Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Behind the Sunset Veil by James LaFond

The Sunset Saga Book 3, Cities of Dust, Part 2

Behind the Sunset Veil tells the story of eight individuals involved in the struggle to bend Space-Time for Man’s own purposes:
-Mister Sigmund Shuei a 29th Century time-traveler stranded in the savage 21st Century. 
-Jay Bracken, a time-traveler rapidly losing his mind due to Translocation Psychosis. 
-Charlie Robinson, a scientist surrounded by adventurers trying not to lose his relevance. 
-Three-Rivers, having stolen the Whiteman’s thunder, has the ability to bend Time, and has decided that it is about SpaceTime to turn the tables on the Whites—as soon as he and his totemic squirrel cop some weed. 
-Aristotle, father of logic and science. 
-Arlene Higgins, a time-hunter tasked with bringing Aristotle forward before he is murdered in the wake of Alexander’s untimely death in 323 B.C. 
-Sebastian de Canete, a 16th Century Franciscan monk working as Arlene’s translator. 
-Joan Henderson, CIA, investigating a man that appears to be a genetic weapon. 

Behind the Sunset Veil is at once a rollicking science-fiction adventure and a darkly illuminated fantasy that veers between 17th Century messianic conclaves, and the 21st Century Narcostate, to vivid scenes of ancient Hellenic life.

Available in paperback and in pdf at the James LaFond site store.

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