Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Have Your Beer at Home

Assessing John Q. Citizen's risk profile: A Man Question from Shep

Do you have any stats or anecdotal evidence about the most common violent crimes/situations that the average middle-class family man in a demographically-average U.S. city would be faced with?

Is John Q. Citizen in Yourtown, USA more likely to be carjacked, braced by a dindu for his wallet, confronted by an angry drunk, or…


Shep, I have no numbers on this, only anecdotes. We should break it down by lifestyle.

-Men who have a physical job usually face, at least once during their life, a potentially violent disagreement with a coworker on or near the workplace.
-Men who work in retail always face workplace altercations with thieves, robbers or the insane, from among the customer base, on a fairly predictable basis, depending on the demographic.
-Men who work at night in any urban area are commonly targeted for stickups or carjacking. Most never happen. But understand that most men have been assessed as a potential victim.

Generally, getting around is where a man runs into the most strange men who might potentially target him.
-Mass transit use is the highest risk, with stickups, strong-arm robbery and race-based predation an ever present threat.
-Walking brings the same risks as mass transit, but with a much reduced frequency.
-Driving, for anyone, puts them at risk of the above, but at a much lower frequency and may be warded against with much certainty through awareness. The additional risks for a driver are the area being traversed, and his own behavior. One can be drawn into a road rage situation anywhere. Typically carjackers target the weak, the unaware and those distracted by a driving job like being a cabbie.

-Drinking in public and then being marked for stickup, robbery, or other crime is a man’s highest risk, so have your beer at home.
-Self-medicating with illegal drugs puts one in the highest risk category for attacks by criminals and cops and is the single best life style choice to avoid.


Shep, the overall variable facing men today is whether or not race purgers and recreational criminals will target us for cohesion-building and masculinity-affirming violence. This is the single fastest growing aspect of the violence-scape across America, with certain populations of violence-prone people now living in close proximity to peaceful people whom they have been conditioned through media manipulation to hate. So, when gearing up for your day of agency, family stewardship and decency, one must be on the lookout for packs of roving adolescents trying to reinvent a notion of manhood based on our society’s materialistic view of social justice and race-based glory-crime.   

(c) 2017 James LaFond

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