Thursday, May 18, 2017

The Broken Dance by James LaFond

The Broken Dance is LaFond's monumental work on the history of boxing from pre-history to the death of Alexander.  The Broken Dance is available in PDF as three separate volumes, or as a complete collection.  The first two volumes are also available in paperback.

The Broken Dance: Volume I: The First Boxers

A Fighter’s View of Prize-fighting from Gilgamesh to Goliath with 47 original illustrations by Joseph Bellofatto, Jr.

A systematic investigation of the origins of boxing; a biomechanical index of boxing methods; an exploration of sacral prizefighting in Babylon; the methods of the stick-fighting boxers of Egypt; and the secrets of the mysterious boxer kings of Crete. This is the first of three volumes that comprise The Broken Dance.

Available in PDF and paperback.

The Broken Dance: Volume II: The Gods of Boxing

The Gods of Boxing is a comprehensive study of ancient Greek boxing contests, training, methods, politics, and personalities. Every aspect of the ancient boxer's life is uncovered. Meet the heroes, villains, gods, and even a pre-Christian saint, who fought before the sacred altars of Thunderchief and the lesser Olympians.

Available in PDF and paperback.

The Broken Dance: Volume III: All-Power-Fighting

A study of ancient Greek combat arts including: the arts and culture of arête [warrior-virtue], pale [wrestling], pentathlon [five exercises], pankration [all-power-thing]; rankings of historical fighters; appendices; and a 1000+ word Hellenik Glossary. 145+ pages, 31 illustrations by Joseph Bellofatto, Jr.

Available in PDF.

The Broken Dance: The Complete Collection

A Figther's View Of Boxing & Prize-Fighting From Pre-History to the Death Of Alexander. More than 100 exclusive illustrations by Joseph Bellofatto Jr. The First Boxers, The Gods of Boxing, All-Power-Fighting. 454+ pages, 147 illustrations by Joseph Bellofatto, Jr.; all three volumes collected in a single file.

Available in PDF.

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