Sunday, September 24, 2017

Social Media Updates for James LaFond

Comments for James from YouTube:

Lance asks for a basic footwork video, James responds:

When next I get in front of a camera I will do a basic footwork video.
Thanks for your interest.

and FaceBook:

Astrid writes:

Hey James, interesting analyses in this and the similar post.  Training from 2 martial arts lineages connected to him (1 under the aforementioned Sifu Clark, as you know), I hadn't heard this perspective.  I'm not sure I believe that it's that clear-cut when considering his weaknesses at the bags, etc, but the arguments are pretty sound none-the-less.  I especially enjoyed the videos you included, they're fascinating. 

James responds:

Thank you, Astrid,
Since I'm a coach and not an instructor I tend to veer away from technical possibilities and look at the durability and adaptability of the combatant. This is not always the best way. I can tell you that there would be a simple way for an untested martial artist like Lee to beat a bruiser like Duran--spear him in the eyes! Finger jabs followed by groin kicks.
take care and give Sifu Clark my best, please

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