Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Vacation Picture

James has been on a posting break for the end of the year, but his son was kind enough to send me this picture of James relaxing in luxury accommodations:

What happened here?  Did James finally go pro as a boxer?  Did he and Big Ron get waylaid after a night of drinking?  Was it the hoodrats at a bus stop?  What does the other guy look like?  If my reading of Winter of a Fighting Life (Kindle & paperback) is correct (Q&A with author), this is James' first officially broken nose.

If you think you can explain what happened here, please do so in the comments.  Whoever comes closest to the truth will receive the book of their choice in pdf.

(c) 2017 Lynn Lockhart


  1. Motherfucker nose look like Barbara Streisand and shit!

    My official guess is this injury was due to a fall involving a car door. I am ruling out violence.

  2. my guess is a training accident

  3. did a toddler headbutt him by accident?

  4. Slipped on the ice and faceplanted into a curb.