Thursday, December 7, 2017

To Avenge the People - Crackpot Podcast

The Crackpot Podcast - Episode 19:  To Avenge the People

In Episode 19 of the Crackpot Podcast, Lynn and James discuss Gropey Joe Biden, monarchism in the alt-right and James shares his experience of Grandparent's Day at his grandson's elementary school.

James and Lynn discuss the prevalence of sexual criminals among our ruling class, in-group and out-group violence, defense of men and women during war between North American Indians and English settlers.  James compares feudal traditions in England and Japan and discusses the difference between a tribal chief and a political figure.  He concludes with a description of a day in a suburban Baltimore elementary school.

The Crackpot Podcast features prolific writer James LaFond and Lynn Lockhart. 

0:00:45  Joe Biden & the protective instinct
0:10:25  Are most politicians pedophiles?  Other sexual predators.
0:22:55  Monarchists in the alt-right
0:26:40  Defense of women and children in war, in-group violence vs. out-group violence
0:30:10  British culture
0:35:05  The English attempted to extend their feudal organization in North America
0:36:30  James reads from Chiksika and discusses the persistence of North American tribes
0:43:30  Modern monarchs vs. chiefs and kings in a primal setting
0:44:46  He is supposed to avenge the people.
0:47:15  George Washington was a cross between Reagan and Clinton
0:48:15  UCLA Basketball players rescued from China by Trump
0:49:30  Singapore caning
0:51:15  Baltimore violence update (taped right after Det. Suiter was killed)
0:54:15  OD in a cop bar, opioid crisis
1:00:30  To discuss monarchy in a future episode from spiritual perspective
1:00:49  Description of Grandparent's Day in a first grade class in suburban Baltimore

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