Sunday, November 5, 2017

Lockhart's Top LaFonds Volume 1

Introducing a new feature wherein I, Lynn Lockhart, direct readers to my favorite posts from James' main site.

Lynn's picks for the week of 10/29/2017:

Harm City Halloween hit me a little hard, as I have small children and have definitely told them some white lies. I did recently tell them that marijuana is something that people smoke and it makes them feel funny and act stupid, so I feel good about that.

Stick Fighting Fundamentals features some videos of James looking scary and demonstrating... you guessed it, stick fighting fundamentals.

Autopsy of a Dying RaceLet Me Hold Your Dog, and the follow up, Dealing with Dindus set the stage for Why Halloween Must Die where James explains the need for a total failure of society before brainwashed masses will be able to believe their lying eyes about violence and aggression in every day life.

In the The Ghetto Vulture Telegraph, James applies the nature impression skills he honed in White in the Savage Night to the peculiar wildlife of urban Baltimore.

Indoor Fun with a .38 Special is a truly disgusting account of creative pest control, contributed by the Checkered Demon.

Power and Age is a touching letter from James to a fellow aging fighter and athlete. 

The Victim of Humanitarian Scruples is part of James' ongoing series to examine the works of Julius Evola and deals with the spiritual aspect of war.

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