Monday, November 6, 2017

The Spirit of the Khan...

Stirs from his icy barrow mound

James has lately received signs that the Spirit of the Khan desires an audience with the listeners of the Crackpot Podcast.  I take this responsibility quite seriously and wish to prepare worthy inquiries for his Greatness with your help.  Please send me your questions by email:  lynnlockhart328[@]gmail[.]com.

For those unfamiliar with the Khan and his habit of visiting James, the Khan's main area of interest is wench management.  See the following examples:

Valkyrie vs Orcs

Wake the Khan!

What is Good Between the Bearskins


  1. Oh Great Khan, I slave away in a corporate occupation dominated by soft men, unfit to lead flies to shit. I continue to tolerate the whims of these spineless jackals with a fake smile, but I grow weary. Tell me, in what ways (small or large) can I establish my dominance without having to wage a bloody coup to topple these sack-less sons of whores?

  2. My Dear Khan,

    I've recently parted ways with my wench, and I'm having a hard time getting back out there. How would you advise I find my next conquest?

  3. You Exalted-ness,

    I am soft by birth, but striven warrior by desire. How do I balance my yearning for the centered clarity of a combative mind, with the flaccid trappings of this "society"?