Thursday, July 27, 2017

Wounded in the Soul Part Ep 4 Crackpot Podcast James LaFond

Hello readers and listeners.  Here is Episode 4 in four parts!

Part 1, Wounded in the Soul Part:

Happy Independence Day!
Congratulations on the interview with Kevin Michael Grace
A confidential interview with a reader
Independence Day and other holiday celebrations in Baltimore
Car-B-Qs coming to Baltimore?
West Virginia is worse than Hitler
Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia (YouTube Movies link)

Part 2, Long, Sweeping Sideburns:

Family history
James' recollections of his ancestors
Mongrel USA
Grandma's hatred for the English
James the British general
Crime statistics

Part 3, I Could Knock Down Crowds of These Kids:

Hipster vs. Welfare lifestyle
Crime stats continued
Dodge City vs. Miami
James' violence project
More on crime stats
Racism by proxy

Part 4, Beautiful, Pasty Skin:

Racism by proxy, continued
Mohammed Ali
Justice Clarence Thomas
Eric Holder and the paperbag test

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