Saturday, July 15, 2017

Thunder-Boy by James LaFond

The Transmogrification of Three-Rivers: The Sunset Saga Book 2: Pillagers of Time, Part 3

Born in 1523 to the Flint Place People Three-Rivers now lives in 21st Century America, the world he knows as Sunset. He works as a translator for a genetic reclamation or "time-hunting" unit managed by his adopted mother, a genetically engineered 24th Century assassin who he knows as the Sunset Lady. The "ADHD" and "epilepsy" medication fed to him on Sunset clouds his visions and prevents him from talking with the animals and walking with the dead. In order to regain his lost medicine Three-Rivers tricks Burnt Man and the Sunset Lady and steals the Secret of the Thunderbirds. With Thunderer's Dream-Catcher in his possession he embarks on a medicine-quest: to 2844 in search of the unseen Masters of Furthest Sunset; and to 1628 to save the Civilized People of Mother Earth Past from the savage White invaders.

Available in paperback.

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