Saturday, November 11, 2017

Lockhart's Top LaFonds Volume 2

Here are links to my favorite content from for the week of November 5:

Professor X clues us in that North American Indians were not all peace pipe smoking hippies in Injuns.

As a general rule, my favorite fiction entry from James is any fiction entry, and this week we got the latest piece for Beyond the Pale (tag link), a fantasy based on the Catholic doctrine of the Eucharist.

James reports another strange, midnight commute in I'm Gettin' Kinda' Nervous.

Robert E. Howard readers will appreciate James' impressions of Howard's poetry in The Warning Fires.

Scenes from the zombie apocalypse, as reported by a young lady in the field.

Butch provides good automotive advice, with an assist from Tony Rooster.  Hey Butch, I used to drive a sweet 5-speed Ford Escort ZX-2 but had to trade it in for my Momry.

The Checkered Demon gives an Ecclesiastian rumination in Dominoes.

Tony Rooster tells some of his experiences with drugs, the bad and the not so bad.

It turns out that the Khan makes a chaste confidant for a young woman and a fine "Uncle Beast" for a lucky toddler.

Beauty is to be admired for its own sake, and to be the subject of the male gaze is not always to be prey.

James continues to bring Evola to you, seeking to understand the warrior's rejection of modern comforts and embrace of honor.

(c) 2017 Lynn Lockhart

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