Monday, May 29, 2017

Retrogenesis by Erique Watson and James LaFond

Many have been the doomsday cults who have wished for a cleansing of Sinful Man from the face of Garden Earth, so that a righteous world might be born anew. Imagine if such a cult found a way to cull humanity in a day?

RetroGenesis: And Morning Came is the story of Mankind’s final day, due to an audio plague engineered by a genius think tank employee thought to be hiding in his mother’s basement with aluminum foil wrapped around his head. This high action thriller follows individuals into a manmade hell on earth:

Donna Herford, office manager,
Archie Jones, handicapped janitor,
Gordon Stamos, crack-head pizza deliveryman,
Annie Lu Privolta, stripper,
I.E.D. Davon, Iraqi veteran,
Simon Durst, ruthless capitalist,
Bill Macy, romantic conservative,
Joseph Lyman, playboy millionaire,
Aaron Isenberg, consultant and
Jenny Jorgenson, atheist

Available in paperback and Kindle edition.

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