Saturday, July 22, 2017

Your Trojan Whorse by James LaFond

The Manual of Female Ownership

Do you desire a sheath for your sword? Has the place where you sheathe your sword of love become a rancorous scabbard of animosity? Do you have too much vagina in your life? Is the vagina in your life negatively affecting your masculine serenity? Do you require A Manual of Female Ownership? If so, no longer must you cling blindly to the assumption that the soil where you sow your manly seed is a mine field of ethics, needs, virtues and negotiations. In Your Trojan Whorse you will learn to put your bitches in pusspective. On God’s gray earth, there are but four types of women: the Whore [including most married women], the Manizer, the Slave Girl, and the Priestess. So, Bro, buy this book and it’s only a matter of time before the bitch queens that have ruined your life will have their hairstyle altered to accommodate your beer coaster!

Available in paperback and in PDF.

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