Saturday, December 30, 2017

Mission: Subdue Baltimore as Cheaply as Possible

A Man Question for James LaFond From @realAlexNichol:

James responds:

Drop the 82nd Airborne on Baltimore with the following mission:

Jail all elected and appointed officials other than police.

Execute corrupt cops, using the federal task force of 20 agents investigating the BPD as informants.

Publicly whip the federal agents and send them back to D.C.

Use the remaining 70% of the BPD as guides.

Kill all gang members-all, no prisoners.

Load all welfare mothers on C-130s to Libyan slave markets.

Assign all orphans to affluent households in the various liberal white enclaves and let them deal with the problems their remote meddling have caused.

Turn over the City government to The Nation of Islam as a provisional body to oversee elections in which only employed or propertied men over 35 are permitted to vote.

Permit racial segregation, where neighborhoods vote for it. 

It would be the best city in America inside a month.

Alternatively, task the A-10 Squadron at Martins Air Force reserve to level the city and then resettle it.

(c) 2017 James LaFond


  1. Thanks for your thoughts James. Happy New Year. - Alex Nicholson

  2. Get three AC-130 Gunships constantly circling the sky above the city clockwise and shoot at everything that shows a heat signature.