Friday, November 10, 2017

Does Boxing Cause Brain Damage? The Crackpot Podcast Ep 15

James LaFond & Lynn Lockhart talk about brain trauma in sports, self-defense skills for your children, and learn about James' family life.

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00:02:08  We learn about James' father and family
00:12:30  Drive to upgrade into suburbia, dual income households
00:13:08  James' large step-family
00:15:44  My son's here, just call his name
00:17:33  A real woman
00:17:50  Move to Baltimore
00:18:20  What does James like to eat?
00:19:03  Sisters
00:22:42  Child rearing -- Daddy's Girl
00:28:00  The importance of driving for women
00:34:20  Rwanda Rousey video
00:36:54  Ball sports for women, soccer is damaging women's knees
00:40:10  Boxing
00:42:40  Skill set vs. basic physical ability
00:44:00  The truth about martial arts
00:45:30  Tactical awareness
00:48:36  The changing predation environment
00:51:21  Matt Yglesias
00:52:39  Domestication
00:55:35  James the White supremacist (he's not)
00:57:30  James' criteria for defending victims of crime
01:00:14  Boxing, stick fighting and brain trauma
01:02:00  Marvin Hagler's highlight reel

(c) 2017 Lynn Lockhart & James LaFond



    Yglesias disingenuously minimizes the gravity of the assault as a "white" because his Jewish identity wasn't apparent to the aggressor. Had his strong-Jewish identity been signaled by a yarmulke or traditional garb both his reaction and that of the authorities would have been completely different. Anti-Semitic attacks attract strong concern and official reaction, but Jewish leaders are anxious that whites don't acquire a sense of ethnic consciousness. "Whites under attack!" will be denied or trivialized by MSM and authorities, regardless of its veracity.


    1. Early on this racial designation of Jews as non-whites, when the ones in the U.S are obviously largely from European stock, bothered me. But the fact that a Jew in America, who look like most gentiles, will switch from white to non-white as it serves them, which actually provides the non-special white person with a clear view of these shape-changing social mechanics and where he stands.

      Thanks for bringing this out. Having seen the guy's picture I just thought he was just another emasculated bug man.

  2. Ashkenazi Jews do indeed share many genes with European peoples (especially the Northern Italians) though have a distinct and identifiable genetic heritage. They do not self-identify as "white", but their ability to pass as such is an enormously powerful tool. Jewish nepotism is hard to identity (and criticize) for non-Jews because Jewish identity is not always made public. Names have traditionally been changed to blend in with the host population, at the same time, separation and blood ties maintained. The rhinoplasty and other cosmetic procedures have reduced the physical differences of diaspora Jews to the host population.

    The fact that Jews' unique genetic patrimony is due to a separatist, exclusivist religion further complicates the issue further and allows Jews to hide behind religious persecution when advantageous.

    In short, self-identifying Jews like Tim Wise can rail against whites and even argue for the elimination of "whiteness" whilst fooling many of their audience about their own ethnic affiliation. "Dear fellow white men..." has become a tool for Jews to shame whites who assume they are being haranged by a member of the same grouping, rather than a competing one.

    That the MSM is exquisitly sensitive to Jewish fears and wishes and hostile or indifferent to whites' should give pause. Yglesias' nonchalence about attacks on whites should be read not as naivety or generosity of spirit but rather as part of this low-grade psychological war being waged by Jewish élites and their venal white collaborators, against the white majority population.


  3. Errata corrige: "harangued"

  4. That the Hollywood/MSM complex is essentially Jewish at senior executive/proprietor level goes without saying.