Monday, September 11, 2017

James and Lynn talk Fiction Crackpot Podcast Episode 7

Welcome, friends, to long awaited Episode 7 of the Crackpot Podcast with James LaFond and Lynn Lockhart.  In this episode, we talk fiction, writing it and reading it, with a few digressions along the way.

Website uncertainty weighing on James' mind
World building as a fiction writer
Obsessive fans of complex worlds
Moby Dick, The Pale Usher
The Worm Ouroboros, through Ch. 1
English literature
Innocence of children in English society
Greek myth and literature in the wrastling (The Worm)
Fiction reading is so stressful
Risk taking & masculinity
Some Charlottesville talk
An example of heroism in Baltimore
Impulsiveness Conan vs committee meetings
Star Trek TNG
Link to the crazies beating a statue
End of the world literature
Planet Buzzkill
Bimbos at the end of the world
Back to The Worm, with the monkey-tailed ambassador
Could we interview the Khan?
Current events -- Charlottesville
Crackpot explanation for this insanity
James Damore

(c) 2017 James LaFond & Lynn Lockhart

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