-urban-blight-hipsters-affright cycle of life, generating real estate commissions, property taxes, developer profits and the deep need for a state security apparatus.

BPD is recruiting at all levels.  Prior criminal record is NOT a disqualifier.

I would propose that it is not enough to be debt-free, you must be among the creditors to enjoy full citizenship.

How a strong neck can serve you in battle, and how it can betray you.

Terrifying phrasing in this book review: the American military is an armed bureaucracy!

The gentlemen from the Myth of the 20th Century were guests of Deanna Spingola, perhaps James will join her soon.

This is the most succinct synthesis of the Barbarism vs Civilization concept.  The book languishes in purgatory, as the Crackpot publisher isn't sure how to proceed with a book banned in it's digital womb.

Don't think of it as a black or white thing, think of it as an American thing...USA! USA! USA!

On border security and the Natural Law.

A Crackpot Mailbox grabbag, a lot of good stuff.

You can see James' books in the BOOKSTOREbut they are rapidly falling to the censor's hammer.  Now some -banking- troubles have held up his royalty payments.  

Many fine titles are available as pdf books through his main website.

Support James in his Plantation America work by becoming a Patron, or donate straight to the man through Paypal, because you love James and his work.

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  1. BPD's got nothing on Germany:

    "What could go wrong?" asked the Roman Emperor as he appointed the Vandal chieftain as second-in-command of the walls of Rome.


    1. More good news from the lands that expelled my toiling ancestors, another reason to value descent from plantation slavery.